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Weekday Drinking Thread [10 to 13 December 2018]



you are all heart !


Just finishing off the Madiran that I opened 3 days ago I think and I’m quite surprised at how much it has improved. Much more fruit in the blackberry-raspberry range, and the acidity which I found a bit too much initially has mellowed to a quite agreeable sharpness on the tongue.
I still won’t be rushing to buy more but it’s not bad and obviously decanting would help a lot.

Autocorrect on the other hand doesn’t help much at all and I’ve had to go over this post several times to get back to what I originally typed!


Well, what a beautiful wine this Rotgipfler is! It would give a white Burgundy a good run for its money. The complexity is just astounding!

There is pineapple, lychee and honey on the nose, with a whiff of struck-match sulphur, not unlike the sulphur whiff you get in a spa (OK, this is association, as it comes from the Thermenregion… still!). The mouthfeel is fat and creamy, with a very distinct lees-y sour cream note. The pineapple continues on the palate, but there is also a lively, almost sizzling (husband’s description) acidity, which keeps it all in balance. Finish is long, and leaves a tingle of acidity, mixed with luscious fruit.

I can’t tell you how enjoyable this wine is! Layered, complex, interesting! I only just learnt that Rotgipfler is a crossing of Traminer and Roter Veltliner - both varietals I love. But regardless of parenthood, this wine is an absolute winner! :ok_hand::heart_eyes:


On a cold night pre village film night we’re on the point of cracking one of these from our late summer Spanish road trip…

Hope it’s as good as the wine shop recommended.
We have also had this for aperativos this week…dragged out of the bank of the wine fridge…


W/S description in pretty close. Strawberries with a lot of pepper! Light red with character and noticeable tannins. Reminds me of a little of Grignolino D’Asti, an aficionado wine rather than a crowd pleaser. Now a bin end so more reasonably priced.


I have only had sweet wines this week. Have Coravinned two:

It is perfectly fine and true to type, but there is a flavour that slightly puts me off. You could call it somewhat burnt caramel (some slight acetate / melted plastic bag perhaps). It is definitely not in the I will not drink it territory, might just need more air… We will have the rest of this with some blue cheese tonight.

This definitely needs more air as it is slightly harsh (by harsh I actually mean structure and convinced this has longevity) straight out of the bottle, but smoothens nicely in the glass. I like it, but will not buy it again.

I also opened the Morrisons The Best PX, I mentioned elsewhere. It is just what you want from a PX and also for £6 it must be the bargain of the decade.

I am taking delivery of a few of these this week, but will have to wait till January to taste… travel shock and all.


Something dry for the weekend I think…


I had a St Joseph Le Grand Pompee PJ Aine 2015 last night at a restaurant. It was spot on and drinking beautifully.


Time to start wading ! through some of the older stock…

I drank the first of the three I had of these about three years back, this hasn’t improved just softened a bit, very dark black cherry col, nice perfumed berried nose, well balanced smooth soft some oak and still latent richness, on the strength of this the last bottle should be out of the cellar soon, very nice Malbec.


Tonight we’re going for a bit of a straight-forward (but hopefully delicious) Bordeaux:

Really enjoyed it in the recent TWS Bordeaux tasting, and the husband couldn’t believe the value for money ratio of it - always a winning factor for him! :slight_smile:

Will have it with pasta and roasted vegetables in red pesto sauce. Looking forward! :wine_glass: :grinning:


Couldn’t find the old thread on this, but it doesn’t look good if your a cynic like me, endless delays to production and people are now asking for their money back !


Yes, I was thinking the same. It was first mentioned here I think.


In the build up to Christmas it’s hard not to have a drink so enjoyed this fabulous Chinon we picked up last year on French road trip…worked really well with Pheasant…


Did you get that from the shop by the castle? We had a lovely tasting there in June


This is good:

It also evokes distant memories of a fantastic restaurant, Las Tres Marias, in a little place just outside Acapulco called Pie de la Cuesta…


Hi Nick, we were driving into Chinon from Poitiers and saw the sign to the vineyard so dropped in unannounced and had s superb tasting and as you note left with a few bottles


Sounds lovely. The town of Chinon was beautiful but by its nature had shops rather than vineyards - the vineyards are clearly nearby but we had limited time so spent it in the town


Chinon is our go to first night and last night in la belle :fr:, as we use Cherbourg for the ferry and we never have enough time so next summer it’s a 2 night stop over on the way north…


Definitely needed some air and was also too cold. After treating it right, it is a cracking wine. I am sorry for the negative comments…

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