Weekday drinking thread [10th-13th August 2020]

My dad died at the start of 2016 and although he drank a lot of wine, quality wasn’t his main concern, particularly in his later years. So it was nice to toast his memory with the last decent bottle he left me. Chateau Clos Haut-Petraguey 2001 enjoyed with some fine Gouda on a relatively cool Thursday evening


We had leftover roast chicken baguettes with anything else that needed eating up or throwing away. We stopped at a few Basic aires for fresh air and to stretch our legs. Kids got to run around and Mrs B avoided one last opportunity to snaffle some exotic strain of COVID-19 in a crowded restaurant. Coquelles absolutely manic and long delays, but we finally boarded around midnight.


Phew! And you got to go on the exciting double height carriage. Did you have stuff on the roof?


My kids were desperate to go on the double decker

Just a roof box. The bike hire place we wanted to use cancelled on us at last minute and Halfords wouldn’t sell me a boot-mounted rack because of the silly fibreglass lip on our boot. I had to dismantle my kids’ bikes and squeeze them in the box to bring them with us because other children in our group were taking bikes.

This negatively impacted the amount of wine that could be brought home, but improved fuel consumption and reduced inevitable marital frictions :partying_face:


Ah, kind of the opposite to us. We always go on the double decker, so the occasional ride in the full height carriage has always been very novel. Now that the kids are grown up, the car is less rammed. Mrs Robertd still talks of the time when we did the journey back home unable to move her legs and with a potty on her lap because there was literally nowhere else to put it. Maybe a roof box would have been a good idea :thinking:


Methinks Mrs Robertd would have other thoughts, and you’d been very hard pressed to get her in the roof box. :laughing:


An empty one I hope!


Fortunately, yes! :rofl:


God knows why I reached for vintage port this weekend but somehow this fitted the bill. A rosehip syrup thing which was fresh and light despite it’s age. Not a huge amount of length but summery in as much as a vintage port can be. Not one I would rush out to find again but if the price was right it might be worth getting.



Was there a massive amount of sediment, or am I misinterpreting the photo a bit?

Not at all, there is still wine in the funnel which is coated with a coffee filter paper.