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Weekday drinking thread [15 to 18 October 2018]



To overcome the mayhem that is work, I am concentrating on the positive - namely, some food and wine at the end of the day.

This evening we’re planning to open a demi-sec Vouvray I got from M&S a while ago:

Shall have it with partridge breast, cooked in cream and tarragon sauce. Hope wine and food will like each other, though frankly, I’ll probably be too exhausted to care. :sleeping:

What will you be opening tonight? :clinking_glasses:


Nice ! Hope it does match-up to the food for you

I will be opening…the water tap…Monday to Thursday inc., are dry here :frowning: but the abstention has helped with weight and fitness so a good side !


Similar rules with us - no drinking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (sometimes no Thursdays either). The upside is that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the wine usually tastes so much nicer after a dry day… :grinning:


don’t think I could do dry Friday…

You are right…we are also doing quality not quantity - very rewarding


I finished the last glass of this last night…

Technically should have been on the weekend drinking thread but it continued to improve over the few days it was open, and the best glass was the last! Very easy drinking and I thought great value for a Rioja around the £10 mark.


Apple juice, as staying dry until Saturday.


This has certainly been a virtuous month for many, it seems! Well done for all those currently doing #stoptober (or a milder version of)! :v:


Milder version, present.


Ah, what a beautiful wine! :ok_hand: go and buy it, if you fancy something rather lovely for mid-week quaffing!

There’s so much going on on the nose: yellow apples, and lemons, and acacia honey and those flat peaches you get in Provence… And these continue on the palate - golden delicious apple, acacia honey, lemon curd, white peaches… So many layers! The delectable sweetness on the finish is balanced by the lemony acidity. The husband thought it was like a ‘posh and sophisticated lemon Tango’. Erm, this doesn’t exactly sound like a compliment, but was meant as such! Must try more demi-sec Vouvray!
Yum, yum, yum :grinning::+1::+1:


Due to late arrival home and severe hunger I settled on a quick plate of purple broccoli and fried eggs, this gourmet delight to be washed down with some of this

Found it much more interesting than the previous bottles I’d tried last year. First thought “can a wine smell dry?” And based on empirical evidence the answer is yes.
Then “is it fizzy?”. Answer no, but on initial mouth feel it seems like it should be. Then it seemed to settle somewhere between grapefruit and lemon/lime. Dry and refreshing but not too easy to drink quickly. Decent match with eggs and broccoli though!


About 85% of a bottle of Hardy’s Crest Shiraz 2017 went into the slow cooker this morning, along with a load of sausages and veg and what have you.

Poured the last 15% into a glass about an hour ago and you know what, it’s not too bad. I mean, it’s spectacularly bland, tasting more or less of nothing in particular and/or everything in general, but that’s fine. My nose doesn’t sting, my eyes aren’t watering, my tongue isn’t falling out, my oesophagus isn’t protesting - okay, the bar is set pretty low, but this exceeds my below-sea-level expectations.

I’d willingly have another glass, but it’s all gone now.


Purchased this year in a 2012 red Burgundy mixed case. The bottle with the lowest expectations attached. Opened yesterday for half a glass… was already impressive. I am liking it even more tonight… wish I already owned the eto.

Weekday Burgundy… It is really good for what it is, Grand (or Premier for that matter) Cru it is not.


I had that wine from another source about a year ago, really does deliver for a relatively humble appellation. Good producer and vintage.


My Goodness, do your kids ACTUALLY eat what you cook??


Not a morsel !

Now, if I’d used a better wine instead, they might have reconsidered…


Just back from the Fine Wine tasting in Liverpool, and opened a bottle of this:

Probably my favourite red of the night to be fair! Fresh and sappy but with a nice bit of spice.

The tasting was great, well done to Emma as usual. The crypt in Paddy’s wigwam is a great location, having been planned by Lutyens (he of the Indian parliament buildings amongst others) before the war interrupted, and the Cathedral design shifted to a more modern one. I pay an annual trip here for the Whiskey festival too.
The wines were laid out red/white/red/white which meant you could do two loops, and all tables were kept busy. Inspite of myself and my lord and master being largely red wine drinkers, it was the whites that caught the eye. All the reds were good, but none really wowed - there was no “I need some of these wines NOW” moments.

The whites were the reverse, there were 4 or 5 that we really enjoyed (and were surprised by). Most impressive first:

Château La Garde Blanc, Pessac-Léognan 2016 - not on the website yet, as far as I can tell, but absolutely fantastic. I’ve had Bordeaux whites from time to time but I can’t recall one I’ve enjoyed as much as this. Making SB work with oak is fantastic.

Chock full of biscuity goodness - this was wine #1 and I could have cheerfully stopped there all night.

I must have done Marlborough SB’s to death a few years ago, maybe the fact that I’ve had a few years away from it has helped, but I suspect the fact this is a great wine played a part. The classic gooseberry flavour to the max, but the wine was well balanced enough that it wasn’t cloying. Nice.

I liked this more than the wife, Burgundy like in its structure, nice and rich.


Sounds fab! Great notes, too! The Kekfranos and Gruner have gone straight in my wish list! :ok_hand:
Incidentally, I’ve had a number of Austrian whites recently which I agree would be equal to an excellent white Burgundy in terms of weight, depth and length. Some can be truly stunning wines. Looking forward to trying the Rainer Wess one!


Hopefully she does not mind coming second only to this Gruner… :wink:


On holiday this week so free pass to break my weekday drinking ban!

Enjoying a few days in the Lakes. Over 30 years since I was last in this beautiful part of the world and way too long.

Wines have all hit the mark too.


Great wines :+1:, what part of the lakes are you in? I go quite a bit … never gets old .