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Weekday drinking thread. 13 to 16 June 2022

Finally worked out how to un-delete a deleted thread - Yay !

Strictly speaking it’s welcome to the working week. But I’ve awarded myself time off work so still the weekend for me.

Monday lunchtime, simple cheese and tomato grilled on toast - cant beat it. And a taster glass of Castello della Paneretta Chianti Classico Riserva 2015. (pic stolen from producer’s site). £22.50 Penistone wine cellars. Very decent Chianti - in fact it seems pretty much perfect; just the right balance of oak, aromatic age and fruit.

I’ve suffered a run of ‘meh’ thin/ dried out/ sour Chianti’s for the last year or so, so it’s good to find one I would very happily buy again.


I too have been on the chianti tonight:

It’s such a good wine, especially with food, when all the elements come together in balance. A bit of tartness, cherry fruit, perhaps some warmth/spice from oak, length - a cook’s wine, I’d say.

I’m not a fan of Brolio’s basic chianti but the riserva - certainly in 2016 - is a beauty. Very polished and enjoyable. Very glad to have more of these still to drink.


We tried this for the first time last night

Les Bois Mathieu Saint Mont 2020 (it had been sitting in the rack for a while). TWS website says Tannat but it’s a blend of Pinenc - new to me - Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Very light, strawberry, nice balance of sweetness and savoury, nothing grand but very good for a warm summer evening. 2021 due in again soon. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a wine from Plaimont.


A long working day has finally ended, and very much looking forward to dinner of venison steaks and mash. I decanted this Cab Franc a couple hours ago, in between (remote!) student appointments:

Château de Pitray Cuvée Cabernet Franc, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2016

We enjoyed the 2017 and 2018 of this cuvée - with the 2017 being a tad more enjoyable - so were keen to see what the 2016 tastes like. Unlike the reviewer on the website, we’re yet again charmed by this fab example of this grape :+1:

There’s no sign of the age in the glass, except for the sediment which the decanting sorted out (and of which there was quite a lot!). The nose starts on a fruity note (ripe cherries, raspberries and red plums) with the tell-tale pencil shavings note coming through, as well as damp earth and sweet tobacco.

The palate doesn’t disappoint either, with notes of ripe, but tangy fruit (bramble and red cherries), cedar and savoury dry herbs. The finish feels surprisingly long, first hitting with sweet cherry notes but then leaving more of a balsamic sweet/sour note. Acidity is medium, and tannins quite chalky in texture and offer a good structure. This is a harmonious, appetising and yumptious wine! :ok_hand:

First, though, a glass of Tio Pepe Fino in the sun! :sunglasses: :sun_with_face:


So I’ve been trying hard not to drink wine for the last few days, a poor attempt at a diet, and after such a glorious day on the border of London and Essex I had to open a bottle.

Randomly I’ve felt like I’m back in lockdown 1 today, for the first time in months I have no face to face meetings this week, with virtual contact only and the warm weather it’s reminded me of 2020. Anyway, at least I can go out if I want now!

Sitting in the garden with this red, soft, juicy and just the right amount of spice tonight. Rather good value for money


We don’t often have a drink on a Tuesday but feels like the first evening of summer after a bit of a day and zombie flu for him, and just to sit outside to have dinner in the garden for the first evening in ages. So what better than to have this bargain from TWS, this one was cheaper than a pint of beer in London and very much a summer red wine. £5.95 for TWS 2020 Portugal red is/was an absolute steal.


This one here over the last couple of days. Well known of course and very much one for the traditionalists, with leather and smooth texture with a kind of fine grained dustiness and dryness on the palate.

It is a definitely a wine to admire and probably to fall in love with for many but maybe one more for the autumn months….

Happy Tuesday


On the topical subject of half bottles we were at Kingham’s restaurant near Guildford last night, to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

From the limited selection of halves we had de Wetshof Bon Vallon Chardonnay, and Ch Noaillac, Medoc, 2018. Both very good - the Noaillac I had bought before (the 2016) in a French supermarket, and I would say it’s one to look out for. Same ownership as Tour de By.

The meal was excellent, btw.


Mmmm, just the ticket on a day like this:


Not the alkoholfrei, I take it! :wink:

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Nee, echtes Bier! :beers:


Mmmmm Beaujolais weather I think. From the 2019 cru case this Fleurie.

Red fruit as you’d expect but a bit jammy tasting (warm vintage?) plus cinnamon and a touch woody. Delicious for a wine Wednesday.


A rare midweek wine, after watching Top Gun (Maverick) at the Electric in Birmingham.

Big bruised apple nose, almost oxidised, but a clean, complex taste. Bought EP from TWS a few years ago.


Due to slightly poor fridge management I am drinking this one again, the wine that introduced me to the word gouleyant, which it still is.

Seems to have a very fruity aroma this time, quite reminiscent of muscat, with a bit of floor polish. In the mouth too it’s very like muscat, raisiny and sweetish. I’d give it a 2 myself rather than the TWS 1 for dryness. Nice.



Well after a whole month without wine after scary blood test results which prompted the alcohol and sugar free month plus intermittent fasting I have officially had my first sip tonight.
I decided to go with something easy and I’m glad to inform this is a nice midweek treat. Not complex as expected but pretty red fruit and silky tannins. A very good candidate for summer evening wine. Cheers!!


2015 Vergelegen Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 14%

Just polishing this off tonight.
I’ve got to say, this is a helluva lot of wine for the money. I was a bit worried as a few people had posted varying degrees of enthusiasm for it on the community but I’m super glad to have picked this up. I also ran through a case of 2009’s a while back so was pretty confident this would be a good’un.

