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Weekday Drinking Thread [19-22 November 2018]



Tuesday again – oh, how time flies, whether you’re having fun or not.

This evening, the husband will be making some pasta puttanesca- with the inevitable declaration that “the house now stinks like a dockyard”. It’s definitely one of my favourite pasta dishes, perhaps because, rather than despite of, the dockyard aura.

Planning to open this Vino Nobile, which I bought on a whim from M&S in one of the sales a few months back:

This is another case of extreme reviews featuring LOVE and HATE. Would I have bought it had I read them before? I don’t know. But I am very curious to see which side of the fence my palate will end up on. It’s a 95% Sangiovese, with 5% of Canaiolo Nero thrown in. “Poor taste and rough edge” or “smooth elegant and fine”? We shall see, come 7.30pm!

Happy Tuesday, all! :grinning::wine_glass:


Having run out of budget Spanish red I put a couple of these in my recent order.
Tonight its time for a taste :crossed_fingers: as I’ve had more misses than hits recently. :tired_face:

Happy Booze-day :wine_glass:


I see from the Wine Society website that I should have drunk the Kumeu River Hunting Hill 2006 by 2012.

I’m glad I didn’t… It retains a lissome poise. Well fruited and youthful in appearance, with a touch of evolution and a medium long finish. In the past I’ve rated the Coddington as close to a Puligny premier and this is very close to it, maybe lacking a bit of weight in the last phase.

The Musar is excellent if lacking a bit of eccentricity.

And no, we don’t drink like this in the week normally. I’m just trying to clear some space for my annual C-word delivery from Reserves!


Well, we were firmly in the LOVE camp! I really wonder whether the reviewers who hated this wine either had a duff bottle, or never had a Sangiovese before. To be fair, the description was a little inaccurate. The colour was not ‘deep ruby’ - more ‘medium ruby’; the body was not ‘full’ - it was firmly in the ‘medium’ range. Still - what a lovely wine!
The fruit was still fresh - on both nose and palate- sour cherries, bramble and cranberries (so on the tart red fruit spectrum), but there were also tertiary notes of leather, decaying leaves and tobacco (“a pouch of Old Virginia” according to the husband), plus oregano and a very delicate scent and taste of spice. Tannins were chalky, and finish was medium to long. The Acidity was mouth-watering, and the food elevated the wine further.

So… not sure how it got so many one stars on the M&S reviews, but it was a resounding successful Tuesday Sangiovese for us! Glad I bought it! :+1::+1:


Wasn’t sure what to expect from this, its lightness and freshness are typical of Loire reds, but the Malbec/Cot gives black rather than red fruit. Good flavour concentration and low alcohol (12%). I think this is a good choice for people who like Loire reds. Other end of the style scale from a Mendoza Malbec.


I’m off to Israel tomorrow, to surprise my mother on her 70th. I just hope she doesn’t get a heart attack upon seeing me - it’ll completely defeat the object.

So no drinking tonight, and haven’t got the faintest idea what wine my sister will have at home - though she loves Syrah and Bordeaux Blends, so hopefully it’ll be nice, whatever it is.

We’ll be spending a couple nights in Jerusalem, and will be visiting this vinery en route: https://hsw.co.il/en/ - so hoping for some interesting tastings. :clinking_glasses:


In Winchester last night to see the suffragette opera Rhondda Rips it Up. Very funny and a great night out preceded by dinner in a Côte Brasserie and a bottle of St Chinian. Not a great wine but dark fruity and smooth, and went well with venison parmentier (posh shepherd pie).


My Mums 88th tomorrow! Sadly all I can do is send her some flowers, but will be visiting in three weeks time on my way back north.


That’s a fine age! :+1: congratulations to her! :tada:
I can assure you, I rarely ever surprise my mum in this way, but couldn’t let the special birthday pass by. Can’t wait to see the expression on her face! :blush:


Have a great trip and congratulations to her too!


Our local Asda has a surprisingly wide selection of Italian-whites-that-aren’t-pinot-grigio, including a verdicchio or two, a Lugana, a Vernaccia di San Gimignano and this pecorino here, in a rather posh embossed bottle:


It helped make a mushroom sauce yesterday, played a small part in this evening’s pasta and has now finally found itself in an actual glass, to whet the appetite before this evening’s TWS Taste.

Nice herby-lemon nose, fresh on the palate, short finish but hey, this is okay for seven quid. Good to know I can grab a bottle of this at shortish notice if necessary :+1:


Something of a change for me tonight:

Cabernet Franc, picked up from Waitrose earlier in the week: 2016 St Nicolas de Bourgueil, Les Rouillères, Frédéric Mabileau

It’s light, bright, and screams raspberries and freshly crushed herbs. Crispy!


Opened this on Wednesday night, which took a bit of time to open up, but was very pleasant once it did…still have some of the bottle left, so will be interesting to see how it has held up after a couple of days under Vacuvin:

Last night enjoyed this over BYO dinner at Outlaw’s seafood restaurant:

lovely buttery, full bodied white burgundy!


We had one of these in Chinon earlier this year and very much enjoyed it


Love that place, how they fit anything in such a small space is remarkable!

Cracking wine choice :sunglasses: