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Weekday Drinking Thread [10 to 13 January 2022]

The new term had started, which means my head’s on fire again… :exploding_head:

To help put out the fire, first (whilst shutting shop) a glass of this regular favourite super delicious Amontillado ‘Napoleon’:

Gorgeous nose - silan (date syrup), walnuts, smoke, figs and a whole load of other stuff I can’t name. Dry and appetising on the palate, nutty, spicy and satisfying. May Sherry always remain an inside secret…! :+1:

The husband is making wild boar meatballs and tagliatelle, with which we will have this bright and lively 2018 Cerasuolo di Vittoria:

First glass confirms that everything is going to be alright (once this computer is turned off, that is). Nice medium ruby - maybe something a touch garnet-like on the rim? - or maybe I’m dreaming, the nose has notes of damsons, dark cherries, pepper, baking spices and maybe some violets too.

On the palate it is light and delicate, with crunchy red fruit (cherries, cranberries, pomegranate) but also a touch of damson, spice and smokiness. I love this style, and this is the first we tried from this producer - but won’t be the last! I seem to remember Waitrose stocking Santa Tresa’s easy going sparkling Grillo - which we were quite partial to for a while - but haven’t seen it for some time.

What’s in your glass this week? :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Opened a 2017 Furst Fruhburgunder, fantastic Pinot Noir. More old world than new world if that makes sense. Looking forward to the other cuvées I have.


Ooh! where did you buy it from, @szaki1974?

That was from Lay & Wheeler.


This arrived on my doorstep in the mystery wine bottle today

Very tasty indeed. A lovely godello, very drinkable.

I did not guess variety or country, but I did have a glass and a half of very tasty wine I’ve not tried before.


Funny enough I just bought the same vineyard Spatburgunder 2018 form DBM Bristol.

Also ordered the same producers Silvaner from w/s


Furst are the best producer in western Franconia. Great wines, still fair value.


Big order from Reserves arrived today

To celebrate we opened this Blackbook Mixup 2018

‘undoubtedly weird’ the tasting note says. On pouring and taking a good sniff my first thought was ‘urinals’ and it takes quite a lot for a wine to come back from that. After half an hour in the glass the scent receded, or perhaps I got used to it, and on the palate I got citrus, particularly grapefruit, elderflower, and a sour, intensely herbal, almost medicinal flavour. Nicely grippy texture.

Enjoyable in, yes, a weird way. But my god, that smell.



I tried that at a tasting a few years ago. Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised to see it stay on the discounted list for a very long time.


Blimey there are some dire reviews ……So different from the press reviews too …???

The one I tried would have been an earlier vintage. ‘Mixup’ seemed an appropriate name, in that it tasted as if someone had taken a few drops from every white wine in the room.

Edit: Their Chardonnay was much better, btw.


Ensuring my olifactory senses are still intact as both kids are now positive and I’m stuck indoors with them ! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::tired_face::tired_face:!!


Oh no! How are you feeling, did you have it already?

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Nope…. Feel ok , 8 year old positive on LFT Sunday, got PCR confirmation yesterday morning , 6 year old was negative until yesterday so I did a PCR with him yesterday, he’s not well , his positive came through this morning and mine negative …. I’m keeping everything crossed but they’re taking great joy in breathing heavily on me !
Mr Leah meanwhile is sending me pictures of curry from India :india: :joy::see_no_evil:.


Little buggers! Hope they stay so cheerful and your immune system keeps working overdrive.


Fingers crossed you manage to avoid catching it, @Leah! :pray: at least you have fab wine as an antidote… :grimacing:

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That and the 3 jabs I’ve had , fingers crossed. The 8 year old coughed once and had a headache …… she’s now living her best life cartwheeling across the living room while the 6 year old is just eating ice cream and living in a onesie . Everyone’s ideal January I’d say :joy:.


They used to call it Duvet Day… Perhaps one day we’ll be talking of having an Omicron week…


Hope you manage to stay free of it @Leah. I’d barricade yourself into a spare room with a couple if TWS boxes of 12 and leave them to it… What can go wrong? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A lot :rofl: :joy: :rofl:!!


Feeling a bit of a fraud, posting this in a wine drinking thread

But Dry January etc. St Peter’s Without: Zero alc. beer, it’s actually quite good & a touch of rye adds a peculiar spiciness - the hops especially remind me of my Dad’s homebrew.

ALSO arrived in the post a VERY decent bottle of 14 y/o Jamaican Rum, non chill filtered, no caramel. For Daughter No.1’s Baba Rhum this weekend. Although I’m not drinking, I thought it sensible to have a sip for quality control purposes - it’s amazingly complex, looking forward to having a ‘proper’ taste in February. nb: the vast amount of Rum available in the UK is column distilled, caramel coloured, little ageing - so this stuff is the real deal. 14 years is almost unheard of.