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Weekday Drinking Thread [15 to 18 March 2021]

Monday is usually a dry day for us, but it’s the husband’s birthday today, so when needs must…

When I asked him what fizz he wanted to open to celebrate he said ‘ABC’. I took it to mean Anything But Champagne (he’s not a fan), but he apparently meant A Bottle of Crémant. So we opened a bottle of Bruno Sorg’s Crémant d’Alsace, which accompanied a fig, Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella salad:

I love Sorg’s Crémant - it’s like drinking a liquid version of apple strudel - all apple, spice and pastry (it’s a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris). Creamy on the palate but fresh and full of verve, it went very well with the salad.

For main I am making a Veau à la Normande - using Somerset Cider Brandy instead of Calvados (thanks to @adbdorset for the tip about the Dorset Meat Company - their veal is excellent!). To accompany, we opened a bottle of 2012 Bourgogne Blanc ‘Cuvee des Ormes’ from Domaine Dussort, which was recommended by a friend:

This seems to develop from one sip to the next! The colour is medium gold, and on the nose first a hit of paraffin, then notes of baked apple, quince, citrus blossom and roasted hazelnuts. On the palate it is balancing creaminess from the lees with freshness and tingling minerality. There is real depth here, with notes of baked apple, quince jelly, nuts, very delicate honey and maybe even caramel. Quite waxy in texture, it finishes on a candied peel sort of note, which lasts for ages. It’s definitely got a few years longer to last. Incredibly happy with this recommendation! :star_struck:

The celebration cake is a chocolate and orange concoction, which I came across in a Waitrose magazine:

Mr Impatient couldn’t resist and had it after lunch, with a cuppa. So maybe a PX for dessert instead late… :thinking:

Work productivity is not likely to win any prizes tomorrow, so thank god we’re both still working from home… :smile:

What are you drinking this week? :clinking_glasses:


Happy Birthday to your husband, Inbar, and looks like you’re celebrating well. Bruno Sorg’s crémant is a good choice :champagne:


That’s lovely stuff! :yum:


Happy birthday to your other half. Fascinating tasting note for the Bourgogne. Have a great evening.


I’m a Billecart-Salmon virgin so took advantage of a 20% back on the Amex card to purchase three of these.

I always thought this was the NV stuff of legends in the Rose world but I must admit that some recent Cellar Tracker reviews have been a tad unenthusiastic.

We had a cracking Laurent Perrier NV Rose on Saturday so it has a lot to live up to. Any experience out there?

Just need a sunny Covid free day now as all wines are better when shared with good friends.


Most welcome @Inbar …enjoy the celebration the food looks and sounds delicious.


Having said on the Greek Inquirer thread that Aldi are selling Assyrtiko, I have taken one (actually bought) for the team

I’m not very familiar with this grape, not a lot on the nose, but to taste very lemony with minerality and a touch of salinity. At £6.99 I would definitely buy again as a midweek wine.


Painting the bathroom today, A bit of bread and cheese with this as a reward (picked out by my partner as she’s also a massive fan)

This is wonderfully explosively fruity Gamay from the middle of France. A second bottle and just a bit more “together” than the last one. Puts many a pricier Beaujolais cru to shame, although I remember paying a lot less not so long ago.


Happy birthday to “Mr Impatient”! Looking at the cake, I can’t say I blame him!


He says thanks, Mike! :grinning:
Strangely enough, he did end up having another huge slice after dinner, which was swimming in a pool of PX :flushed:


Used to sell Billecart Salmon Champagne in fairly large quantities when I worked in the Pimlico Oddbins (RIP) 20 years or so ago. It was (probably still is) a paler colour than LP Rose and I remember enjoying my single experience with it as one of the few pink fizzes that was more than just enjoyable bubbles, but serious fine wine. The demi sec was a feature at a friends wedding and is fantastic with canapes and wedding cake.


Many happy belated returns to Mr @inbar. I hope he’s feeling OK today after all that cake and PX !

This was opened yesterday and is just about to be finished with what remains of the game roulade from Sunday…

…a Kaiserstuhl ‘Enselberg’ Pinot Noir 2017 from K-H Johner. To be brief, as I’ve posted about it before. Smoky, spicy, savoury, polished red and black fruited pinot aromas and flavours. Nothing remotely rustic, it makes me wonder if it’s made from Burgundian clones ?

Stunning quality for the money when discounted at Waitrose ( £15.75 ).


This tonight. La Tour Blanche 1990.

Sweet but not cloying and with that tell-tale slight medicinal character I often find in mature Sauternes. Remarkably youthful on the palate for the age and quite a light colour. Not the heaviest of Sauternes but with a good fresh pineapple fruit finish


Billy rosé is the stuff of legend. Never had less than glorious, makes the Laurent Perrier seem very flat footed. Don’t wait, drink!

This is not so ghastly, drear and awful as I naturally assumed it would be. They seem to have managed to make a wine that doesn’t taste too sweet or of margarine. I still wouldn’t take another one as a gift though.


Trying to get through my case of this. Oh, the hardships!
This is bottle 5/6
In a word - Smashable

EDIT: the reason I’m trying to get through my case is I have a case of the 2017 to follow.


Opened this tonight. Gianni Brunelli, Rosso di Montalcino 2018. Served with herb roasted chicken on the bone and crispy lemon zest & pecorino dusted broccoli. Deeeelicious. The food was good too.

Fairly mellow on the nose with a soft, deep but faint hint of jam. Bright on the tongue, vibrant acidity, with refined, shy yet structured tannins, it dances on the palette leaving it feeling at once dry, juicy and refreshed from the food. Silky, smooth and elegant finish leaves me longing for another sip.

Delicious wine and at 13.5% alcohol, no reason for us not to finish the bottle tonight!

Will definitely buy more if it’s not gone by next order.


This evening, with pizza, from a Mystery Case or two ago…

After @strawpig posted those pictures of ancient Rioja, it got me thinking that, at 3 years old, this is probably the youngest Rioja I have ever drunk.

I’ll be honest, it’s not really my thing. And I can’t exactly say it screams 100% Tempranillo either. Oh well, it’s Tuesday, from a Mystery Case and it is a pizza from Aldi :smiley:


For some reason “my wines” shows the 2019 but not the 2017 which I know I bought because I have a bottle in my hand. Well, actually a glass in my hand and a bottle in the fridge. This is my very, very last of 2017 and it’s a pity because I think it’s perhaps the best. The last one had more riesling aromas. This one is just deliciously harmonious, and with a very long finish.

Next the 2019 in due course!


It does it, I think, with repeat purchases, where it only shows latest vintages. I’ve bought about 45 bottle of the Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes, but it’s really difficult to ascertain that from my wines.


Interesting to read this with them being a new wine for me - I’ve got some 2019s in the wine fridge, and have been wondering if they’re best enjoyed young or left alone for a while. I really enjoyed one I had a few weeks back, but did find myself wondering if there’s not more to come from them. I think I might just sit on them a while, based on what you say :~}