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Weekday drinking thread [14 to 17 October 2019]



I’ll kick this off as just broached a half bottle I got in EP.

Good fruit, slightly stalky (in an attractive way, not greenness, but more ripe woodiness) drinking perfectly now, but I am sure it will keep for at least 4-5 more years. Very satisfying. Not sure of the 2018 vintage in the Southern Rhone, but will look out for a case of Jaume halves in the next worthy vintage.

What are you drinking this midweek?


I think it was the 2012 of the 420 that I sampled at the vineyard, this summer. Very nice. Still got a bottle of the Jaume Reference in the wine cabinet. Keeping it for a rainy day! (Any day in Scotland! :grin:)


Enjoying a mid-term break on the Costa Durada. Off on a kid-free trip to Tarragona, tomorrow. Anyone know of a good vineyard to visit?


Not been there but have tried the wines from this place, very nice…



Many thanks for this. Will look into it! :face_with_monocle:


I enjoyed this with some hake and pasta…

…Schloss Lieser’s riesling trocken 2017. Fresh lemon citrus, white nectarine and minerals on the nose. Similar on tasting with some lime flavour too. Steely acidity, lots of minerality and sharp but rounded fruit flavours. Medium length refreshingly salty finish.

Not the kind of wine my friends might like though !

Edit - sharp but rounded, what am I on about ? Sharply juicy, that’s better !

Note to self - never post when juicy.


This evening feels like the right evening to open a favourite white – a 2017 wild ferment Assyrtiko by Gaia:

At £26 a bottle, this is a rather extravagant weekday tipple for us, but hey! why not. The price of this wine has been steadily creeping up, a real shame – as it might put off people from buying it and experiencing a wonderful, well-crafted wine. Not sure when we will next buy it, in fact. This is our last bottle of 3.

Pale gold, the nose is a melange of peach, kerosene, honeysuckle citrus and herbs.

On the palate it is still incredibly fresh, but weighty; there is a pleasant interplay between citrus zestiness, floral notes (honeysuckle) and more savoury herbal notes. There is a kick of aniseed type flavour too (brings to mind Kümmel bread of childhood!). The honeyed notes, coupled with fresh citrus remind me a bit of an aged Marsanne. It’s a cliché, but each sip seems to reveal more nuances of flavour – tangerine, honey, acacia, caraway seeds, sour cream… The texture is wonderful – much more ‘chewy’ than a standard Assyrtiko, and it has incredible length. This is a well-made, interesting and rewarding wine! We did decant it for 30 minutes, which seems to help.

The other half is making monkfish baked in Tahini sauce, with Greek salad, which should match it nicely.

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Mushrooms (cep/penny bun/porcini/boletus edulis) on toast with it. I wish I had bought some of the 2015 of this. Good now, better with another 5 or 10 years. Not as rich as the note would suggest. I found it pleasingly sappy. Just gorgeous.


The unwashed glasses waiting their turn in the dishwasher look like they had a shiraz in them not a Cab Franc. Young and concentrated CF, very good value, ripe and not at all stalky. Still retains the coolness and pencil shaving aroma of the varietal. 2018 Loire red is something I’m going to buy more of I think.


Glass of this tonight with stir fry:-


Just opened this tonight

Right up our street. On the nose vanilla, cream and spices. Black fruits and spices on tasting with a smooth finish and just the right level of tannins to keep it interesting but not mouth puckering. Lovely.


Bought a case on a hunch for £7 a bottle IB off a wine merchants’ promotional email… so glad I did. Lovely, lifted, sweet but not cloying red fruit, not hugely complex but plenty going on with pomegranate and fig notes over cherries and a gently bitter, peppery finish. Quaffable in the extreme and 13%. Whoever the SA buyer is for TWS needs to snap up whatever this lad is making, and you end up feeling slightly uneasy at the low price for such a well made and very personal wine.


@Jcbl, This is the Richard Kelley labelled wines ! He sources some fantastic stuff from SA and has done a collaboration I believe with TWS and northern monk brewery quite recently too. His list is very very good and ever evolving .
Tonight for me , popped over to a friends and brought this wine which I acquired along with another of the same . I hadn’t been sure how it had been stored and yes it was past it’s best but the strong Semillon came through and there was just a hint of acidity still left . Very developed but still stood up. I look forward to the next bottle :wink:


Yes the winemaker here is someone called Sam Lambson who is still at university apparently!


He is most definitely one to watch , Ive recently purchased his first vintage “stars in the dark” which received critical acclaim at the recent SA tasting in London . :wink:!


Me too. Waiting for it to land at L&W


Had this last night with duck leg

Rich, full bodied, a bit of Christmas cake, tannins still present. Deliciously tasty with a long finish. Disappointed to finish this, my last bottle of 3.


A bit of a mid-week treat…

A bottle of the 2015 Wirsching Iphofer Kronsberg Silvaner. Really wonderful stuff, Franken Silvaner at its best. Steely, racy and saline, lovely texture and elegance. Salty gooseberries and pebbles!


Bit of a conundrum tonight. Opened this, picked up in Bourgeuil last year, 2016 vintage. A rare white from this area.

Pure light gold in colour, but my first whiff (and then taste) told me there is something different going on here. Immediately sherry came to mind, slight viscosity in the glass and a tang I wasn’t expecting from a chenin blanc; less obvious fruit and acidity, especially at only 3 years old.

My inexperience of wine like this means I can’t decide if it is oxidative or oxidised, but I’m now half a bottle in and I am still enjoying the nuttiness and savoury characteristics.

Not much has changed in 3 hours but guess by tomorrow it will be obvious - accidental (cork was in perfect condition by the way, clean, smooth and tight fit) or deliberate exposure to oxygen. I just hope I’m not embarrassed by a taste for dodgy wine!


Off in Alsace next week, so gearing up with pinot gris to go with pumpkin and blue cheese risotto.

Lucas and André Rieffel Pinot Gris “Hagel”, 2016. This is made in a dry style, making it relatively easy to match with food. Lovely smells of apple peel, ripe pears, yellow plum and orange zest; tastes of white peach, a bit of floral honey despite the dryness, nuts, and a particular pinot gris flavour that I always think of as digestive biscuits. A definite peppery, smoky tingle on the tongue gave it a lovely texture against the richness of the risotto. Looking forward to a week away :slight_smile: