Weekday drinking thread [1-4 October 2018]

I’ll be finishing my Bodegas Murua VS, which, if I’m honest has grown on me over the last couple of days. However might not be a ‘full’ glass left in it so I’d better get something else prepared. Thinking I’ll try the Musar second wine Hochar:

It will be my first taste of this one.


Some of this with pasta and a ham and Gorgonzola sauce. Nice balance of oak and mineral.


I love this wine @DrEm and you’ve reminded me I’ve some sitting in the garage that must be feeling extremely unloved :grimacing:

I’ve just opened this! Have heard great things about it so looking forward to a LARGE glass . My day has been extremely challenging dealing with a violent pint sized terrorist :weary::woman_facepalming:t3:


Might the removal of their TV, Phone and Privileges be in their Horrorscope??

Be aware that I went through a monstrous oik stage, it didn’t last too long and saw the light through peer pressure. That and a girlfriend!!


Quel coincidence…I have the Perret Merlot and Exhibition Crozes Hermitage on order, I just need the stamp of approval from MrsO.

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So my mother is still in this habit of buying dirty red wine, storing it with the rest of her booze, then some weeks later insisting that I take it home, given that she doesn’t actually drink red. Apart from this, she’s got all her marbles, I swear.

This time it’s everyone’s favourite critter wine:


I decided on Monday that the best thing for it was to reduce the bejaysus out of it in some kind of improvised chicken/veg one-pot, masking its grot with as many herbs and as much black pepper as the stomach can take. Against all odds - and my culinary ‘skills’ - we both actually quite enjoyed the resulting sauce.

In the interests of science, I also poured myself a small glass. The first wave of attack on the nostrils came in the form of sickly-sweet oak chips, followed quickly by an isolated rush of meths enough to make even Withnail think twice about taking a sip. This all seemed to be encased in what could only be described as undiluted Ribena that had been left open on the countertop since 1986. I found that my tongue was jutting out of my mouth involuntarily, like it was making a desperate bid for freedom. It was a fascinating experience.

Anyway, for some reason I decided that evening against a second glass, so about a third of the bottle was left in the warm kitchen, my hope being that if it turned into vinegar, it might actually achieve some kind of balance.

Well, I’ve just tried some more and I can honestly say it’s better. I mean, the bar was set mighty low, but all those nasty components have pulled together into something only moderately nasty. There are some anonymous jammy dark fruits, a harshness that suggests it’s been spiked with student union vodka, and sugar on the palate that fails to mask the bitterness of shoddy raw materials, but it’s just about manageable.

I might even pour myself another one.



On the road in Spain passed through Ribera del Duero this morning and this was a fabulous bodega visit…


Any 2005 on offer? …:wink:


After a couple of no alcohol days am now very much enjoying this


Don’t fully agree with JR’s comments. Have found it fruity and fresh, with a hint of apricot stone, and smooth oak. On the third (smallish) glass I suddenly thought there was a hint of Riesling-like petrol on the nose; perhaps this was the “industrial nose”. It seems to have gone again now, maybe just a memory on the tongue.

As my first contribution to the forum I thought this might be appropriate. Looks like you’ve got a ‘subtle one’. :wink:


If you have the € they have the vino Doc :laughing:

So I started the Hochar last night and was suitably impressed. I double decanted and sampled it immediately after opening and then poured a glass an hour or so later, with definite improvement. I do seem to be converting to this decanting lark!

Anyway I thought it remarkably good. Plum and cherry on the nose. Definite fruit forward on the palate with more plum and herb. Medium pleasant smoky finish with a hint of something medicinal in there. For such a young wine it was surprisingly balanced; some oak but very smooth.

I thought it reflected a similar style to the Chateau Musar first wine and got remarkably close to it in quality. But to be fair I’ve only tried Chateau Musar whilst it is still somewhat immature.

Will definitely buy more, and now looking forward to my first try of the Domaine des Tourelle, another Lebanese red up for drinking moderately soon.


Last night was a dry one, and after hearing about the benefits of going dry for a month (on Trust Me I’m a Doctor)- we’re considering doing this at some point. Have done it once before, and felt great - so maybe after xmas… (the other half could not commit as yet :grinning:).
This evening we’re off to a tasting in La Cave a Fromage in Hove, and the theme is “French v’s British Cheeses with Wine”. Should be interesting! :cheese::clinking_glasses:


They’ve got a nice little range of wines. This is what they use to wrap the bottles in their outlet shop. I managed to keep one unruffled enough to bring it back to the UK and frame it:


That’s a beauty, @Herbster! :ok_hand: so nice to read Arabic again, too.

Have you ever tried their Arack?!..

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I miss reading Arabic in everyday life! And I really don’t have time to study it right now…

No, haven’t tried theirs, although Arak with mezze is one of life’s unmissable pleasures!


I was holding the TWS Exhibition Pauillac and the Perret Merlot in my hands (not at the same time), but then stuck to #stoptober … phew day three done.


Good work! I fear that the next few weeks are going to be more like #drinktober for me. Perhaps I can have a #nomorevember.

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Same here! 'twas one of my favourite subjects in school. It’s a joy to write, too. Makes Hebrew seem a little feeble :grinning:

I’m not a big fan of Arack, though it might be to do with trying mostly cheap versions of it back home. Perhaps I should give it another go…

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