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Weekday drinking thread [10 to 13 September]



According to the calendar it is a Tuesday, which - for us - means a drinking day! Monday was dry, but sleep was heavenly - no pain no gain, I guess!
So… what is everyone drinking this evening?

We’re going out to one of our favourite pubs- The Urchin in Hove. Their wine list is quite interesting, so I am thinking a Muscadet with some oysters to start with:

And a Moschofilero/Roditis blend from Gaia Wines with the main:

Looking forward to hearing what you’ll be drinking tonight! :smiley:

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The week started early for me - I was passing the showroom on the way home last night and popped in to replenish the everyday supplies. This was picked up as well with a small discount from the Bin ends and opened last night…

A very pleasant Rioja that is right in the prime of its drinking window, with plenty of fruit, smooth and elegant tannins, enough acidity to round it all out and a little complexity to keep you going back for another glass.


@Alchemist How can I like that post when I paid £18 for my bottle almost exactly a year ago? :frowning: :wink: I’d call that a pretty healthy discount!


Was that a half bottle, too?


Ah I missed the ‘half’ bit. I’ll let him off then :rofl::rofl::sunglasses: I never really think of half bottles!


It was a Monday night, so just sticking to the half bottle! :wink:


Celebrating an order coming through today. The first from a list recommended by the @Mentor .

I’m having a small glass of this wonderful sherry before tea.
Thanks @robert_mcintosh for this as I would never have ordered it
On the nose I detect a salty chocolate, orange caramel thing going on with Christmas cake fruits in there too.
These flavours follow through to a complex long finish :+1:


Had this last night, working my way through some for me odd bottles, Purchased in the Simply supermarket in Haro last autumn were the prices are a lot lower than the winery, I think greed got the better of me on this one as I was dubious after tasting their reserva in the winery which reminded me of old boot leather, not for me, upholders of the “traditional” they may be but I will let others enjoy.
My reticence when opening this was based on the white Riojas of old that were frankly awful, oxidised before opened, so this was not something I held out great expectations for, and sadly I was right, that is it really isn’t for me, oxidative acidic overpowering the fruit and a strange nose and taste which I am told is one of the joys of this wine, I am also told that if opened it keeps and improves over several days, a week wouldn’t be long enough, I looked on Cellartracker for comments in the tasting notes and it definitely is a Marmite wine, I phoned a good friend who is into Spanish wines and we are going to do a deal with my other two bottles, compared with my Bodegas de Marquesa white Rioja it is not in the same town never mind street, others of course will say they love it, it is all subjective
I do seem to be getting some stinkers lately but still better they are gone.

Should add the wife did not like it one bit and she only drinks white wine, she quite rightly blamed me for buying it, “can’t not by a bargain, serves you right sheer greed over common sense” so that’s me sorted.


Today is sadly a dry day for me. This afternoon I was just doing a few things in town when a bottle of Thimiopoulos Xinomavro suddenly jumped off a shelf and into my hand. “I’m homeless” it said to me, “please help me”. At only £7 something how could I refuse?
I blame it fairly and squarely on THIS COMMUNITY and I look forward to trying it in a few days time.


“You don’t understand. THEY MADE ME DO IT.”


Well, it’s day four of the '06 Musar and I was worried that it might have fallen off a cliff by now, but it’s turned into a togetherness quite wholesome and appropriately autumnal, all hedgerow fruits and fallen leaves. Slight medicinal note but it stays on the right end of that spectrum. A surprising lack of bretty funk.

I’ve got two more bottles, so I’ll do my best to forget they’re there and see what happens when I finally dig them out down the line.


@Herbster - at least someone understands!


Back from the pub, full of oysters and prawns… The Muscadet was lovely - lemony, light and quaffable. For the main I ended up choosing a Mallorcan white, which we tasted in the winery in Binissalem in March, and I was utterly delighted to see on the ‘special wines’ menu! Quite a surprise, as the winery was fairly small.

This is the second time in a week that I come across their wines locally - I bought their 2013 red blend (Manto Negro, Cab Sauvignon and Syrah) last week in a shop in Lewes (@Bargainbob, if you’re passing by Symposium in Lewes I really recommend this red!)… Anyway, it drank beautifully tonight, probably helped by igniting happy memories from Mallorca. :grin:


For me tonight , I’ve just opened this , it’s summer still !! Isn’t it !?? Isn’t it ? :grimacing::grimacing:


Chicken, bacon and leek gratin…

Monte Cao…very interesting red, but I think I need another bottle to make a sound appreciation. :innocent::wine_glass:


Not drinking yet, but TWS van driver just knocked on the door with some autumn drinking stock. A combination of reserves withdrawal and current order. Cheers.


Yes please @szaki1974… What a terrific selection.


mid week drinker for an early lamb supper…village :movie_camera: night to follow…must remember to go half way down pre film​:laughing::laughing:


Not quite midweek, but not quite weekend either…in this case I had Sat-Monday with friends at the Test match and out for dinner in London every night.

First night at Caravan, Bankside, we had a carafe of this:
Riesling, Kabinett Trocken, Brand, 2016, Pfalz, Germany - described as off dry with tingling minerality, definitely the latter, but I would have said it was pretty dry! It was excellent and converted the avowed non German Riesling drinker in our party.

We then had a carafe of this:
Le Expressio Del Priorat, 2016, Cataluña, Spain - it was lovely, a slightly lighter version of some of the more heavyweight Priorat. Two of our group thought it was a Portuguese red and I can understand why.

Finally I got in a bottle of this:

Mourvedre, Qaisar, Tim Martin, 2015, Swartland, South Africa

This was my ‘off the wall’ selection from curiosity. I didn’t really like it - took a couple of mouthfuls before deciding it wasn’t flawed just not to my taste. Very medicinal I thought…and I didn’t get the Bandol type taste I was looking for. My two companions liked it though, or were being too polite…

Sunday night was at Andrew Edmunds - we had a bottle of this:

Excellent - quite mature now, refreshing but with a long aftertaste.

Followed by this (2012) :

and a half bottle of this - same producer, different wine and vintage.

We commented on the marked differences between the two - the 2015 was altogether fuller and richer - it had some Syrah in the blend unlike the 2012. The difference a vintage makes…

We concluded with a 50cl bottle of this with cheese and chocolate dessert (one of us).

Excellent - black Grenache, dense, a little drier than port, and a good all round choice for what we ate.

Monday night we were at the Cork and Bottle for final dinner - an old favourite of mine. We had an Alsace Pinot Gris

which was enjoyed by all with some nibbles.

Followed by:

which we thought was a decent all round choice with the differing food we had. Not as unusual as Musar, 55% Syrah, and a certain pleasing sweetness to it.

Smith Woodhouse 1998 to finish with some cheese…

A great weekend/early week - now in detox!

What was my favourite? Toss up between the carafe of Riesling and the Gigondas 2015. All enjoyed though except the Mourvedre which I tried to like but couldn’t…


First day of WSET 2 today, so after 16 wines, and a full spittoon a la Sideways, I am pleased tonight is a dry one.
Quite a few of the ones we tasted were Society wines, which put an extra smile on my face (not that much encouragement was required in the smiling department).
Hope you’re all having a good Mittwoch! :clinking_glasses::grinning:
Ps- Geez, @MarkC! That’s quite a stunning line-up you had there!..


Did you do this with it?