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Weekday drinking thread 13 August to 16 August 2018



Still in holiday mode so opened a local Pinot Noir after lunch.

It is from a lesser Hungarian region, but a very good wine maker. 2015 Bussay Pinot Noir from the Zalai region (where my wife is from). It is on the pale side for even Pinot Noir, but has lovely concentrated red fruit and forest floor aromas. For about £11 a bottle it is very attractive indeed.

Cheers! What are you drinking this week?

Weekend Drinking 17-19August

I love holiday mode. I spend far too much time in that mindset without actually being on holiday!

Dry for a few days now but took delivery of these for Thursday and a few little bonuses on community recommendation

They came by courier and the box looked like it had taken quite a blow. He was a little funny when I insisted on opening it before he left but the wine was all fine so no harm done I suppose. Like many in the community I would prefer a WS van but nothing was around our way before Thursday


Great choices there, @NickP! :+1: I love the Susana Balbo one!

Second evening in Avignon - loving this place! It’s bucketing down at the moment, and the other half is out there, looking at the lightening and smiling inanely.
Just got back from a fabulous little wine shop, which has 32 wines permanently on an enomatic. We tasted 10 wines, including a stunning 2014 Chateau de Beaucastel, a slightly disappointing Alain Grillot 2016 Crozes- Hermitage, a beautiful 2017 Domain Vacheron Sancerre, and a strangely muted 2016 Condrieu. Ended up buying a lovely Tavel, which we also tried and enjoyed. We’ll have it tomorrow with some home-cooked food (the flat has got a decent kitchen, thankfully).
Summer time, and the living is easy… :sun_with_face::grin::wine_glass:


Managed a very small glass of this before the other half drank the rest …! I wasn’t really in the wine mood last night but this was lovely with still some cherry fruit on the palate , decent and balanced acidity and tannins .


I’m on holiday this week so have been having a few more than usual.

The Wigan I’ve been keeping a while. Lovely nose, very odd blue cheese taste. I couldn’t drink it, my wife said it was fine. A day in the fridge has sorted it, lovely now.

The Madfish is nice too in a young fresh manner. Perfect summer drinking, if it wasn’t raining.


Hi @JulianFox, have you tried the Madfish PN?? Ive tried it now twice and I have to say I find it really bland. I’ve also tried their Chardonnay and was equally unimpressed so wondered how you found the Riesling?


Feifanes Rias Baixas 2017. Fish pie.

Second bottle better than the first and better with some air. Lovely salty twang.


Just back from a lovely meal out. If you’re in Avignon, do seek this restaurant out - it was a treat. Great food, and nearly 200 wines by the bottle.
We chose this bottle of a 2015 Costières-de-Nîmes:

… which was just the ticket. Dark red fruit on the nose, with an aroma of figs, vanilla and spice; rich on the palate with bramble, black pepper and a slight minty note too. It was a Grenach, Mourvedre and Syrah blend. Went perfectly with the entrecote!:+1::grinning:


Leah, For a £9 Riesling it’s fine. No off notes, I enjoyed it.


Meant to say Leah, I haven’t tried their other wines.


A very delicious Collioure vin blanc with a grilled sea fish dinner this evening. Collioure Cuvée Vauban is a Grenache Gris (60%) Grenache Blanc (30%), Marsanne, Roussane and Vermentino (10%) blend. Not overly fruity but a lovely herbal/garrigue note and a perfect food wine…

Another nice aspect to restaurants in this part of the world is how large the selection of 50cl bottles there are. Don’t see many in the shops but they are ubiquitous in the local restaurants.


Oo, I’ve had that before, great choice!

All the talk on the Rhone offer thread of Cote Rotie made me add a few test bottles to a recent order. I’m not very hot on CR but I need to drink more because this is just fabulous:

Amazingly floral and sweet smelling and yet no viognier in the blend. A wine to lose yourself in.


Ah! Interesting!.. This isn’t a wine we can usually afford, but tried this in the enomatic today, and loved it!
Complex nose, as well as complex palate; dark fruit, spice, tar… A really 'brooding ’ sort of wine. We really took our time with the whole 30ml of it… This one did have a touch of Viognier in it.


I feel like I’m still on holiday … but time to give the liver a break … after tonight of course as the OH is back offshore tomorrow . I’ve just opened this as Inenjoyed the white so much ! Quite zingy, light and some floral and red berry fruits. Perfectly acceptable for what I paid for it . :+1:


@Inbar. That rosé from Domaine de la Mordoree is stunning! One of the best I think. Great choice! We stayed just round the corner from them a few years ago and brought some bottles directly.


Thanks, @Benlarpent! Looking forward to drinking it even more now… :grin:
We did have a tasting of it from the enomatic and were both wowed by its complexity, so good to have a further recommendation! :+1::+1:


OMG @Leah, where did you get the rose Hortas from? I’d love to try it!

Mr Laura and I had this the other night - we found a bottle on the rack and thought it looked like it needed drinking:

HEAVEN!!! It was just divine - smooth, silky, rich and complex, with never-ending flavour. 2012 was the first year we visited Domaine Jones and helped pick grapes so we may have even picked some of the grapes that went into this bottle! Obviously, that made this a pretty special wine experience for us, but really the wine speaks for itself without any sentimentality.


@laura, it was Portugal vineyards, they also stock the white too which I think is better . This is perfect as an aperitif though and at only 10% (ish) pretty light, floral and fruity .


Well, @Benlarpent, the Tavel did not disappoint! In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it was one of the best rosés we had.
So complex and delicious! Nothing flimsy about it - it’s definitely a wine that demands food. Strawberries, pomegranate and white cherries on the nose, with some herbaceous notes, as well as pepper. The palate starts with red fruits, but then develops a saline note, which is followed by a lively acidity, and a fresh minerality. The finish is fruity, with a little zing. So much happens in one mouthful! :ok_hand:
We had it with a pan-fried halibut bought fresh in the market today, and a light orzo salad. Pure luxury! :grin:


@Inbar. Great to hear you enjoyed it. It’s a beautiful rosé. Shame it’s hard to find in the UK. Another merchant does the more basic rosé from the Domaine, but not La Reine des Bois.

Brings back wonderful memories of a holiday 4 years ago when we based ourselves in Tavel for a week and explored the surrounding area. Avignon, Chateauneuf Du Pape, Gigondas, Vaqueras etc etc. Sigh…

Just got home to London tonight after 10 days in Burgundy and Champagne. Back to normality. Might have to have open a bottle of something nice to ease back in to London life.