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Weekday Drinking Thread (11-15 November 2019)

It is the same… I have only had positive experiences of this grape so far.


Snap. Also drinking my freebie tonight, but Slovenian rather than Hungarian. Feeling parsimonious after (for me) a rather extravagant order. Have belatedly realised I actually need to start making space in the wine cupboard (premium selection) rather than the cheapie rack.

Oh well, job for the weekend :wink:

Very nice with sea bass, rice and vegetables. Uncomplicated but well made and perfectly pleasant. Nice balance, zesty, very slightly spritzy and mouth-watering acidity.


I have not heard of a next vintage yet.

Would like to try the Tour Melas agiorgitiko. Their regular (Bordeaux blend) wines are very good - just a pity they waste their energies on grapes like Cabernet!

Are you London based?

No, Oxford!

Always looking for interesting agiorgitiko - seems for some reason to be completely under the radar, despite xinomavro being so fashionable!

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I need to get to know this varietal better! It sort of fallen off my radar.

Bring on the mavrodafne and the vlahiko! Not to forget the limniona, of course…

Too many!

Feels a bit like Pokemon (gotta catch 'em all), but I won’t give up. Next grape I’ve never heard of in my rack:


Finished the Pewsey last night. 48 hours in eto. An absolute riot of paraffin, cordite, bitter lemon, lime juice and mown grass on the palate although not so expressive on the nose again. Won’t be too everyone’s tastes right now but there is really no hurry to drink it.


The same wine as @NickFoster for me on Wednesday, a Riesling ‘Brandluft’ 2017 from Boeckel. I couldn’t agree more with his succinct assessment.

I didn’t do it any favours by serving it with this lot though but it coped admirably…

…as much as I liked the cheaper ‘Midelberg’ Riesling from the same producer this was on another level. Nick’s notes describe it perfectly. I thought the fruit had a delicious lime citrus quality and that its balance and weight of flavour were nigh on perfect. A fantastic wine for the money.

Very impressed by Boeckel’s wines in general, the few wines I’ve tried so far have all over delivered both in quality and value. Three bottles of this and the ‘Zotzenberg’ Gewurztraminer ( which I haven’t tried but thanks again to Nick for the review ) will be going into a mixed case for future enjoyment.

I need to decide on two more wines to go in the case so had a couple of glasses of this late yesterday evening, a Gewurztraminer ‘Wahlenbourg’ 2017 from Ginglinger but it didn’t make the cut…

…well made with typical flavours, lychee and rosewater mostly with a kick of gingery spice on the finish but it was a bit too soft for my taste. Fresher acidity would have provided better balance by cutting through its somewhat confected fruit flavours. It’s by no means a bad wine, it’s just not for me.


Brilliant Corners, the first Monk album I ever bought, over 50 years ago. (Just realised I’m second on this).


Well @Oldandintheway passed on the walnut so its yours if you want it.


Thanks but I’ll pass as well. LP long gone but I still listen to the cd.

Good on you RJackson - I have the same bottle on the go. It has evolved as the level in the bottle has gone down (over a few weeks you understand). Also I have its twin, the ardmore aged in an ex-Laphroaig cask. Might just open it purely in the name of research


I’m in Bath tonight and my hotel has free wine & cheese from 5 until 8. :warning:
Hopefully it’ll be somthing awful or I might never get out & do all that I have planned!

An entirely acceptable Tempranillo was my choice. I’m escaping to tackle the pubs and their finest cider offerings…


Just withdrew one of my posts by accident. Does anyone know how to bring this back?

Just worked it out!

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Ah good! I was just trying to sort it out from my end and failing miserably! :laughing:


I bought all 3 when he released the sherried ones, 2 from Oloroso octaves and one from a PX Octave.
First one was good, this one is amazing - will have to compare against the PX.