Weekday Drinking Thread (11 to 14 September 2023)

The unbearable heat is thankfully behind us (at least here darn sarf), so getting into a slightly more autumnal mood with this lovely and approachable Syrah:

Syrah ‘Les Candives’ Cuilleron 2020

Sorry that the link is not TWS’s, but the one in My Wines has no details whatsoever. Anyway, this was bought EP, and is first bottle of 3.

First glass has put a smile on my face, so things can only get better, in theory. The overall theme seems to be juicy and fresh Syrah, nothing complicated - but plenty to enjoy nonetheless.

Nose is full of damson, blackcurrants and a nice tilled earth sort of note, with a kick of clove and pepper and maybe even something a little medicinal/myrtle-like.

On the palate this is fruity but with a fresh and minerally vivaciousness, the fruit very similar to the nose (damson, bramble, blackcurrants) with a pleasant spiciness. Acidity feels very much in balance, and the chalky tannins are there, but not intrusive. There’s a liquorice note to the (medium) finish. It will accompany liver and bacon, once the other half finishes his course’s homework - which could be anything between now and 23.00… :grimacing:

What’s in your glass this week? :grinning: :wine_glass: :fallen_leaf:


I’ve opened this Saint Aubin this evening, to go with a kedgeree-style dish of smoked mackerel bits, finely chopped pickled orange, with couscous, garden french beans and sweetcorn.

It was amongst the TWS mixed 2019 white Burgundy case from 2021, and the third I’ve had from it. One of the best mixed sixers I’ve had from TWS I must say; it was only £91.


Very impressed; there is that minor trepidation that a white burgundy’s going to be too oaky or too acidic, but this a super-appetising nose of fresh apples and lemons, but on the palate a very suave buttery creaminess kept very much in the background, to complement the ripe citrous and granny smith flavours. It’s a textbook example, I would say, of a wine in perfect balance, and much nicer than the 2019 J M Brocard Chablis which I consumed a few weeks ago.


A bit naughty of me, but a special mention to this delightful Bacchus (accompanying food prep):

This is a 2019, so by rights should be a bit lackluster and tired - but it isn’t! It is floral, with the recognisable elderflower and nettles mix, but there’s also a certain waxiness to it, and a still-fresh lemony finish. Made by Plumpton College students, a 25 minute drive from my house :grinning::+1:


Its our 30th wedding anniversary today, so we are drinking on a Monday.

We were in Pezenas in 2013 and traipsed around the vineyards when the grapes that are in this bottle were growing. The weather was as dreadfully hot there as we have just endured, so it seems quite fitting.


I feel like the ultimate pedant’s pedant (do I have the apostrophe in the right place?!?) here, but isn’t it traipsed?

(Sorry :grin: )

Congratulations! :tada::grin:

Happy Anniversary!

Damn spell checker


Happy Anniversary :champagne::champagne:

Was a weekend in the Langhe for us (wine-wise at least). I know I’m late, but both bottles were finished last night so posting here.

Please forgive the grubby label, the white returned unexpectedly from a camping trip it was not supposed to survive. Anyway, the contents were absolutely delicious - slightly zesty, ripe peach with a touch of something, maybe almond and texturally quite full, with a pleasing acidity holding it all together. Made by 6 buddies from some fairly serious estates. Will try and keep my last bottle a while to see what happens to it.

The red is a blend of 2019 (80%) and 2018 (20%) Nebbiolo - pure red fruit with a pronounced, but perfectly balanced structure. Made by an ultra-traditional old fellow who apparently only bottles around 1,000 of these each year.


Knipser 2017 Spatburgunder and I’m rather enjoying it, especially for a very reasonable midweek £14.95.

Not to be confused with Burgundy (other less expensive Pinot Noirs are available), this is a proper Spatburgunder with plenty of sour morello cherries and a touch of warm gluhwein Christmas spice - thoroughly drinkable whilst not over-complex. 6 years of age is about right.

With an inappropriate Beef Rendang. Happy Tuesday evening everybody.



Flânerie because it’s within a vineyard? sorry I have no idea for the correct grammar.

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Thankfully the weather here seems to be turning towards something vaguely approaching autumn (my favourite season food and wine-wise) so to get in the mood for further seasonal pleasures, this for me tonight.

A Peter Lehmann ‘Mentor’ Barossa Cabernet 2012.

Despite its age, still a deep ruby red in the glass. Cassis, ripe berries, violets and cedary spice on the fragrant nose. Similar sensations on the deeply flavoured but freshly balanced palate. Spicy oak notes are seamlessly integrated into the body of the wine and remarkably fresh acidity* provides lift and cut to the ripe fruit and oak flavours. Despite it’s 14.5 % ABV there’s little in the way of alcoholic heat on the fresh and lengthy finish either.

  • not that I’m particularly bothered, but due to the Moroccan warmth of the Barossan climate, just maybe due to the addition of some tartaric acid during the winemaking process ?

It was also a happy match to the robust flavours in my mustard topped lamb, roasted veg and garlic and rosemary potatoes meal.

With which many wines would have suffered so another plus point for having sufficient stuffing to do so !


Bandol Blanc Tempier 2018

Fresh, textured white, pineapple and citrus fruits. Little oak.

Possibly more a rarity (and higher priced) than it’s worth? 3% Blanc of overall Tempier production

Very good though. First Bandol tempier blanc I’ve had.


A couple of wines recently…
Wynn’s Coonawara Shiraz 2021 picked up for £12, on the Majestic 6 bottle deal, used to sell it at Oddbins for a tenner in 2000 so it seemed a bargain. Only 13.6% Alcohol, got that juicy Coonawara fruitiness with a hint of eucalyptus, not much structure and ripe fruit …
good with a steak when I cooled it down. I drink 9 old world to 1 new and I tend to go for NW wines that don’t have anything in Europe in a similar style
Nothing amazing but good value if you like old school Shiraz but not heavy alcohol.

The other wine was from the same place and at the same price. Majestic’s generic Mosel Kabinett 2020 made by Loosen, looked a sure bet and was a decent example, nothing super complex but delicious garden drinking… stones citrus and peach…Kabinett to drink young


Last night I opened a bottle of Baron de Brane, Margaux 2010:

Whilst the TWS window is out to 2025 I think it’s already started to decline. But only started, It’s still a lovely glass. A little harsh on first pouring but softened and harmonised after a little while in the glass. Pretty much all mature flavours now, it made a lovely warming glass on our first really cold night up here in the Highlands!


Here’s the line-up from Tuesday night’s dinner party. Al much enjoyed. Starter was a duck liver pate, main was a pan-fried fillet of salmon on top of a bed of Puy lentils laced with crispy pancetta pieces and a dash of double cream, then cheeses and lastly apple crumble with a ball of vanilla ice-cream.


Nice selection @Claret1961. Good that all were enjoyable, especially the Pataille, which I would have expected to require a few more years still. If you get the chance, it would be good to know how it came across.


The Pataille was the first bottle of that vintage which I have served @Templeton and, to the mind of me and the other diners, it was ready to drink and certainly was an excellent pair with the salmon dish.


An Argentinian PN tonight
2019…from Salta. Vallé Calchaqui 3111m asl
Lovely succulent texture…notes on Colomé website talk about low UV protection so thicker skin providing ‘a more robust finish supported by fresh acidity’ it certainly is very silky and strawberry like