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Weekday Drinking Thread [17 to 20 September 2018]



Yesterday was a dry evening spent mostly being puzzled by the Bobby Seagull and Eric Monkman programme. An unlikely friendship… Liked it though!

Onwards and upwards, then. Tonight we shall be drinking an Israeli wine I brought with me from my last visit home in May. It’s another unlikely friendship - a 65% Gewürztraminer and a 35% Sauvignon Blanc. I don’t think I tasted this sort of blend before. Both are vinified separately and then blended.

The wine is called D vs G (as in David and Goliath) - as the location of the vinery, in Adulam valley in the Judean Hills, is supposedly where the David and Goliath story happened. The Judean Hills in general is an area producing some really interesting wines, due to elevation and slightly cooler nights. Remains to be seen what we make of it…!

What are you drinking this evening? :clinking_glasses:


Last night had a little Taschner Kekfrankos from Sopron which a friend gave me a few months ago. I was surprised how nice it was - a sort of pinot noir on steroids is how it struck me!

Today I’m finishing my last bottle of this

but it’s from 2016, not 2017. Got to get through it while the weather remains summery. Actually with a vegetable pizza rather than a goat’s cheese salad; still enjoying it though. Very easy drinking.


Last night I had a little glass of this:
To be honest I really wasn’t blown away and probably wouldn’t order it again. Maybe I was expecting something with a bit more complexity. I also have their Zweigelt so I’m hoping that will be better.


That’s interesting. Hans Igler and Taschner are only a few miles apart, just separated by a border, so not surprising they are growing the same grape. I recommend the Hungarian version.


I have some kekfrankos in the wine fridge yet to try . I just felt the Hans Igler lacked backbone and body and just wasn’t very interesting. It will be interesting to see how they compare :+1:


This wine was a winner! I wish we brought a few more back with us.

The nose was an interesting mixture of roses, peach, some unidentified tropical fruit (possibly a passion fruit) and herbal, grassy notes. This lovely interplay between the Gewürz’s and the Sauvignon Blanc’s characters continued on the palate, with a fresh and delicious mixture of honey, peach and rose water, coupled with a note of fresh herbs and freshly cut grass. The finish was lively - medium + acidity and a lemon zest aftertaste. A delight!

We had it with salmon marinated in a home-made mild coconut paste, and it was tres bon! :ok_hand:

Edit: this is supposed to be a reply to my original post… Just in case it doesn’t make much sense :relaxed:


Needs more time in the decanter methinks. Quite purple in colour despite 6 years, still too close to opening to offer any meaningful tasting note at present. Closed nose. Needs a lot of “slooshing” to get some blackberry flavours. I’ll wait for my lamb and Provençal chips.
It’s On offer at the moment. Maybe one for keeping a few years longer?


A solid midweek staple for us. Great value for money from TWS


I thought so, too. It seems to acidic to me at the moment, that and some green stalk taste. TWS gives quite a long window, hope it will come around.


Gigondas Bouissiere 2012. Extravagant for a midweek but I feel I deserve it. Lovely trademark Gigondas garrigue notes behind the plum fruit, just a little bit of alcohol heat which is surprising. Let’s see how the second half goes tomorrow.


Having snapped up 3 bottles of Tain Crozes-Hermitage, Les Perdrigolles, in Booths Supermarkets 342 offer, Iwasfar too eager to try it.
It was rather on the cool side…aroma ok red fruits,touch of licorice…the mouthfeel was rather on the thin side but had a slight peppery vein…the finish extremely short .
I was quite disappointed because I haven’t tried Crozes for a good many years. Still two thirds of the bottle left and time the following day to try again…I left the bottle, cork out, capsule on in the kitchen bay window with two glasses to slowly get up to a suitable temperature.
Success after an hour I poured a glass and I could smell the aroma as the wine hit the side and bottom of the glass…the warmth of wine gave it a medium body with extra spice and pepper, but again the length was lacking I thought.
I shall keep the other two till Christmas or maybe 2019.
All in all the Crozes was very passable, but I can think of a good number of CdR’s that were more to my liking…lets see if is a different story with the other two.
The 342 offer includes Chapoutier Les Meysonniers , and a Vacqueras which I cannot recall the name.:roll_eyes::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Last night I tried a glass of Cayron 09 using corovin.

It was so bretty I couldn’t finish it. At least I assume it was Brett. Very unclean tasting. Has anyone noticed this with the 2010?

Anyways I have had the Bouissiere 2012.and that was much more to my liking.


I hadn’t thought of Brett in connection with Coravin, @Russ, but now you mention it…

I tend to give bretty wines a very vigorous splashy decant for at least an hour or so before drinking. (I do tend to open wines well before the event to check on them). It works up to a point, and that point is the real stinkers. Most, however, it works on. But you can’t do that if using a Coravin, a point I hadn’t considered.


I guess that’s one problem with corovin. You need to consider the style of wine you want just a quick glass of.

You could decanter a couple of glasses for later, I suspect but that would take some of the fun out of it.

Anyway I have the rest of the bottle to decant sometime.


Riedel do a very handy half bottle decanter, which if you remember, is great for coravining into, does require a little planning and takes some of the spontaneity out of it


Started on this from the Crystallum mixed case this evening as it is supposed to be in its drinking window and also to see what I can expect from the more premium Cuvee from the same year (TWS purchase but the website is down or so it seems).

It is very good, smooth and elegant pinot on the lighter side with a touch of fruity sweetness and a firm backbone of acidity. Will keep my eyes out for this outfit in the future… also looking forward to the Cuvee Cinema now (and the other 2 vintages in the mixed case.

Then I decided to check TWS whether any of the Crystallum wines is currently in stock and this popped up (I got this link from offline as the website is still off):

I had this wine from the 2016 vintage and was well impressed. This should be interesting with 2 more years on the clock and a higher Cellartracker approval rate. Would have popped this in the basket if I had an order coming soon… I suspect it is some sort of small quantity batch that will be gone soon.


This from another retailer (!) tonight. As the label says a Spanish field blend. We can detect something fragrant, something tropical and a zippy background. Guessing gerwurz or muscat, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc plus plus but possibly a bunch of indigenous varieties I’ve never heard of. It was a recommendation from a couple of writers recently and I have to say it’s going down extremely well here. Possibly too well…


Enjoying a bin end bottle I picked up at the showroom a couple of weeks back

Opened on Tuesday and finishing off this evening - has improved since opening.
Mrs G will not be happy as she will want a glass when she gets back from camera club. As it’s her birthday I will have to open another bottle…seems like a good excuse to have another glass as well


This was my first purchase through TWS bought on my behalf from another member before I joined

Earth & Sky
Bottle 3 of 6
More Barolo than pinot noir. Loads of time yet. Starting to become very enjoyable. Next one in 2020ish


Back from a friend’s 50th in a trendy (so they tell me!) Craft Beer bar in Brighton. The husband did his usual moan about ‘lack of cask conditioned beer’ and despaired at the keg beers, and the ‘mango flavoured IPA’… I feel for him. Perhaps he feels like a dying breed.
In any case, I ended up drinking a South African Roussanne/Chardonnay blend.

Very nice it was too! Floral and zesty, with nice green apple and citrus flavours, and a lively acidity on the finish. Could have done worse! :grinning: