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Weekday drinking thread 03-06 February 2020


Always feel a little self-conscious contributing to these threads on a Monday, but I attended another tasting at The Winery tonight, scheduled a bit early in the month due to availability of the winemaker here tonight.

So, midweek (Monday?) drinking begins here:

A really nice selection across the board tonight, starting with the Sekt. A smidgeon of residual sugar in the wine, despite the brut label really rounded this off, a lovely opener.

Both dry rieslings were great, the first one edged it for me, a little more complexity to contemplate while sniffing and sipping.

I also enjoyed all 3 Gerwurztraminers, which surprised me as I don’t always get on with this grape, particularly without food. The Italian was very approachable, spicy and creamy. The Pfirmann was off-dry, beautiful and aromatic without being too much for me. The Zimmerling GG was intense, racy and long in the palate.

I then bumped into the winemaker and totally monopolised her time, keen to learn about her Fleurie.

Her vines are on the steepest hillside in the Cru, but she’s in the process of building 25 terraces to make the farming a bit easier. Totally organic at the moment, she’s keen to make the switch to biodynamic, but that’s for a little way in the future.

2017 was apparently quite a rough vintage, stressful for her vines, which left her grapes very small. However, this meant the juice was really concentrated, which is evident in both wines. After a year in barrel and a year in bottle, they’re just starting to open out. Intense fruit with tannic backbone that I’d not have guessed was in a Gamay. Lots of swirling evened things out nicely.

I enjoyed both, not had a Fleurie with so much oomph before. Anne-Sophie put me firmly back in my box when I told her I wasn’t aware that Fleurie had much ageing potential, she reckons these could quite comfortably last for 10 years, kept somewhere dark and peaceful; a consequence of those tiny concentrated grapes.

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