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Weekday drinking thread 16th - 19th May

It’s happening (or will be with aforementioned, currently braising, Jacob’s Ladders)…

(Photo: Domaine de Chevalier 2015)

Initial thoughts - clearly oak heavy, quite extracted nose, much lighter colour than the other few 2015’s I’ve sacrificed to curiosity (Langoa Barton, Olivier, Giscours), much more ruby red than purple. Taste is fairly dense, though worryingly watery on the mid-palate considering the size and shape of the other wines from the vintage. More to follow later…


Holiday lunch stop today at Salis as recommended on these pages, at Chania harbour, Crete.

Delicious food - octopus ceviche, lightly fried calamari and grilled snapper with this….

Fabulous and that’s probably it for the day.


I usually reserve very nice wines for the weekend, but after buying two very good looking bunches of asparagus from a Norfolk producer (one green and one the sweeter purple variety), I decided that my old friend Five Soldiers was the perfect match.

Outside burgundy, this is the Chardonnay against which I measure every other Chardonnay in the world. No expenses are spared on the production of this wine. Hand-picked fruit from the best plot from an already blessed vineyard goes into making this wine. Fermented and matured in oak casks for 15 months, this has more caractere than all the current cabinet ministers put together.


Camper van cuisine - Iceland calling. Travelling eastwards along the south coast and skirting the mighty Vatnajokull glacier, the largest by far in Iceland and Europe’s #2

En route the astonishing Jokulsarlon glacier lake, and across the road the so-called Diamond Beach, which is where bits of the glacier entering the sea get washed up on the black beach. I saved some chunks and placed in the camper’s freezer to have as the most pristine ice ever in an Icelandic G n’ T

The meal - as ever in a camper it’s a make do and mend of leftovers - chicken, bacon, mushrooms in parsley and cream, with sautéed potatoes; the wine being from the first foray into Vinbudin, an acceptable but unremarkable Italian red for about £11


I finished work a little earlier than usual today, so we opened this most charming Albariño to go with the sunshine (and some paella):

Faustino Rivero Albariño, Rías Baixas, Galicia, Spain 2021

Bought on a whim, this is zesty, lively, citrussy and uncomplicated. The husband is finding the acidity a bit in-yer-face, but me? I love it! It’s not unlike jumping into an outdoor swimming pool on a hot day. Lovely! :heart_eyes:

Very nice nose of lime, peach, ripe pears and citrus blossom is followed on the palate with notes of fresh lime, peach skin, aniseed-y fennel and very mellow honey in the background. Finish is decent too, leaving a citrus zest note.

Reminiscent of the Pazo de Villarei sold by TWS - which is a compliment for an entry level Albariño.

¡Salud! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Loving the blue glass! I’m thinking that will prove a winner with the Lady Lapin.

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It is rather pretty, though I can’t help wondering if they are trying to emulate Mar de Frades Albariño Atlántico wine - a more up market Albariño… or maybe I’m being cynical! :grinning:

This seems to be a Beaujolais week at Chateau Lapin.

Sunday/ Monday was a Fessy Regnie 2016. Yesterday & today a Fessy Moulin-a-vent 2016. We even have a BJL Blanc open, but I haven’t had a glass of it.

The comparison is interesting. Both are from the same grape, year & negociant yet quite different.

The Regnie: cherry blossom scent, Rounder, smooth, dark cherries and yet with a very enjoyable bitter edge.
Moulin-a-vent: Burgundian nose (yet absolutely not P.N), more sharp, raspberries, a short finish.

On balance I would very happily drink both again - yet the Regnie had the edge in my opinion, there was more to it.


Cynical is good.

This here tonight with a slow roasted duck leg, spiced couscous and some salad-y stuff…

…an Etna Rosso ‘Ghiaia Nera’ 2016 from Tenuta Tascante ( £16 ).

A translucent garnet colour. A fragrant and floral nose with cranberry fruit, wood smoke and a touch of polished leather. Light body, tart cranberry and raspberry fruit, pomegranate seeds, minerals and a savoury forest floor undertow on tasting. Virtually tannin free but with a supple easy drinking structure, thanks to its fresh acidity, and plenty of satisfyingly complex flavour. The leathery note on the nose suggests, at least to me, that there’s little to gain by further aging though. It was an excellent match to the food too.

Life is good, fingers crossed it is where you are too.,


My first of the 2020 vintage of


Can’t seem to get in sync with these Southern hemisphere vintages. I like this wine very much, and every year. It seems to have everything I like in an NZ Sauvignon but nothing that I don’t want. Plenty of flavour, not too much of anything.

To partner some fried halibut, which was on offer today, with courgettes and red peppers. All good in my house - apologies that someone has left a lot of mess in the background. Some people!


After that statement I will have to get a bottle to try!


Norse camper van cuisine checking-in. This morning we were set loose on snowmobiles and charged around on the Vatnajokull glacier but - camera battery died and I only got this preamble photo ( but, kindly some fellow clients acted as our Official photographers and undertook to email me the images in due course)

Back at the campsite at Egilsstadir an excellent Netto provided most of our supper ingredients; fresh cod, sautées, piperade - Iceland blue cheese - and Icelandic ice cream with birch sap syrup. Wines from Vinbudin (unlike my habit of browsing only the top shelves of; say, M&S or Waitrose) upon focusing on the bottom shelves; the sub £12 bracket… not unpleasant and, in fact the Baron de Ley white rioja was actually quite nice.


Monday we had the rest of Sunday’s roast beef joint and I opened

2019 Kanonkop Cape Blend Kadette (South Africa, Stellenbosch)

This is just so very drinkable the bottle empties before one is aware…

Tuesday Our younger son and wife brought Jack, our first grandchild to us. He’s now 7 weeks old. Ahhh…

We had lunch of Chicken Kyiv (Kiev), new pots and home-baked beans. Mrs M deemed a low alcohol -9%abv- Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc was appropriate.

2021 Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc Flight (New Zealand, Marlborough)
Mrs M liked it; I thought it was a little sweet and lacking the oomph of the real thing.

Wednesday I’ll be cooking Mrs M’s favourite crispy slices of aubergine in tomato & basil sauce and penne with a mixed salad accompanied by brainer™

2020 Casa Vinicola Roxan The Wine Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo)

Thursday we have an invitation to The Mayor’s Ball so I don’t know what we’ll be drinking, but it’d better be red…

(Kanonkop from Tesco, Brancott from Sainsburys, Montepulciano from TWS)


To follow on from related post on what are you doing today thread… What are you going to do today? - #4396 by PHarvey

The weather wasn’t so bad and we managed 3 water feature hikes all less visited than those over to the west; Fardagoss (60 mins hike), Henigfoss (a 2-parter, the upper being the second highest in Iceland and a 90 mins hike) and the Studlagil canyon ( just 30 mins) and which has the tallest basalt columns - as in Giants Causeway - in Europe.

Supper - my turn - was pan fried fresh haddock purchased this morning at an excellent fishmonger in Eglisstatadir - with leftover sautées and piperade, and a decent Penèdes, from a producer I know well for their Cava, and sourced from Keflavik duty-free last week.


Just noticed the 2020 Craggy Range SB is 13.3%. Don’t think I’ve seen that before, or certainly never noticed it before.

Another evening of food and wine at Artisans of Sardinia in Putney for the SW London Wine Appreciation group yesterday. Inspired menu put together by Massimo (again) to match our wines. We welcomed @Rafa on his first appearance.

Started with aged Negronis from the menu. I don’t ever really drink Negroni, but these definitely get my seal of approval. Great attention to detail the orange peel frozen in the ice cubes.

Then onto the Chardonnays…

2015 Auxey Duresses Les Hautes by Jean-Marc Vincent. As soon as it was poured we knew we were onto something here. The aromas filling the room were divine. So was the lobster bisque by the way, a great match. It was buttery, but lean at the same time. Nice acidity, hint of topical fruit.

In contrast we then tasted the excellent 2018 Cote de Jura Chardonnay by Jane Eyre. Fleeting nose of fermentation, very juraesque (rather than jurassic). On the palate flowers and herbs of an alpine meadow, citrus fruit, confected lemon peel. Very good acidity cutting through the oily fish.

The pasta dish was one of the best pastas I have had and the 2013 Hangacs Egri Bikaver from St. Andrea stood up to it. Another very good wine and food match. The wine is a blend led by Kekfrankos (aka Blaufrankisch), accompanied by Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Kadarka. Mellow oak notes, hint of malo, all in all a delicious red.

The 2010 Barbaresco Riserva Boito from Rizzi, though still young, definitely delivered the full Barolo experience on the nose. Slightly more reserved and grainy on the palate, but came into its own with the dish. I was too quick jumping to conclusions based on the first bite, which I felt was dry and lacked flavour, however it was the end of the breast without the sauce and I needed to change my mind immediately when tasting a centre cut with the bitter, orangey, marmeladey thingy. There was a bit of trepidation how the sweetness will go with the wine, but we needn’t have feared. Another inspired combination.

The 2009 Oberhauser Brucke Eiswein from Donnhoff was perfect. Fresh, precise, sweet. The purity of the wine was mind boggling. We also spared some thoughts for the people who picked the grapes in temperature below -12 degrees. Great accompaniment to the panna cotta. What a high to finish on. Almost forgot to note that it tasted like “sucking on honeysuckle”…



Not jealous !! Nope not at all ! What a fantastic line up :star_struck:


Wow! Amazing looking food and wine.

That restaurant really looks after you. Do they put the menu together once you send them the wine selection or is it the other way round?

Edit: The crispy goat ham :star_struck::yum::star_struck:


Looks like a brilliant evening! Hope you all had a great time - very jealous of the line-up and the menu!

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