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Weekday Drinking Thread [10 to 13 January 2022]

It is rather scary out there, I must admit :flushed:

But on a serious note, it does show that some dry wines can reach high levels of ABV but still retain a sense of balance and even elegance. It’s still not my go-to style for reds (much more forgiving of whites :grinning: ) - but it’s a good learning curve…


FWIW - and though no great connoisseur, I mentally divide Rioja into Lopez de Heredita and All the Rest. The latter maybe can be subdivided into traditional and modern…

They are quite extraordinary; steeped in tradition, using only huge ancient cuves, no new oak barriques - all very old and repaired on-site when a stave leaks, crianzas and reservas kept much longer than the rules dictate… the “Musar” of the Rioja world perhaps… A visit there is like entering a time machine.


Meerlust estate red 2017 in our chateau tonight. In the new comically oversized riedel glasses.

Wow! What a wine! Stunning for about £11. It’s like a slightly spicy left bank claret. Tastes much more mature than four and three quarters years old. Really quite flowery, which I didn’t expect, maybe violets in there. Fair whack of cassis in there, presumably from the Cabernet. Bit of oaky wood smoothness. Reasonably Mild and smooth tannins, and a long finish


We drank our second bottle recently, and were amazed (again!) at the excellent vfm.
Completely agree with your notes :+1:


Well I had this in the mystery bottle for round 2 this week. An absolute delight - rich and unctuous. Feel a bit guilty about sending the 19 crimes the other way last weekend now :pensive:


I have a bottle of that winging its way to me right now as part of my further explorations of white.


Great to hear. Just got a bottle delivered this week.



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That makes 20 crimes by my count


I bought it EP from Lay and Wheeler about 10 years ago.

I am only familiar with beeswax from fly tying for fishing…the wax is part beeswax. There is some element of that about it.

My notes suggest that the wine is no better than it was 2 years ago…but no worse either.

Snap ! ( albeit a 2011 ). From Wednesday and Thursday…

…I wasn’t sure if its ultra traditional style would be one I’d appreciate but its charms won me over and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d concur with TWS notes too as my abiding memory of it, apart from its mellow red fruits and supple texture, was of polished leather. So much so, that I couldn’t help but be reminded of a Velvet Underground lyric ‘Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather’ !

The Chardonnay went down well too. Fresher and firmer than previous vintages tried with good intensity of flavour, citrus and stone fruit in the main, and subtle integrated oak spice. Great VFM, at just over £10, and another excellent wine from Rustenberg’s, always reliable, varietal range.