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Weekday drinking thread (12-15 November)


6.15pm on a Monday is fairly early to be getting this thread going, but I found out I was getting a promotion at work so have popped the cork on this:

Thanks @Taffy-on-Tour for the recommendation. This is absolutely fantastic. I’m getting more!


Nothing for me til the weekend but congratulations @Bargainbob nonetheless. I’ll raise a glass of sparkling water to you.


Many congratulations @Bargainbob! A much deserved bottle (and promotion!) I’m sure :grinning:


Congratulations @Bargainbob, I also have more of that in my basket… I’m wondering how long its going to stick around for though :laughing:


Likewise congratulations @Bargainbob! Not only on your promotion but also on convincing me I better get some of this before Christmas too!


Well done @Bargainbob! Enjoy your celebratory drink. We are alcohol free until Wednesday so nothing to report at the mo. And on Wednesday we will be finishing off the chianti and Riesling we opened at the weekend, so nothing new until the weekend.


Well done Sir on your elevation!!:grinning:
Your taste buds must be in particularly good fettle!:wink:


Well done, @Bargainbob! Many congratulations! :smiley::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball:

More money to spend on wine, then!.. :wink:


Congratulations!! And what a lovely way to celebrate


Last bottle of 3 that I got as a replacement for an en primeur order 7 years ago. Glad I did, it introduced me to this brand that I’ve since bought quite a few of.

Fab dark fruit and drying oak, feels like it’s on the turn to spicy savoury glory. Really quite delicious.


Coudoulet 2012 - single glass and recorked.

Mourvèdre funk at first but resolves nicely and in a great place. Will see how it evolves.


Have opened the first bottle of this:

Been waiting for it to come back in stock - a few vintages were skipped, its a nice refreshing wine, not as full on as a wine from Alsace, not as complex or mineral as a German Riesling, its just a nice easy drinking wine :slight_smile:


Last night with a pork shoulder steak and vegetable casserole I cracked a Courac 2014 @laura . I’m not sure if it was as good as the casserole. Plenty of weight, black fruit and a peppery finish that would be challenged by Aldi’s Cote du Rhone Villages at £4.39.
I’m not going to rest with the first bottle so will have another later in the week.
It was just a disappointment after other reviews.
Oh and congrats @Bargainbob


2008 Clos des Papes, excellent.


I like your note on the label.


Long day still ahead, with many a student in distress.

The plan is to cook tagliatelle with meatballs and cream sauce this evening, so will probably open this Aldi Chardonnay- a mid-week cheap and cheerful wine:

Not sure what to expect, but at this very moment - anything light and cheerful would do, if only by contrast to the general mood! :persevere:


Oh dear! Hang in there @Inbar. Wine o’clock is only a few short hours away :wink::+1:


Lots of Prosecco and PG from the 2018 Vintage for me this week in NE Italy.
Wish my teeth and enamel luck! :grimacing:
Out in Verona tonight which should be nice.
Perhaps some cavallo gnocchi? Apparently a Veronese delicacy :thinking:


Finally home, and had a first tasting of this wine.

Well, didn’t expect much for £5.79, but it’s OK. The nose was golden delicious apple and pear skin at first, with a touch of sour cream (turns out it spent time on its lees) and slate. Same on the palate, except now it’s warming up, it’s becoming more pineapple and tangerine, with a pleasant lees-y sourness. Nice mouthfeel - a little creamy. No oak. Short finish, though. Jesus, the thing goes in, the thing disappears. 106 Aldi reviewers may disagree, but there you go. Complex it isn’t. Pleasant - it certainly is.

The husband is disqualified from contributing to the tasting notes, on the account of drinking a glassful of mild bleach by mistake, prepared for his beer kit sterilisation. I really think we need to start labelling things around the house… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Happy Tuesday :clinking_glasses:


I have no words…