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Weekday Drinking Thread [14 to 17 January 2019]



It’s gone!!


How far are you going back?

I have one of the 1988, which I haven’t had yet, but the 1989 which a friend brought to our tasting group, was lovely. Surprisingly alive and big. I think I have a bottle of 2001, but it’s not on my cellar list.


Oldest I have is 89. I think is was the 88 that got me into this mess. I remember buying a bottle in the showroom bin end sale for a tenner and loving every last drop. I just looked on cellartracker though and I think I need to get drinking, it’s costing a small fortune in reserves fees :smiley:


Three hours deciphering English grammar obviously leads you to fluent French; can’t be bad…


Oh, that’s just the husband. I would have come up with fluent German. Something like ‘Riesling… Bitte…’ :grinning:


We’ve had a clarety couple of days…

This was a fairly textbook mid-price left-bank bottle, very nice for what worked out to be about £11 a pop. Not sure if it’s got the oomph to last until 2029, but I guess there’s only one way to find out…!

Then we moved on to this one:

Lovely balance. Somehow managed to be well structured yet friendly and approachable all at the same time.


Like a few people in this thread, my friend and I got our Rhône on earlier this week, starting with a Roussanne…

…from, erm, Beaujolais:

^ It was really nice! Uncomplicated, tastes like Roussanne but with a floral edge and finishes fresh. A good find from the Curiosity Shop offer via one of the coolest winemakers you could hope to meet.

^ Full-bodied, tarry and lots of dark fruit. Good, solid showing I thought.

^ This, however, was an absolute knockout. Red fruit, finesse, smoky-bacon syrah aroma, freshness, notable but unintrusive structure for a few more years’ ageing if you want and a mere 12.5% alcohol. If you have any, you are very lucky indeed :drooling_face:


I am in awe of your weekday drinking habits!


Good to know! I bought two from M&S on a big discount and am wondering when to make a start, sounds like it’s already lovely.


No real hurry - I think my generous host gave it a 3-hour decant - but delicious stuff indeed for when the mood takes you. Enjoy!


Just added it to my wishlist! :+1:

From my (very limited) experience - this seems to be what Côtes de Bourg wines excel in! The two I recently had from TWS were just that - well structured, but very approachable and food-friendly!

They were:



Do try Chateaux Targe which is somtimes in stock. We buy it from the wineyard and its great with bistro type food


On day one it was very good, fresh, delicious fruit and some body that you would expect from the appellation. I really just took a punt as it was described in a way that grabbed my imagination and it was one of the cheapest of the offer (ordered from remaining stock). Will continue observing today and may go for the 2017 if it continues to satisfy over the next two days.