Weekday drinking thread [1-4 October 2018]

Did you just ask that over the phone and they answered?

I pulled the stunt of ordering the wine remotely.
Started with 5 cases, I was offered all of those, then I deleted the order.
Then 20 cases and then you are told the number you can have and those you cannot.
122 bottles in stock!!
A good wheeze that I have employed for a couple of years when my interest has been piqued!!


Oh, that is ingenious… I should have thought of it :slight_smile:

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It is a really good way of discerning actual stock level and whether one must order today or can leave it for a while.

Only 61 bottles of this wine left. :slight_smile: Loads of C9dP Clos des Papes though.

Last six of this anyone…

okay I will stop now

No, but we are waiting on your review :wink:


Mine’s not arriving until the 15th but shortly thereafter…:wine_glass:

[we need more wine emojis]

And I’ve just put a case in reserves…:rofl:

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I will be trying this tonight, with cottage pie, the 2016 vintage which I purchased a few months ago. It received quite a lot of praise from a number of community members, so I am looking forward to it. Not a grape I have had before.


Ha - bleedin’-ha!!:grinning:
I always give bottles a few days to settle down, lest they are subject to “bottle sickness!”
But next Monday I should have opened at least one.


The weekend - at least for the grown-ups - starts on Thursday, usually around mid-afternoon, so we opened this as soon as we felt it socially acceptable to do so:


Some great big Majestic voucher fell out of a magazine a few weeks back, so I made my blue moon trip to the Yeovil branch and this was one of my picks.

Slightly muted nose but much more lively on the palate, with lots of fresh, ripe black cherries and something slightly closer to the earth that wasn’t quite beetroot but nearly. Silky, satisfying and very moreish. Now, the night is but young and this bottle won’t go the distance, so I suspect I may be posting on this thread again before today is out :wine_glass:


I love this wine. A textbook Guwurtz from the Alto Adige. Beautiful sweet, soft fragrance of Turkish delight following onto the palate with a satisfying mouthfeel and a wonderful texture.
One of my favourite wine regions.
Much better than many Alsace versions from the same price range


Prophets Rock PN 2013. Have been sat on this for months having found the last bottle a bit ‘meh’ for a £20+ wine. This one is, well, ‘meh’. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s on the robust side of PN with some nice cherry flavours but there is no complexity at all. I will see what happens to the decanted half on day 2 but ready to look for something with a bit more to say - possibly the Wassmer.


I cracked open this last night (despite having just received a mixed case of treasures from TWS):

I haven’t tried that many Zinfandel’s - only reds - and can’t profess to know a great deal about them, but I know what I like; this is well structured, “berry” nice and fruity (mainly raspberries and blackcurrants), fairly light (alcohol and colour), and felt lovely in the mouth (nothing tart or biting about it). Highly enjoyable, and pretty good QPR

I’d love to explore more wines from Napa, especially cabs, but keep having sticker-shock…


Keep exploring! :slight_smile: These two are made for us by John WIlliams at Frog’s Leap.


That’s been my reflection on Prophet Rock, thought it must just be a style I don’t get.
There’s plenty of very good Central Otago Pinots never sure why TWS persist with this one.

The last vintage of the Wassmer was very good.

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We had a fun time last night, at a cheese and wine tasting in La Cave à Fromage. It was a mixture of French and English cheeses, and the English did not disappoint (although the winner of the evening was French).

The wines were all French, some very good, some less so. Some pairs worked well together, but others were a bit meh. Of the ‘meh’ was the first pairing- a Pennard Red Ridge goat’s cheese from Somerset (which was very good on its own), with a Viognier which had an identity crisis. It really wanted to be a Riesling – it tasted mostly of citrus with a touch of pineapple, but also had a surprising acidity for a Viognier, and absolutely nothing on the nose – no floral notes, no peach, no orange blossom. It didn’t do anything to enhance the cheese, and there was no way the cheese would have enhanced it. ‘Meh’ through and through.

The winning pairing of the evening was a cheese called Brillat-Truffe, from Ile de Frnace, which was creamy, with a touch of smokiness, and a layer of black truffle which added a lovely savoury note. It was paired with an off-dry Alsace Riesling – a 2016 Andre Scherer, and the two really complemented each other. The Riesling was lightly perfumed with a whiff of honey, with lemon sherbet and a touch of white peach on the palate, and that bright acidity which holds everything so well together. Happily, me and the other half won a big slice of the fabulous cheese for answering a question right. It’s not going to last long!

The oddest pairing was a natural wine – a Cabernet Franc from Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil and a Normandie Livarot. My other half – who has developed a real love of Cab Franc- was taken aback by this wine. He thought the usually delicate Cab Franc perfume and fruit were turned up to 11 – and not in a good way. He thought the nose and palate sensation were akin to “kissing as a teenager, when the other person heavily perfumed themselves for the occasion”. Hm! :thinking:
I felt the same; I also found the acidity way too overpowering, as was the sour aftertaste. Natural wine is yet to convince me!

All in all - a really fun and informative evening! :grinning::ok_hand:


Surely ‘meh’ goat’s cheese should be described as ‘m-e-e-e-e-eh’ goat’s cheese … ?
(I’ll get my goat , er, coat …)


And the award for best tasting note of the week goes to… :joy:


Ha ha! He’ll be pleased. He does come up with some odd ones - being a bit synesthesic. He’ll often describe wine in colour - “this one tastes grey” for example. Another one from last night was about a Pays d’Oc rosé, whose varietals we had to guess - “It does exactly what it doesn’t say on the label”. It does make for fun tastings :smiley: