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Weekday drinking thread [14-17 September 2020]

Going to crack this open shortly. No idea if it’s survived. Will report back.


Pale red with warm smells of red currant, rhubarb, sweet cherry and a touch of pepper and smoke on first smell. Then a bit of vanilla.

Nice acidity balanced by fruit and a touch of pepper. Low-med tannin. Nice sappy quality.

Reports of creme brûlée from partner, creamy and vanilla at the end.

Will enjoy this tonight.


Consistently delicious Chateau. Lovely red fruit and warm smooth finish. Everything I’ve had from them I’ve loved.


This Pinot Grigio drinks very easy. Looks like it got mixed reviews for not being Gris-like and there are better examples higher up the mountain. Both true, but I think this is a very good white for the money. I am looking for a sashimi wine to have later in the week, while this isn’t it, it is a very good Monday evening drinker. Cheers.

By chance… what wine would you have with raw fish?


Gruner for me.


Slipped the cork out of this one this evening, to go with cod and vierge sauce.

Pleased with the food match. Wine was fragrant, elegant, lemony. A bit of complexity. Just a little … forgettable. Like a good county pro that runs in hard but will never get a central contract. Nice wine in the moment but hard to get excited about it.

This was part of the Thistle and Weed mixed case in the Fine Wine List a while back - purchased entirely for the beautiful labels (and they really are something).

Second half of the bottle to try tomorrow: I shall try to approach with optimism :slight_smile:


I like a dry muscat.


Chablis or Champagne, not too rich in style


A Japanese Koshu of course


Drinking a 2015 version and it’s quite delicious. I don’t drink much riesling, but maybe I should drink more… Faint hint of kerosene on the nose but then in my mouth it just tastes like a mixture of lovely fruits. Peach, melon, lemon, guava, pear, kiwi - in fact just about any light fruit except banana (or durian)! A bit sweeter than I usually drink but more refreshing than sweet. I’m really impressed!


I’d have a nice steak and bin the raw fish😎


Very cold vodka is another good option for raw fish!


I think I would research an aged Muscadet…


This was the last of six ( with salmon, buttered Ratte potatoes and salad )…

…a Saint-Peray ‘les Figuiers’ 2011 from Bernard Gripa. 65% old vine Roussanne, 35% Marsanne. The first bottle was broached in 2016 and it’s just got better with age. Oak input is now fully integrated and its general flavours have become more complex.

Medium yellow gold colour. Peach and apricot fruit, flowers / blossom, a nutty note and a creamy dairy undertow on the nose. Similar favours on tasting, a mineral quality, an oily texture and a faint kerosene note reminiscent of mature Riesling. Vibrant acidity provided cut, backbone and balance to the rich and subtly complex fruit and the fresh and tangy finish had very good length of flavour.

Probably at or near peak drinking but if I had more I’d have no qualms about further aging either.


A rubbish day at work today, trying to manage soaring anxiety levels of both new and old students. Now, if I could just find that magic wand…. :woman_mage:

A Guigal Tavel and Chicken Provençal would hopefully cheer things up - a fine way to make the most of this blissful and unexpected autumn sunshine

What to say? This is lovely! The usual gorgeous salmon pink (if you like that sort of thing- and we do), nose full of berries, dried Mediterranean herbs and rose petals; the palate has brambly notes, spice (cinnamon??), thyme and something reminiscent of Sardinian Mirto liqueur on the finish - so quite medicinal but in a nice tangy sort of way :ok_hand:

Academic year is about to start, so expect me to go progressively incoherent :crazy_face:.

Happy Tuesday, nevertheless! :clinking_glasses:


A TWS purchase being enjoyed in the garden after a warm day.

Perfectly pleasant but not much to it. Nice green scents of nettle and grass on the nose plus lemon sherbet. Apple and lemon sharpness on tasting but a bit sharp for our taste.


Sounds lovely. Hope it improves the rest of your day

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English for me. Woodchurch 2019 Rose. As good as anything I’ve had from Provence.


So this is interesting now. Much more complex after 24 hours. Honeyed and nutty, touch of spice that wasn’t there last night. Slightly reminiscent of a white CdP. What a difference a day makes!

I’m rather regretting pouring such a large glass for the wife actually.


I hate it when that happens.