First up, nose screams Cab. Blackcurrant, cedar, tobacco, a bit of leather indicating some age, very fine tannins. Could drink this with or without food but preferably with some lamb I would have thought (we had burgers)
I hope the other Vergelegen wines I have are a further step up the complexity and enjoyment ladder cos if they are, I should be in for a real treat.


I’m on a few glasses of one of these tonight - a 2020 Lukas van Loggerenberg Break-a-Leg Rosé.

One of my favourite Rosés this, and compared with the 2019 of same I was on last week, this is just that wee little bit fruitier. Still with the dominant feature absolutely though being that savoury, almost saline, slightly dusty deliciousness that characterises this wine for me. Also a hint of something almost slightly ferrous / rusty / sanguine in there somewhere.

Delicious stuff on a balmy evening down the garden with the bats coming out for a feed on the night-time insects in our garden [we have one or two flowers a lot of night-time pollinators seem to come in for], and just what the doctor ordered before my marathon chalkface day tomorrow. I shall be looking forwards to enjoying the rest when I get home late tomorrow night.


I agree. Think I’m down to the last 1-2 bottles here. Great purchase as far as I’m concerned


The Brighton and Hove tasting group met yesterday, and very jolly it was too. The theme was wines of the Eastern Mediterranean:

Some notes on each wine:

2019 Chateau Musar Jeune White, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

This was a very good start! A rather unusual blend of grapes (Viognier, Vermentino and Chardonnay) which nevertheless worked as an ensemble. A touch of reduction at first, but then notes of citrus, peach and blossom came to the fore. Fresh and zesty on the palate, it had notes of oranges, peaches and honey, but with a nice minerality underlying it. Delicious!

2019 Kyperounda ‘Petritis’, Pitsilia, Cyprus

This was by far my favourite white of the evening - such an excellent, weighty and interesting white, and it was a real hit with the group. Made from 100% Xynesteri, an indigenous grape to Cyprus, the vines are planted in the highest vineyards in Europe (1400m asl, I believe). It had verve and freshness, but also good weight on the palate, with notes of citrus, spice (cinnamon, perhaps?) and fresh apricots on both nose and palate. This felt like a serious food wine, with plenty more room to develop. :ok_hand:

2020 The Society’s Exhibition Santorini Assyrtiko, Greece

This one needs no introduction on the forum; a delicious example - especially considering the relatively modest price for a Santorini Assyrtiko. Zesty with lime marmalade notes, maybe a touch of something more exotic too, with good structure and moreish saline finish. Oh, to be by the Med sipping this with some seafood… :relieved:

2021 Kompsos Liatiko Rosé, Karavitakis, Greece

My only other Liatiko rosé experience was the 2020 Lyrarakis example, which I preferred to this one. The Lyrarakis had a bit more oomph and interest, whereas this one felt a little lacking. Nothing wrong with it - nice savoury/herbal dimension which I enjoyed, with some redcurrant and pomegranate fruit, but no lift or staying power.

2019 Öküzgözü-Boğazkere, Vinkara, Turkey

This was quite a hit with the group - many of us thought this was a lovely alternative to a Beaujolais. The nose was really lovely - cherries, blackcurrants and plums, with a touch of earthy and smokey tones, and on the palate it was a light quaffing red with bright fruit and good freshness. What’s not to like?

2016 Har’el Syrah, Clos de Gat, Judean Hills, Israel

I know I’m biased, but this was my favourite red (perhaps my favourite wine!) of the evening. What a beautiful and understated example of Syrah - evoking the Rhône rather than the New World. Well judged oak, with wonderful aromas of lavender (someone even said Patchouli, which was spot on!), cherries and plums with peppery spice. Very fresh on the palate considering its 14%, with good acidity married to generous fruit and a touch of oak spiciness. I’ve enjoyed other vintages of it, but this is probably my favourite so far, and it’s got a few more years in it, for sure. :heart_eyes:

2019 Massaya Le Colombier, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

A Rhône blend with Tempranillo thrown in for good measure, this was so easy to enjoy! Generous, fruity but with good structure and wonderful smokey, spicy notes… It felt weighty, without being heavy. Man, those Lebanese know how to make good wine!

2015 Samos Anthemis, Greece

Well, what do you know? everyone loved this wine… :grin: why sweet wines are considered ‘out of fashion’ is beyond me. This was sumptuous but with good acidity to balance, and its honeyed, figgy notes went like a dream with the Baklava… sugar rush extraordinaire! :crazy_face:

Great evening under summery Hovian skies… :sun_with_face:


Sadly I got myself a really evil head cold last weekend and, of course, it hit hard the day after I’d opened a bottle of good wine, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Domaine Font de Michelle 2010, it actually seemed a little disjointed on that first night (probably should have decanted for an hour or so) but maybe rather more rounded on the second. But I can only say ‘maybe’ as my sense of smell/taste was rather subdued by then. And on the following three nights with the state my head was in by then it was really just ‘a red wine.’ Ho hum such is life.

Last night I went for something rather less expensive and lighter drinking as my senses are still somewhat dulled :frowning: and opened a bottle of St Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Les Cailloux’, Famille Bougrier 2019

This was bought as part of the ‘Backing our Growers’ case a couple of years ago and was a completely new wine to me. I was also a little worried I’d hung onto it a little too long and my senses were still somewhat dulled but it struck me as a lovely easy drinking wine; fruity but not jammy. Good value for what it is.