Weekday drinking thread 19th to 22nd June 2023

To kick things off this week, this here tonight.

The Society’s Austrian Riesling 2022, Weingut Wess.

As I’ve posted about it previously I’ll try my best to be brief. In some kind of order, tree blossom, orchard fruit, citrus and a touch of leesy minerality on the nose. Similar sensations on the sharply flavoured, refreshingly mineral, palate. Clean and pure, nothing bruised, and good value for the £10 paid.

It was spot on with my easy cook meal too.There was a pot of 50:50 crab in the fridge so I had an, unintentionally, alliterative starter of crab, chilli and cucumber crumpets followed by crab linguine :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s in your glass and on your plate this week ?


It’s already felt like a rather long week what with one thing and another (too much work, not enough balcony sun), and having sampled my one bottle of the following at a wine tasting down in London last week, I opened this… yesterday.

Which means two things: a) that it already felt like a rather long week yesterday, not today :roll_eyes:; and b) it didn’t quite work yesterday. Having had a sip, decided to decant and then chill for half an hour (it was warm in Liverpool), it still felt much younger - and far less approachable - than it did just a week ago. Two possible explanations present themselves: a) there’s some bottle variation, although it did not taste corked; or b) that by the time my legs had swayed me round to the table this was on, my mind and palette were in a whole other, very jovial and welcoming, place altogether.

That said, after a slightly tricky start again today, it is definitely livening up plenty in the glass and developing with further air. Now showing plenty of fruit (some bitter cherry mingled with some notes of damson jam), some menthol notes on the nose and a bit of sweet varnish (which I always like, not for everyone), it’s improved no end. And I got to drink a rather nice and inoffensive bit of 2019 Bordeaux yesterday too, albeit with the stuffed aubergine that might have been better with this. Ach well, hope there are some nice things lined up for everyone else.


Yes please!
Sounds delicious :yum:


Cheers Rafa !

For about a fiver all in, including a small splash of wine in the linguine sauce, I was very happy with it too :yum:


Still flogging through Dry June. :frowning:

A German Weissbier at under .5% and very convincing it is too. As TWS note: vibrant and fruity with notes of orange zest, vanilla, cloves and a little spice to which I would add coriander. There is a good rounded mouthfeel, it is satisfyingly malty and off-dry.

Although of course the ingredients are just plain old wheat, barley, hops, yeast and water.

Sorry no pictures, but was with home smoked salmon with fried potatoes. The salmon was cured with salt / brown sugar & whisky (Ardmore) for 45 mins, wiped clean then cold smoked over oak sawdust for 6 hours, before finishing in a medium oven for 20 mins.



First up, I really admire your restraint ( three days is my limit ! ). Secondly, thanks for taking the time to list the ingredients. I shall definitely give that a go as all the AF beers I’ve tried, to this point, have either included lactose or vegetable glycerin in theirs.

For reasons of body/mouthfeel, I’d guess, but both of which, for good or bad, I’d rather weren’t included :+1:


No midweek drinking didnt last long! So I opened an Alovini Le Ralle rosato 2019. This has lush deep pink, even with a touch of orange coming through. At 4 years this is past when it should’ve been drunk but it’s actually still very fresh, strawberries, apples, some herb (fennel and thyme maybe?); refreshing acidity and more body than most rosés.


I should point out, that you have to like this style of beer in the first place because it’s most definitely a weissbier complete with lees (hence the mouthfeel) tasted blind I genuinely would not have known it was low alc.

Regarding taking time off from alcohol, it’s MUCH easier in June compared to January. As for restraint… well I must admit I have a rather fine bottle of Ch9dp lined up for the end of next week!


Hazy weissbier is right up my strasse !

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Interesting, I’ve not had one of those before but I just received a 2022 just last week. I notice that the TWS dates are 2023 to 2024 which I guess makes yours a little long in the tooth. Good that it seems to have weathered the years well!

Illustrates the conservative drinking windows doesn’t it. Also suggest you don’t have it ice cold either

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Wasn’t even on my radar, thanks for highlighting!

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Last night for dinner homemade arroz de marisco, a Portuguese seafood meal with Bantry Bay mussels, prawns and Cornish crab. A recipe from Rick Stein I’d never tried before. It was so good we forgot to open the wine! Still, it did have a cupful of Tio Pepe in the mix (though Stein recommended white wine). Tonight crab cakes from the other crab in the box.

PS And the crab cakes were good too with a chilled Duo Rose.


We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, motor homing in La Rochelle , with this Gosset Champagne ( for Club des Sommeliers) prior to dinner at Maison Coutenceau’s . The wine is bready, beautifully beaded, pale gold and very fresh and lively, setting us up for a good night!


Happy anniversary to you both!


Thank you.

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Happy anniversary! One of the problems with motorhome life and good wine is keeping good, unbroken glasses. You seem to be managing!


That resto looks something else too! Full Monty a la carte or the bistro? Both options look great.

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Full Monty tonight but you’re right the bistro is one of our favourite places when we have visitors as it never fails to please.

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Ah, you don’t know how many we’ve broken!!

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