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Weekday drinking thread [14 to 17 October 2019]



Ahh, some guys have all the luck :wink:

I’m yet to try Rieffel’s wines. Are they easy to source in the UK?

We’ve got a Hugel Riesling lined up for the weekend. We’ll play at being in Alsace :blush: Have a great break! :+1:


I’m not arguing :wink:

I’ve seen them in Berry Bros, but I’m not sure if anyone else sells them. Wine Searcher shows a couple of others:


They have a definite Bas-Rhin feel to them; quite a fine-boned and lighter weight style, though without sacrificing complexity.


I very much enjoyed this with a cheeseburger and chips last night…

…can’t argue with TWS notes. Light in body but deceptively deep in flavour with sappy red fruits, light tannins, fresh acidity and a notably soft velvety texture. Easy but satisfying drinking and well worth trying.


We had a bottle each of the 2014 and 2015 Mas de Libian, KHAYYÂM.

Very much enjoyed them as we have done with all Hélène’s wines. We started buying them from the cellar around 2007 after not getting any TWS EP allocation one year but now have a few cases of recent vintages in reserves.


Line up for tonight’s wine tasting with neighbours, we will be 11, most like wine but only one other couple are TWS members.