Weekday Drinking Thread (13th to 16th of March 2023)

Thanks for the tips, they’re appreciated ( the TWS Exhibition example is now on the wishlist ) :+1:

As is this…



I’ve got that one at home, ready to try. I’ve had previous vintages and I have been drinking the Beaumont Chenin (and we have a bottle in the fridge).

They’re a nice small family winery in an ancient building, only had two winemakers - Niels Verburg was winemaker until owner’s son Sebastian Beaumont was ready to take over. Niels went further up the valley and started Luddite Wines.


Oh I don’t know… Bacchus, for example, has many attributes of its ancestor varieties. Marselan, Palava are another two which come to mind. Don’t think madness this way comes, though for wine in general that may be true !!

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Just a quick mention to say I drank this Provencal Syrah last night and it was high class. 2+ hours decanting time.
Not cheap at the £24 paid but it just had all of those classic notes of black pepper, hung meat, game, blackberry concentration, beautifully judged oak. Really wonderful wine.
3600 bottles produced.
If you told me this was a fancy, highly sort after St. Joseph that goes for £50+ and then doubles in price on the secondary market, I would probably believe you.
Recommended :+1: :+1:


Opened a bottle of Ch Dutruch Grande Poujeaux 2019 this evening to go with some baked potatoes and salmon. Mrs K and I both thought it rather stiff and needing time to evolve so we drank a bit less than half and put the vacuum cork in for tomorrow evening. I realised later on tracking down the notes that the window starts in 2025 so I was a little too eager to try it.

PS Tried again 24 hours later and still completely unopened and stiff so I put in a venison pot! We had a St Cosme CdeR to compensate. One lives and learns! I’ve still got 5 bottles of the Dutruch to leave for 2025 and later.