Weekday Drinking Thread (16th to 19th January 2023)

A delectable Haut-Médoc this evening with leftover beef short rib, mash and chard:

Château Caronne Sainte Gemme, Haut-Médoc 2015

First bottle of 3, and first glass had properly whet the appetite (or is that thirst…? :thinking:). The last time we drank Ste Gemme was a 2012 vintage and that was eons ago. I remember enjoying the 2012 very much, which is why I was happy to pounce on the 2015 when it was available.

Not much evidence of nearly 8 years of age in the glass - maybe just a hint of bricking? - but signs of evolution beginning to show on the nose and palate. The fruit seems on the dark side of things - plums, cassis, and ripe black cherries - wrapped nicely in cigar box, clove and nutmeg, perhaps even liquorice, a hint of tobacco and a comforting scent of freshly-turned soil.

Similar enjoyment on the palate, with notes of spiced plums, cassis, cherries and elderberries peppered with baking spice and cedar and a note that has something of the fudge about it. All supported by rather smooth tannins and medium acidity which feels just right and a medium plus finish which is somewhat spicy.

There is something very unpretentious about this wine - it gives pleasure without trying too hard, just being itself. For £14.50 it’s a bargain - one of many reasons why TWS is just unbeatable on some fronts… :star2: :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s in your glass…?


Love this great little wine, shows how good Bordeaux can be at this price point - the 2016 is good as well, and currently £15 at majestic


It was the 2016 yesterday :slight_smile:

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Yes, I saw…! :grinning:

How was it? I might get some from Majestic, as suggested by @mpreston91

I’m a fan of this one too.

My brother (who is not really into wine) randomly picked up a 6 pack of the '06 from somewhere in Calais years back, and it was cracking stuff, and I’ve had some other vintages since. As you say, unpretentious, nicely balanced and with enough body and complexity to keep it interesting. Might be time to get into the case of '16s I have.

However, I have a feeling its no longer made?

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I thought for completeness I’d include these two from the last few nights - they probably should be in the weekend and last week’s thread, but to be frank I couldn’t be bothered (and I did think people would be interested, at least a little, in TWS wine).

The Domaine de Mouscaillo - according to my other half - is somewhere she thinks we visited about 10 years or so ago. If we did, I certainly don’t remember! But beyond that, it’s a really good wine. As in really, really good. If you’re interested in a bit of hedonism? This is for you. That hot southern sun has ensured ripeness, and therefore depth and complexity. But do you prefer a bit of refreshment? Again, those high altitudes and strong winds have given a good acidity and not-quite-minerality. I’ve always said Limoux whites are spectacularly underappreciated, and here’s the evidence. I’d probably suggest with food, but I reckon if you like them on the bigger side, it won’t be necessary. A really good wine for the money.

And the Thymiopoulos needs no introduction here. A bit of a warmer vintage, so a bit less acidity and a bit more flesh than in (my preferred) leaner years, but the sort of sour fruits and vegetal, just with a bit of hotter alcohol and broadness. Excellent clear defender if nothing else :grinning:

And then, tonight with Cassoulet, because one Ariege wine in a week just wouldn’t be enough on these pages (and it’s bloody cold outside)and given a nudge by @PHarvey 's post that my last bottle probably needed drinking - it doesn’t (it’s mostly Tannat, I don’t know why I assume it would need it)…

Darker fruits, probably more savoury than fruit. My other half thinks the alcohol is a little prominent for a 12.5%, I’d disagree. Some grippy but not overbearing tannins. Nice enough, if nothing special.


Well the weeks kicked off with some crackers and here…

Mrs Adbs first comment were….yumm delicious and it certainly is.

Decanted for 90 minutes and drunk mostly in a cool dining room, but later fireside a bit more structure and soft tannins.
Served with a mushroom risotto for that earthy flavour which this delivered in spades


That risotto looks lovely :yum:


Guess I’m about to lower the tone a bit here. Don’t normally drink on a Monday, but was making home-cooked aromatic crispy duck and pancakes à-la-takeaway, and decided it needed a glass of fruity Pinot Noir, so opened this

Aldi Glace Rocher Limited Edition Pinot Noir 2020, Switzerland

Simple light and fruity PN from the Valais. The notes on the back of the label were pretty accurate, strawberry nose, tart red fruit on the palate with plenty of acidity and a slight bitter note in the (short) finish. I’d add a bit of spice to the description.

In fairness it was exactly what I wanted, a glass of something simple and fruity with the duck, and for less than a tenner at Aldi, no complaints at all, it was decent enough.


We really enjoyed this PN a couple months back; completely agree with your notes, too. A decent Swiss PN for just under a tenner…? No complaints! :grin:


A very convivial BYO meal at Brasserie Blanc last night. This went perfectly with my venison and pheasant sausages and mash with baked cabbage…


2009 Domaine Courbis Cornas La Sabarotte

Drinking very well, aromas and flavours mainly of black cherries, tannins integrated, long finish, I think it will keep several more years, but very good now.


Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo left from the weekend. Nice, fleshy, vivid and driven by red fruits. Little but present tannin and very light oak. For me, obe of the best of the Garnacha project (in particular for the price). Can be found in Spanish Wines and Majestic too.



No complaints whatsoever with this tonight, especially for an entry level wine…

…a Riesling Trocken 2020, Zilliken.

The hazy colour in the glass is due to condensation from over chilling on my part, otherwise, a pale colour and a fair bit of dissolved CO2 spritz. A fresh and inviting nose of citrus and yellow plum fruit with a strong mineral streak. Lemon and lime sherbet, crisp orchard fruits wet stone minerality and a hint of spice on the elegant, finely boned, palate. All in all, lovely purity of flavour and riesling typicity at a very fair price ( from TWS, £11.95 ).



From a recent 25% offer, plus some voucher, so surprisingly good value at an eventual £10-11 a bottle.
Darker than I expected, for no particular reason, with raspberry and I think blackberry aromas, or perhaps black plums. Maybe I was led astray by the dark colour because to taste it had much more cherry and raspberry flavour with an almost slightly, very slightly, bitter finish. Quite a pleasant lingering fruity aftertaste with a gentle dry tannic mouthfeel. Nice. Oh, this is 2020 by the way.


How was the oak level? I’m a fan of Cali PN, though find excessive oak influence is a risk at the more affordable end of the scale.

I’ve seen this in Waitrose but haven’t tried it, think I was put off by my experience with the same producer’s Marquis Red Blend last year, which I found too heavily oaked to be balanced. Admittedly that was on a flight, when smell/taste are not always as they would be on the ground.

I found it fine and wasn’t bothered by the oak. When I opened the bottle it had come out of quite a cold room and on reflection I would recommend drinking it fairly cool. As it warmed up it became noticeably sweeter, not too sweet, but verging on being a little bit sweeter than I would like.

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A bottle of Grignan Les Adhemar 2019 by Delas last night as we felt rather cold after a walk from town. Yes, it’s true the CH was on and we lit the woodburner (very dry logs!) but the bottle was very comforting and up to the usual Delas standard alongside some venison burgers, roast asparagus and bistro potatoes. An early night to continue reading a recent biography of Graham Greene, ‘Russian Roulette’.


First bottle from a mixed case of 2015 Crozes bought e.p.

Perfect with a casserole on a cold winter evening. Drinking well now, but plenty of life left in it.


Love the colour of that, easy to lose yourself in those inky depths…