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Weekday Drinking Thread [14 to 17 January 2019]



So, the poor other half got back home a little doolally after a 3-hours exam on English grammar. The only two words I managed to get out of him were Cabernet and Franc. So clearly, it was time for the Loire panacea:

Ours was a 2016, by the way. Started a little unpromising; lovely nose, for sure - earthy, with a touch of smokiness (‘smells blue’ says he), some cherry, perhaps, and a nice menthol freshness. The palate, however, was a little disappointing. At first. A bit austere, not much fruit of which to speak - some savoury, herbal notes, and very chalky tannins. High acidity. We love our acidic red wine, but this seemed a little out of balance.

With food (hot smoked salmon pasta) and time, though - a different story. It really opened up to reveal sour cherry and cranberry fruit, delectable savoury notes and even some delicate liquorice (I realise this is a contradiction in terms, but you have to take my word for it). The tannins are smoother now, and the acidity much more balanced.

Was it worth three hours of deciphering English grammar? who can tell. It is lovely and delicately floral, though - as only Cab Francs from the Loire can be. :heart_eyes:


As dry as an Australian outback, waxy lemons and hints of lime, far too young really to be drinking but Ive just spied the 2013 on the site so going to pop that in my basket as I just know I will enjoy it better,


Veggie sausages and home made beans with this juicy favourite of mine. Lovely ripe crunchy hedgerow fruit. Really hit the spot tonight.


The first wine I bought when I joined TWS! :grinning: absolutely loved it… Meant to get the VV one, too - but I think it’s out of stock.
Marcillac seems a bit underrated - a wine that flies under the radar, but what a lovely and lively wine it is! And great with food…:+1:


Back on the weekend from a bargain chalet week in Tignes. The snow was good, the company was fun, and the wine was …
plentiful. Actually my favourite drink of the week was Grimbergen Blanche in the Jam Bar, at an appealing après ski 6%.
Back to “proper” wine tonight with a pre-dinner albariño (Tesco Finest) then Santa Rita Medalla Real Chardonnay with pan-fried haddock. Very enjoyable. The bottle has a lot of printing on the back label, in very tiny script, and finishing with the warning “… causes … domestic problems”. Well, they certainly got that right; by the time I’d managed to read the label, the haddock was nearly over-done!


Went to a wine bar last night and drank a bottle of this. It was delicious and really opened up after about an hour.


I’ve spent most of the day in the city dealing with extremely valuable clients, and am now on the train home for an evening of caring for my sick wife and daughters. A bug is afflicting the household and I’m currently avoiding its evil clutches. Needs must:

This is one of those moments for an uncomplicated palate-pleaser to accompany an hour or so of Spotify indulgence. I’m very much enjoying this, knowing the horrors that are to come…


I must say I’m really enjoying this Santa Rita Chardonnay. The oakiness is there but well integrated, giving a smooth rich creamy texture supporting a very peachy flavour. Drinking 2016 but I imagine this is very similar.



In the spirit of the impending Rhône 17 EP campaign, I decided to withdraw a bottle of the Domaine Rousset Crozes Hermitage Blanc 2016 to try over the end of the week starting today.

I also withdrew a bottle of the Clos Floridene Rouge 2015 just to see what I bought. Might also get opened at the weekend. Bordeaux is a real unknown quantity to me so just going by the TWS drinking window… which is not yet open. Am I too early?


I don’t like Bordeaux much, but I would say yes, way too early! TWS normally errs on the side of youth in their drinking windows, often significantly in my experience.


Despite my plan to stay dry until Saturday, I decided to open something light this evening. As the other half will be drinking his own homebrew, I have opened a leftover bottle from a xmas party I hosted last month:

A pleasant surprise! Lovely nose, but even lovelier palate. Grapefruit, pineapple and a honeyed note on the finish. Zesty and fresh - this could easily make a great house white! :+1:

Whether it’ll go with a veggie Katsu curry is another matter. We shall see! :blush:


Have enjoyed Clos Floridene, not a big Bordeaux drinker but this has always seemed a good value wine (the white is even better imo). Possibly too young but should have some nice fruit.


How’s the white Crozes, @szaki1974? I’m always in the market for white Rhône suggestions!

I’m rewarding myself after a long day with this bottle I brought back from Bulgaria last year. It’s a Chardonnay and so far is living up to the positive memories I have! :smile: Lovely use of oak and a little creamy, very deep flavour and loooooong finish. Just wish I had some of the homemade spinach and cheese pastries and charcuterie I had with it while I was out there! :heart_eyes:


Have opened a bottle of an old favourite tonight…

The 2016 gets better each time I open one. A few left in my stores, but wish I’d bought more when it was available. Reviews for the 2017 look equally good.


Apparently this was mature 10 years ago when I bought it:

Just taken out of reserves. Still going strong, Cork looks 6 months old, quite meaty and high acid. I do prefer the old label.


A lovely bottle for a Thursday night - enjoy your Thursday Thalabert! :grinning:

If i remember rightly the Thalabert is a regular purchse? Did you ever get round to doing the Thalabert vertical tasting? Would love to know how this compares to more recent vintages.


That’s a hell of a cork. How is the wine? :wink:


The 1999 is super, I brought a case on the back of trying it from TWS.

Tonight we’re drinking the 2004

It not such a strong vintage, more red fruited. It has developed a tobacco note to the strawberry and red berry fruit. Not overly long, but really charming. Reminds me of Rioja GR mixed with burgundy.


Much less fancy than the Thalaberts but tonight we’re drinking the 2015 Society Exhibition C-H

(I see the 2016 is now available!)

with lamb shanks (M and S ‘gastropub’ ready meal, to my shame- tasty though). Just as delicious as the last bottle. Decanted a few hours ago, structured but lots of fruit and spice. Lovely, but for me needs food at this stage.


Lovely! I don’t have any 2004 sadly. You’ll have to bring some to that vertical I keep meaning to do :grin:

@Alchemist yes, I’ve bought 12 EP every year since 2005, and try to pick up cases of older vintages when available. The youngest I’ve had recently was 2003 which used to be very jammy and is now quite savoury, but getting a little thin. The 99 is certainly longer lived, I think it still has time. I’m waiting to pick up some 1990 and 2001 then I need to get on with arranging that vertical! Maybe I should do a community tasting.

@szaki1974 I was surprised by the Cork, especially compared to other older wines I’ve had:

The wine is great. It needed more time than I have it but I was I patient - I still have 11 more!

Still lots of intense red fruit on the nose and a lovely cured meat aspect, everything I love about old syrah. Acid was higher than I expected so it needs food, Pheasant sounds about right.

TWS driver was very impressed with my delivery last week. “some of these are 20 years old!!”