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Weekday drinking thread, 17-20 December 2018



Monday is the best day for drinking.

Love this. Important not to have it too cool, the flavours need to open up! Good with a turkey and squash risotto. Or by itself, I don’t judge.

Who else is batting away the Monday blues?


We are, but with a slightly different method: a gut-busting Chinese takeaway.

I actually can’t move. I’m stuck on the sofa until it fully digests, by which time the schools may well have broken up.


I need to up my game …! When am I actually going to consume ALL the wine I purchased for Christmas. Mr. Leah isn’t due back until Saturday night … and I’m here drinking tea :tea::see_no_evil:…!
(I did go out and drink Gin last night though!) … :rofl:


A relatively abstemious half bottle of the Society’s white burgundy tonight.

More interesting as it warmed up, good clean fun. Last day at work tomorrow until the 31st! :+1:t4:


A quick tip: don’t choose your wine for the evening on an empty stomach. Anyway this evening had the irresistible urge to open a bottle of Cloudy Bay SB 2014, which was in the fridge and looking suspiciously like it might leak if left there much longer - a dodgy screwcap obviously! And it seemed a good way to make the evening a bit more special too.

Well, of course it’s excellent and I’m finding it difficult not to knock it all back. Making a mental comparison with a Greywacke from a couple of weeks ago, I’d say the CB has more acidity, more grapefruit/gooseberry flavour than the Greywacke but it’s not so very different. I think I slightly prefer the Greywacke, and it definitely wins on value. Really I think they’re both very good wines and would make excellent Christmas presents.


@Leah. Procrastination is the thief of time!


Monday is a dry day in our house, but tomorrow I’m hosting a xmas party at home for 10 of my lovely colleagues, so will more than make up for it, I’m sure! :clinking_glasses:

As none of them are particularly interested in wine, I went for simple but trusted wines from Lidl. For whites - this delicious and crispy Albarino:

And for red, a very nice every-day Portuguese:

I asked people to bring their favourite fizz, too. Have spent most of today preparing a Middle Eastern feast - not quite a traditional xmas fayre, but there will be some mulled wine and mince pies too.

And now for my beauty sleep (never works, that! :wink:)…
Night night :last_quarter_moon_with_face::sleeping:


I empathise…7 cases arrive today, can’t fit them all in the cabinet (by a long chalk!) and I am drinking water…yesterday and today. I did sneak a glass of Palo Cortado yesterday though…

I think to (mis)quote Roy Wood it will need to be Christmas every day for about 2 weeks to get the decks cleared in the garage…


That Albariño is a very good white, as is the Ruedo Verdejo.


Why single out Monday…I’m all for Basie/ Joe Williams…Every day I have the blues, but it never prevents having a medicinal nip of some sort…This time of the year Port of some description mmn!!!


Surely its the ultimate traditional xmas fairy…just 2000 years ago

Sounds fab…what are you having?


Good point! :grinning: though looking at all the historical depictions, you’d think Jesus hailed from Flanders… :wink:

Anyway - having meat koftas with yogurt , roasted aubergines in Harrisa and honey sauce, a spicy chickpea salad, tabbouleh, home made hummus, Israeli baba ganush, falafels, pittas, olives, an orzo and roasted peppers salad (not quite Middle Eastern, but yum!), sweet potato wedges- as well as more ‘traditional’ cold meats and pâtés and chipotle-spiced nuts.

Hope no one is left hungry! :slight_smile:


Sounds fabulous…I will be round in hour !



Some instructions, please. I love roast aubergine!


It’s the easiest thing to make!

Simply dice as many aubergines as you need - I usually allow one per person, because they really shrivel in the oven. I don’t bother with the ‘salt-in-a-colander’ malarkey- in fact, don’t know anyone at home who does. So just throw the diced ones into a baking dish, drizzle with plenty of olive oil and a good pinch of rock salt and pepper and leave them to roast for about 45 minutes at 190 degrees. By then they are really soft and a little caramelised. For the last 10 minutes of cooking I add a can of chickpeas too - though I didn’t this time, as there is another chickpea salad.

Once they’re out of the oven, stick them in a big pan, and stir in the Rose Harissa - about 2 tablespoons, depending on how spicy you want it. Speaking of which- the only Harissa I ever buy is the Belazu Rose Harissa. It’s infused (if that’s the right word) with rose petals, and has a beautiful kick of spice as well as sweetness. You can get it easily at Waitrose or Sainsbury’s:

Finally, add a tablespoon of honey (or more, depending on how many aubergines you have), and sprinkle some nigella seeds. You can serve this warm, or cold - you can even pile it on a nice piece of fresh crusty bread. It’s delicious! :smiley:

Weekend drinking thread [1st -3rd Feb 2019]

I just drooled! :yum:

Have you ever had a go at soujouk (سجق‎)? I’ve never tried it myself, but there’s nowhere around here where I could buy any - I think I’d have to make them from scratch!


No, I haven’t, actually- and certainly never made it from scratch - but now you put it back on my radar I may well give it a go! It’s so flavoursome! :+1:

You can get a Turkish version of it (they call it Sucuk) in ASDA - though haven’t tried it, so can’t vouch for it. Funnily enough, it’s made in Germany! By Turks, no doubt. It’s a lovely multicultural world! :smiley:


I’ll if our local Asda has it. I loved soujouk, whether in a wrap as street food or on the table as mezze, but haven’t had it since I left Beirut … maybe once in London, Edgware Road no doubt…!


This is a rather lovely find. Description says it all.
We are having a very fiery Thai green curry that it should help with.


Tuesday not normally one for alcohol, but tonight I’ve opened this:
Torresilo 2015