Weekday drinking thread [10th-13th August 2020]

Haven’t started one of these for a while , but after not drinking anything all weekend I felt like something a bit fresh and bubbly . Enter Juvé & Camps reserva Cava !
Just lovely and just what I was after . Some great brown bruised apples, slight liquorice, a little spice & pepper with a decent finish.! I had some ratatouille & feta with it (thanks @robertd for the dinner inspiration!) and it was perfect!
(Just don’t forget your pliers to remove the staple :laughing:)


Out for a celebratory BYO at Hawkesmoor last night with this:

Still showing very well, little fruit mostly tertiary, but a fine example of mature claret in a somewhat under-rated vintage…probably starting to decline, but slowly and with plenty of drinking pleasure yet to give.

Over the weekend it was these - firstly on Saturday a bottle of this:

A Super-Tuscan blend of Sangiovese and Merlot, with the former certainly coming through stronger than the latter. Probably still on the young side, with plenty of primary fruit, and could probably have used a slightly longer decant, although the tanins were pretty well integrated and it was very pleasant to drink

On Sunday, this with Roast Chicken:


Lovely mature Pinot, relatively lightweight, but drinking very nicely excellent perfumed nose giving way to some cherry and earthy notes


Definitely one of my favourite Cavas @Leah! Never disappoints :grinning::+1:

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I only bought a couple of cases of 1988’s, Lynch-Bages and Ducru-Beaucaillou and sadly found them both a little disappointing with regard to the ability to soften over the years. Good foodie wines but not wines to savour on their own. An uncompromising vintage from my point of view.


I must admit this was the last of three bought at auction a few years ago, so didn’t really experience it in its youth, but at this point was not showing any hard edges, though I can see what you mean about being a more foodie wine!

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Enjoyed this with Mushroom Risotto this evening , think it came from Majestic. Black cherry finish but rich and juicy , cool from the wine fridge and warmed up nicely for the evening


Yes, it’s a Majestic one and very nice too in my experience. On the Amarone side of Ripasso too, very ripe and full, and none the worse for that. Would be a good match for the mushroom risotto I reckon though how you are eating that in the heat you’re having beats me!


I had a case of Ch Gazin 88, which was really rather good, very opulently Pomerol. I have one bottle left…It was uncompromising on the other bank though - I had a St Estephe or two which I just gave up on in the end. Sold them via L&W brokerage and washed my face as they say.


My lovely wife decreed it was risotto night - mushrooms had to be used, late supper so not to bad. Back on the bbq tonight.

Just received cases of ch Trillol , a bit warm from the society van, straight into outdoor cooler, got down to pleasant 14/15 degrees. Super smooth best WS offer for ages £7.00 a summer steal. 1 down 23 to go. Git Dapper as we are apt to comment.

I have attached pictures. I don’t know if it worked though.


Loving the cooler! Did you get the 2014 or the 2016 replacement? I have a case of the '16 arriving next week.

Weissburgunder Bergsatz 2009, Hofbauer Ok, so it’s an 11 year old Austrian Pinot Blanc. It’s not too old, though it is quite unpleasant in other ways, notably excess aromatics and alcohol way out of kilter (14:5%). Have to say i really hate this and am going to have to cook pad kra pow with piles of chillies and homegrown Thai basil tonight if I’m ever going to get it down :roll_eyes:


2016 sorry forgot to mention that. Seems to be reasonably low alcohol, had it with toasted brown bread , Himalayan butter , barbecued chicken and hard boiled egg sarnies. Lockdown heaven.

:yum: Looking forward

Drinking properly aged - by accident rather than design - NV Champagne in the garden (Tarlant Brut) I hadn’t realised that one issue would be the risk of the glass blowing away!

Yeasty, almost marmitey, character and bracing lemon acidity but quite austere in the finish - in a good way. Very informative back label


Glass of this with a few olives, too hot to eat a proper meal. This is our “house” sherry at the moment.


Lovely Corsican pink to help refresh and cool down in this torrid weather - all hail the Rosé!


We had this lovely Pinot over 2 evenings. With this unbearable heat it was a very nice red, flavourful without being heavy. Well made and with good fruit. Germany rules!


Just a quickie to say that this (house) chardonnay starred on a very hot evening with cold chicken salad. From Morrisons and often discounted to to £6.50.


Loving the delicious weather while it lasts… but not having much luck with wine today :slightly_frowning_face:

Chinon Le Logis de la Bouchardiere 2015, Serge et Bruno Sourdais This is rather thin and joyless, and a bit “muddy” too flavour-wise, though it does pick up a little with some time open. Fundamentally not a lot of fun, and light years away from the delicious Mabileau wine which costs more or less the same.

Still, at least it was better than the execrable Hofbauer :nauseated_face: