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Weekday Drinking Thread [16 to 19 September 2019]



The autumn sun is fading away, but not so the desire for a bit of rosé!

We’re making roast chicken in sumac and pomegranate molasses – an old favourite – so decided this is as good a time as any to open an English rosé:

A 2018 Chapel Down, made with something like 7 different grape varieties (the majority of which is Pinot Noir) – this is another proof that English still wines are getting better all the time (sing it like the Beatles!).

Lovely aroma of strawberries, watermelon and cranberries, but also an underlying floral, as well as herbal whiff (tarragon-like). Lively and zesty on the palate, with a mixture of fresh summer berries, wet stones, and a sherbet fizz on the finish. There is something very ‘clean tasting’ (the other half’s words) about this wine. Definitely a good example of what an English wine can achieve, especially in a good year!

What are you drinking this week? :grinning: :clinking_glasses:


I was thinking about this yesterday and thought perhaps the “how much do you drink” thread had inhibited everyone about starting a midweek drinking topic. Well done Inbar!

My reaction yesterday was to open a bottle of Guigal Cotes du Rhone 2012, probably my last one from that year. I’m glad I did. It’s very good. Lots of black fruit with a faint liquorice tinge. But my over-riding impression is definitely smoothness. It just slides down so easily, probably even better today than yesterday. For a basic level wine from Guigal it’s exceptional.


This has great punchy black and red fruit, nicely balanced by good Italian acidity and a bit of tannic grip. Enjoying despite a head-cold.


Bin #001 tonight with pulled pork. Delicious, and 5 more to last the Autumn :slight_smile:


With 3 of us we tried these two Pauillacs. Not a fair contest as they were from 2011 and 2015. The 2015 was nice and may improve after keeping it longer, but the 2011 won hands down and was wonderful. The 2015 Legende is currently on offer at Waitrose.

Weekday drinking thread [7 to 10 October 2019]

Liking the sound of the Chapel Down, but liking the sound of the chicken more!

Have you got a go to recipe Inbar?


It is my birthday today so later on we will celebrate by opening a bottle of this German sparkler

It is a 2014 vintage and spends 24 months aging in bottle. It comes from Mulheim, just next door to Brauneberg where the winemaker is based. Will it have a spicy, mineral vibe with nutty notes? The anticipation is mouthwatering! Happy Wednesday everyone!:partying_face::clinking_glasses:


Happy birthday!:birthday::wine_glass::sparkler:


My mate owns a little independent wine shop/bar so popped in last night to check it out. He obliged by opening a few interesting numbers from his recent travels.

Started with the Riesling’s - my pick was the Helden. Ripe, concentrated and dry with balanced acidity. My sort of Rizza. Good signs for the 2018 German vintage.
Took the Schioppettino home. My first of that variety. Won’t be my last!


Happy birthday, @JayKay! :gift: :tada:
And how fantastic to celebrate with a German Sekt! :+1:
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Thanks Inbar. Pretty non eventful so far but looking forward to Wine Wednesday and opening a (very) few pressies soon. We thought something sparkling would be suitable to mark a birthday :yum:


Absolutely! It’s a Rick Stein recipe, from his ‘From Venice to Istanbul’ programme:

The only addition is that we drizzle some honey prior to sticking it in the oven. It’s utterly delicious! :heart_eyes:


Schioppettino Is one of my favourites. I know La Tunella,s whites - very clean, good but I find the more “natural” Friuli wines more interesting - but not this red. Dario Coos good too, and lots of others. Le Due Terre Sacrisassi Is the best, But that has 50% refosco in it.


Roast chicken with sumac and pomegranate molasses, yummy !

I was watching Saturday Kitchen not so long ago and Rick Stein cooked the very same in one of the snippets shown. I had most of the ingredients and the recipe looked dead easy so I gave it a go. It was delicious, also great cold with some salad in a warmed pitta bread. It’s become one of my midweek staples ever since.

Many happy returns to @JayKay too ( that sekt sounds delicious ). I hope you have a lovely time this evening.

I pushed the boat out a bit on Monday and had this with some steak and a mushroom risotto…

…a 2008 Brunello from Brunelli. Received via one of the Vintage Cellar Plans a few years back. This is bottle 5 of 6 and remains the only Brunello to pass my lips.

I was expecting a Chianti with attitude and that’s exactly what it tasted like. Medium to full body, powerful deep red and black cherry / berry flavours with a savoury edge. Integrated oak, grippy tannins and plenty of fresh acidity providing balance and astringency, finally finishing with very good length of flavour. I enjoyed it very much, as I did all the previous bottles, bar one, which seemed stripped of fruit (cork taint I guess ).

In 2014 it cost £24, I was a bit shocked when I saw how much Brunello costs now, just 5 years later. Morellino di Scansano, which offers great value for money, will have to suffice in future !

Edit -thanks for posting the recipe @Inbar That’s the one I use but with pul biber instead of chilli flakes.


Nice line up, I do like Peller Rosé ice wine sparkling. Its a great aperitif… bit pricey though.
Happy birthday @JayKay, enjoy the wine and celebrations tonight.
I’ve been mainly drinking this…

so far this week,but will be having a glass of this in a little while…


Thank you all for the birthday wishes. The Riesling Sekt is sensational. I assume that the bottle age (2014) has a bit to do with that. It tastes like a mature Riesling only fizzy, with a hint of that lovely oily richness and a bit of petrol that I love so much about Riesling. A true revelation. Yes I can also taste the minerality and spices mentioned in the winemaker’s description as well. A lovely birthday wine :yum:


Terrific wine that. My last disappeared some time ago but loved every bottle.


Sneak preview of the Cote Rotie to be enjoyed at the weekend. Small glass, sub optimal temperature… the wine shines. Would be interesting contrast with the 2006 Glaetzer Bishop I tasted this afternoon, unmistakably the same grape, both big wines but in such different ways.


2015 exhibition crozes hermitage. A complete beast for the AOC and price point, unpleasantly chewy without air, opens up in a large glass to classic northern Rhône profile but always with a meaty, animal core which lands it very much in the context of a solar vintage. With this tannic backbone, could drink well for many years.


Great, thanks. Probably great with Musar… (there’s some serious thread crossover for you!)