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Weekday Drinking Thread (14th to 18th June)

Lovely black fruited fig, plum and cherry. Simple well made wine.

Then some demi sec Romorantin. Another absolute bargain:

Cheverny/Cour Cheverny has to be the Loire’s most under-rated appelation. Really sophisticated and complex wine for what is a song these days.


Trying the Bogle chardonnay which is a rich, well integrated wine. Started drinking this quite cold and thought there was very little oak. As it warms up a bit, more oak does come through, but it still seems to me very restrained compared to some Californian chardonnays I’ve drunk. Lovely balance of fruit and creaminess.


What you might call an Olympian combination of soils.


Would’t mind trying that Alpha Estate (ungrafted) VV’s myself, we didn’t have time to get to Amindeo on our last Greek trip, though wanted to. Did you get it from VINVM, Andrew ?

Hi Peter I now cannot recall!! Uncorked and Maltby &Greek stock it but now onto 2017. It is about £23 a bottle I think.

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What a glorious Chablis!

Thanks to a couple of people on here, I went down the Billaud route last year rather than Brocard for a change.

I still have a soft spot for Jean Marc but this is a definite step up, albeit a bit more money. It’s the old adage, you get what you pay for most of the time.


Oh yes. We enjoyed this one too.

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Anniversary week for us so a few lovely wines from our stocks that we’ve enjoyed over the past few days. The Nicolas Feuillate was our wedding day champagne so nice to go back there. The bin no. 6 was delicious and a favourite on here. The Alfred Gratien was good but on reflection this is not our style of champagne - too much acid though the hints of mandarin were pleasant. And the Hochar is delightful. Decanted 2.5 hours. Black currant, mint, raisin, cedar, a touch of smoke. Very sippable on a warm summer evening as blackbirds, robins and a green woodpecker entertain us.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


This, chilled, from a half bottle goes wonderfully with a bit of cooking tonight.


The red one is a favourite here amongst members so I picked this rose to try.
A fair wine, nice nose of strawberries and cream, good shade of pink and fairly short finish. Maybe not as refreshing as I expected.
Picked up at Waitrose Cambridge this week for £10


Good to hear. I got six five¹ of these on the recent case deal, hoping for a nice fridge-door white over the next few weeks.

¹ one bottle was the angels’ share, aka DHL :roll_eyes:


The 2018 of this tonight. The reviews of the 2019 are somewhat mixed, but I’m firmly on the side of the five star. A refreshing wine with the promised apple and spice - with some ginger notes particularly prominent. I can see the issue that people have and actually the description of “scrumpy” isn’t a poor one - the bruised apple is really noticeable as it warms. I don’t find that unpleasant but I think this is a five star or one star wine, and it will be dependent on your tolerance of that scrumpy note.


Today, for my birthday a birth year wine originally intended for the big 4-0 last year…

Still in great condition… Delicious!!

Look at that cork!


Look at that corkscrew. Happy birthday!


Thank you. I’m glad I had it - extracting this was a very fraught endeavour!


This here yesterday with hot dogs and salad…

…a rounded and easy drinking trocken with orchard fruit and yellow peach flavours, a light mineral undertow and relatively soft acidity for a young Mosel riesling. To my mind, it lacked a bit of intensity but I still thought it was a good example of its type, albeit one for drinking over the short to medium term ( as per TWS drinking window ). No complaints here for the price of entry.

Glazed ham, as per the notes, would be spot-on with it.


I like the NZ-themed placemats. But where’s the National Dish - a packet of “Dup” ?

Unless I’m having a brain fade, I don’t know what a packet of “Dup” is…

Original Kiwi Dip | Traditional Dip From New Zealand | TasteAtlas and seemingly universally pronounced Dup by the Antipodeans !

Perhaps the ultra-rarefied inhabitants avoid it but it seemed pretty ubiquitous to me…

I see. We used to call that “Sour Cream and Onion Dip”. Not just “Dip” (or “Dup”)! Sour Cream and Onion Crisps are also very popular.

In any event, it definitely isn’t our national dish. I’ve always thought either Roast Lamb, a good old meat pie or the Pavlova would be our national dish… This government website (https://www.nzstory.govt.nz/stories/are-pies-the-national-dish-of-new-zealand/) appears to go for the pie!