Weekday Drinking Thread 08th - 11th Aug 2022

Well as we finally arrived at our destination after 900 miles of driving I thought I deserve something to drink with the lovely homemade meal the in laws prepared.
Quick stop at the local Intermarche and I found this familiar producer. Very glugable and soft. Disappeared rather quickly.
@robertd we are somewhere in Southwestern Poland, I can’t remember or pronounce the name of the place. Really nice accommodation in the woods.
Happy week all!!


They do have a local viticulture scene in S Poland (though mainly in the South East to be fair ) - but not all bad. Are you going to look for local Polish wine ? Or is that a non-starter in your book… ?

A chance encounter with a vineyard on the way back from a trip to Ireland resulted in some impulse purchases. This is chilling lightly. Shropshire Red. More a Rose than a full bodied Red due to a late frost attack last year. It is a very nice drop and just down the road from the magnificent Roman site of Wroxeter. At £18 it is a bit above it’s true value.


I might see what I can find. There’s a sort of culture here from the old days of what they call semi sweet wines ( not referring to dessert wines) and not something I want to drink.
A trip to the local shops tomorrow awaits!


Should be nice (is it the 2020 vintage ?).

It’s hybrid - free, being a blend of Dornfelder and Dunkelfelder, and 11.5 %abv suggests no chaptalisation. Although the winery website suggests these are “new” varieties, though I hardly think 1956 & 1948 respectively count as “new” these days !

But these are the sort of reds which UK winemakers should be concentrating on imo.

TBH we only came across “proper” dry table and brut sparkling wines in Poland at cellar doors, probably due to, as you intimate, traditional tastes not yet adjusting, plus pretty low production volumes still and relatively high prices for the Polish pocket. Are you close enough to Krakow for a day trip ? There’s a very good and sizeable winery there, Srebrna Gora O winnicy – Winnica Srebrna Góra. I think they are the second largest in the country. You can visit and taste there, though you need to hire a local guide to do the introductions (not difficult) and they have a small cellar door just off the main road in a portakabin.

They rent the land from the monks in the monastery on the hill and they have about 13 Ha as far as I remember, the site is split in two by the road up to the monastery where they separate the vinifera vines from the hybrids (about 50/50)


I believe it is a 2020. The vineyard opener spoke of a bad frost that year. Said they were still suffering from a shadow as a result in the 2021. Most pleasant on a warm summers evening.


I’m on one of these tonight; a 2019 Domaine de la Rochette Mont Sard, Mâcon-Bussières. Opened last night and will be finished off ce soir.

This is my 9th of a case of 12, and I certainly do like these, I must say - a lot of wine for the money, I think.

A nice rounded but gentle and structured melange of citrus - yellow fruit - stone fruit - slightly creamy - a dash of honey - a spot of toasty caramelised popcorn at the end. Not hugely viscous or dense, but quite light & still with a freshness to it; very nice for a warm summer evening. Better tonight than last night; a bit more developed, with that yummy popcorn thing at the end.


In a very good spot now. Cheers all


Thanks for the recommendation but it seems Krakow is 190 miles away and the boys had enough of been in the car. I will explore the local shops and see what I can find

If only TWS would release the 2019 that’s been “Due in” for the past 6 months…


They did. I’ve got a bottle arriving later today. I think the current status of https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/domaine-sylvain-pataille-marsannay-rose-fleur-de-pinot-2019 is down to them expecting more in. I’d be tempted to buy more. I’ve filled out the email me when back in stock.

The 2017 last night was superb. More balanced than the 2016 I tried last year (having bought both 2017/2016 at the same time). Just lovely finesse, balance, cool strawberry fruits. Not overblown. Still some of those pinot noir characteristics too. A bit of age on it has been a good thing.


I had a conversation about Polish wine with a Polish friend a while back. Her response/answer/request was “please, just don’t”.


Oh that’s strange. I ordered a couple of bottles when it was due in around a month ago but they’ve still not been sent out yet. I also ordered about 6 months ago when they were first due in but after a couple of months of waiting I got an email to say they were cancelling my order because they weren’t going to arrive anytime soon. Interesting that your bottle is on the way, maybe they received very small quantities and could only fulfil a few orders.


Ah my bad. I’m not receiving it today. Another order is arriving. The DHL reference has no relation to TWS order number, hence the confusion. I’ve sent this one to member’s reserves instead. It’s not arrived in reserves yet, so perhaps this will change in line with your experience too. Sorry you lost out. I think taking orders on expected wines is perhaps fairly new functionality?


I’ve still (hopefully) got a couple of bottles coming. I recon the problem lies with getting Pataille’s wines to the UK rather than the website functionality, that’s what they seemed to say last time I asked why they hasn’t arrived yet. The date they’re giving is the end of September now.


So, I have clambered off the weekend wagon and opened something delicious to go with aubergine-filled tortellini with home grown tomato sauce and garden salad (the rocket is very good this year)

Not exactly a travel souvenir from our trip to Armenia a few years ago, not least as Zorah at the time were not open to visits on account of still building a visitor centre, but we had many examples of Areni Noir from other producers and at the time bought this wine in a local shop; but this was from Wine Direct bought subsequently.

Areni Noir is one of Armenia’s indigenous varieties and may well be one of the oldest red-skinned varieties on Earth, possibly as old as 6000 years. But no-one knows for sure

Tastes like… actually it’s not far from Syrah, perhaps a little less peppery, or a southern Italian like a Negroamaro, but slightly fruitier. But very delicious of course and an ideal match for the meal.

And, I see currently they have the 2019 discounted … so what are you waiting for ? Zorah Karasi Areni Noir 2020 | Armenia | Winedirect.co.uk


The working day is finally over. Once upon a time summer used to be a calm and quiet period of reflection, and catching one’s breath before a new academic year starts… those were the days.

This Bordeaux Clairet was promptly opened:

Château Thieuley, Bordeaux Clairet 2021

With thanks to @Herbster for his mighty fine notes - this is hitting the spot very nicely this evening! :ok_hand:

Absolutely gorgeous colour - ‘sexy cerise’ is how I would describe it, but WSET would fail me; the nose starts with bramble fruit, cherries and strawberries but also has a nice floral touch (rose petal or peonies) and a slight herby note there too.

Quite weighty on the palate - for a rosé , for sure - it has similar notes of bramble, ripe strawberries and cherries with a twist of bay leaf savouriness and tangy cranberry on the finish.

Is it Bordeaux’s answer to Tavel? Not quite; it lacks the complexity and the finer fruit/herbs interplay I love in a Tavel, but like a Tavel this seems a perfect food rosé , and a very delicious one at that. Now just hoping the husband doesn’t take ages in the kitchen…! :smiley:


Just a campari and tonic to get me to decide what to eat (and drink) this evening


Interesting that you describe the wine as a Rose’. For years we have seen this wine locally but steered away from what we frankly didn’t understand what it was. Then on a stay at Chateau Marquis Mauban the host introduced us to it and she described it as ‘the original Claret. Akin to that bought by the English and others back in the day’. We took it experimentally on that basis and enjoyed it’s subtle differences to the Blaye red of the commune. A lighter but still with a viscosity and depth that made us think twice of Rose’. It certainly is a one off and has left us wondering about the historical basis to the owners claim? What do you think?