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Weekday drinking thread - [17-20 June 2019]



Just had to start this week’s thread to wax lyrical about my penultimate bottle of:

Can’t believe it was so cheap last year! Such wonderful flavour, rich and long. More, please.


We’re continuing our exploration of White Rhone tonight, with this fantastic Vacqueyras Blanc:

I think it was recommended a while ago – possibly after the spring press tasting - and I’m so glad it was. It’s a beautiful wine, which combines a roundness of texture and mouthfeel, with fresh notes of tangerine, lemon, golden delicious apple and fennel. The first sniff made me think of walking through an orchard in bloom, and as it warmed in the glass more honeyed notes came through. Balanced and with a long finish, this will be nice with one of our favourite meals – partridge in cream and tarragon sauce.

I need more White Rhone in my life! :clinking_glasses:


This looks amazing. Was it originally part of an EP offer?


It was this… £12.95 per bottle last May…


Exactly. A stunning deal. I bought the 2015 ep but can’t remember how much i paid.


More for a weekday tating thread than weekday drinking thread but tried a few from the Enomatic at the showroom today:

Not half bad for the price, but I’ve still to find a genuinely good NZ Pinot at this price point. A touch green for me. Nice, drinkable but not really what I was after

Wow - I didn’t look at the price of this and thought it was a £20 bottle. Really enjoyed this. juicy without being overtly fruity, elegant and not overdone. £8.50!?!?! - one for the wishlist

Maybe needs a touch more time? But showing a lot of promise

Beautifully aged and very graceful. Touch of green pepper, powerful yet somehow mellow. Yes please. Although at £42… I would pay it but it edges towards a special occasion bottle and I have a fair few of those to work through

Also picked up a bin end of the Bin001 Bobal and a 2009 Cantermerle that I couldn’t leave on the shelf, plus a stack of boxes for the house move. A successful visit!!


Not so much a drinking as a tasting - at the FMV portfolio tasting yesterday - highlights

Jacquesson cuvee 737, dégorgement Tardif - (base of 2009) Big nose, like apple crumble in the mouth with a nutty note at the end

Leclerc Briant - La Crousette, Brut - from a plot in Epernay first planted in the 60’s - 10 months in oak and 3 1/2 years on lees and zero dosage. The richness of these meant I had to confirm the ZD status. Such a complex wine that kept evolving as you drank it - candied citrus and butter notes with baked apple and a mineral edge and very long finish

Gaston Chiquet - selection of very nice, value for money, 1er cru heavily favouring Pinot Menuier

Benjamin Leroux - started with St Romain (sous le Chateau) then onto Mersault and finishing with Chassagne-Monrachet (les Baudines 1er cru) - I thought the St Romain was good until I tasted the mersault…and then the Chassagne…this is my kind of burgundy - Rich , with mineralogy and a cleansing acidity …wines that keep going

Famille Perrin - CndP Les sinards 17 - what a nose ! such powerful ripe fruit with a tell tale of spice to come. to taste it has warmth and spice with deep red fruit with blackberry and cassis notes - this will go and go…then on to Beaucastel 08…wow! If les sinards is described as baby Beaucastel, tasting back to back I can see why. Using all 13 varieties the complexity of this wine was immense - already moving to tertiary flavours with high notes of rich compote (not jammy) fruit…it kept going and going (ps the table was one of the least visited whenever I checked around the room, it was just me and the representative (UK sales) for 5+ minutes)

Bodegas Rafael Palacios - 100% Godello from Valdeorras - some lovely wines - peach, pear, citrus notes with mineralogy and a salty note

Vega Sicilia - showing from Macan to Valbuena - all showing very well…really well made wines. Personal fav is Pintia and have had several bottles over the years and never disappoints

Craven - some really nice varies - Chenin Blanc and Cinsault were for me. These are great value for money in my opinion

Giaconda - amazing wines and such enthusiasm from Rick Kinzbrunner. These wines are not big and powerful they are real expression of the grape and the ‘terroir’ - minimal intervention wine-making

after 5 hrs and 40 tables, hit a bit of tasting fatigue and the notes hit fatigue too

My USA highlights were
Frog’s Leap - 2003 Cab Sauvignon (although we did discuss labelling as its on 77% cab S) released as part of their ‘15 years on’ series - perfect for me - high notes of perfect fruit being complemented by tertiary of leather, tobacco, fig and leaf coming through - balanced and complex

Ridge - favourite was the Lytton Springs 17 (Zin, Pt Syrah, Carignan) - 10% new oak, grippy but integrated tannin and so much fruit…this is going to go for years…they are drinking these fro the mid-80s currently

Birichino - 2016 Malvasia Bianca - Pet Nat (under crown cap) - started as an experiment with base wine and reserve frozen juice (sold to a 3* Michelin restaurant near the winery). simply produced all bottled in one day - no riddling or d.g. looks like hazy cider - taste is strange - in a nice way - has wine characteristics but also other flavours and mouth feel that were difficult (at his stage) to put into words…but every drinkable. The Consult was also very good

I ended on one of my favs - Au Bon Climat. There Chardonnays are for me great wines and great v.f.m when compared to some Burgundy (and others) - they are fruit lead and have such depth and complexity through their long length. their Pinto Noir is also good (I’m not the biggest PN fan) and I preferred the feminine "Isabelle’ over the ‘Knox’…Knox took it well, he is Jim Clendenen’s son as was leading the tasting !

Best part of the day - walked in with one of the “old guard” of wine experts / journalists…his first words at reception…" and where is lunch being served" !!


Love this wine, one of my fave NVs.

To the wishlist!


He (and others) seem to be in everyone’s portfolio. I was at a lunch showcasing his wines at BBR last year and my god can he make white Burgundy that sings. I also have a massive bottle (don’t ask why) of his village VR from this year’s EP.


They are great aren’t they…I had tried his wines earlier in the year at the BBR EP tasting

If you were a producer, you would want to be in as many portfolio’s as possible to ensure that you hit those markets, sectors and regions.

Here with FMV being the on-trade of BBR its easy to see the draw to them - massive private client base and brilliant routes into the restaurant and bar markets (esp in London and at top end…I was tasting at some tables with a sommelier from Le Manor)


Thanks to @JamesF for his comprehensive notes ( wow, my taste-buds would have been bushed after 30 minutes ) and to @NickP for his notes on the showroom wines. My tasting card’s going to need a top up when I go there tomorrow to collect my order. Must resist any impulse buys on the back of that too !

Anyway, for me, there was this bin-end…

…powerful aromatic nose of apricots, yellow peach and a distinctive earthy spiciness ( a note common to all three Hochheimers from Kunstler I’ve tried recently ). Dry, rich, ripe and unusually rounded on tasting with similar fruit flavours to the nose and once again that earthy mineral spice note. Fresh, but not in your face, acidity checks the richness and brings balance. Length of flavour is very good too. It’s difficult to resist drinking now but it also has plenty of cellaring potential. I’d love to try this again in ten years time.


More tasting notes tonight, albeit just making the most of a business trip in Limerick. This seemed fun:

All from a producer I’ve had previous joy with

The white is fresh and crisp. Not hugely fruity, quite linear. Acidity but a nice softness to finish. Nice with some calamari

The Valpolicella is nice and smooth. Quite fruity - red berries. Touch of vanilla. Could enjoy a glass on its own

The Campofiorin seems heavier, smells a touch more woody too. Less fruit in this one, or at least darker berries. Suspect more oak influence. Probably a bit more serious although both at the same price point here

I’d have the Valpolicella on its own and the Campofiorin with food. All 3 are nice wines though, glad I gave this a go

Right, I’m off for a Guinness :wink:


After a wet tennis game, opened this:-

It’s lovely, bright bramble fruit and nice finish. A super example of this grape.


Is that ‘wet’ tennis or Wii tennis?? :wink:



Lots of rain here in the dry part of the country


Today I start night shifts so no wine for me over the weekend :frowning:

Therefore last night we decided to pair chicken with Torrontes. For this we chose a 2017 Vida Organica Torrontes bought recently from Hay Wines. It was only slightly chilled before decanting.

In the glass this wine has a white gold colour with the slightest green tinge. It has good legs reflecting its 13%ABV.

On the nose there are primary flavours of papaya, gooseberry, lime, starfruit, azalea and thyme. Secondary flavours are manifested through hints of cream, marzipan, wet slate. Pencil savings bring up the tertiary flavours.

On tasting the mouthfeel has reasonable body although concentrated more on the sides rather than the tongue It has a sweet astringency. There are hints of rhubarb and kiwi with some further creaminess. There is a slight alcohol burn before developing a crisp long lasting finish exhibiting some green apple, tarragon and nutmeg

Overall this is a great wine with food complimenting and contrasting with many flavours. For its price point it is quite a steal.


This is in a great place right now. Really exotic, predominantly dried mango flavours, really long and persistent. WS says drink to 2020, I reckon it might continue to evolve a bit longer. For a £13 PG the depth is impressive.


Something Thai with lemongrass, ginger and chilli with this bargain Kabinett. Really bracing and on the dryer side of Kabinett, not massively complex, but that would get lost in all the spice I guess. A fridge -door Riesling.


Finding this a suitable match for the weather, which is rather inbetweenish. It’s quite full-bodied, but not too full, not too complex, not too simple; a pleasant drink with a slightly surprising 14% alcohol. I would have guessed lower. Recommended by my local Majestic staff a year or two ago.


Opened this on Wednesday, for the heck of it:

I think it was £28 from Majestic. Last drank this in 2013 from a half bottle which, looking back at my notes, was rather more evolved than this one.

Fragrant, complex nose. There’s a juiciness to the blackcurrant fruit which is, I think, accentuated by a wee bit of volatile acidity. There’s also the tamarind I noted in the 2006, along with all kinds of everything: cedar, pipe tobacco, violets, old leather armchair and most of the spice rack. Tart on the palate, soft but still-present tannins, and a lovely long finish with a gentle liquorice twang up the back of the nose. Still full of life the following evening.

Couldn’t drink Musar all the time but this is great stuff :+1: