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Weekday drinking [6-9 January 2020]

If I had a teleporter you could have had one of mine. Stocks here remain undiminished due to the unseasonably warm weather and a resultant lack of desire to eat hearty stews and casseroles. As evidenced by this lot…

…three white wines, two of which I’d describe as summery !

The Ezerjo from Kamocsay is quite the individual. Characterful, soft and full of ripe musky bruised orchard fruit flavours it put me in mind of a rich Alsace Pinot Gris but at half the price. Holds its 14% ABV with remarkable ease too.

The Riesling Trocken 2017 from Schloss Lieser is a lovely example of its type with vibrant fruit and mineral freshness to the fore. This was the second of two bottles, the first seemed uncompromising and austere but I now realise I’d over chilled it. This one was served around 12 degrees and tasted more rounded and better balanced as a result.

The Manzanilla from M&S was a present from friends and a well chosen one at that. Fresh as a daisy and full of the expected aromas and flavours it was polished off over three days, instead of the usual five, and my favourite of this weeks wines.


A simple pleasure this evening:

A TtD Sainsbury’s 2018 Marzemino made by the Cantina Viticoltori Trentino, this is an easy-going, quaffable red, especially if - like us - you like your reds with some acidity and bright fruit. The nose (and palate, actually) are not unlike a Chinon, with cherries and bramble fruit, plus a pleasing vegetal note, and earthy/savoury character. Medium on the palate, with good acidity and mellow tannins, this is being consumed far too easily. But we ain’t complaining :+1:


My ‘everyday’ red wine rack is completely empty pending a delivery early next week, and I absolutely couldn’t go with a white with my steak pie and mash dinner. Fortunately and surprisingly I found I still had 4 bottles of the legendary 2006 Weinert Cabernet. It’s still glorious. What a wine.


Where were they hiding?


This coped admirably with a cauliflower curry. A citrusy fruit salad, fresh and stoney blend of many varieties. Straight back in my basket!


Did not know TWS stocked this. Glad you enjoyed it, St Andrea’s wines are really special.

I am having some Vacqueyras to facilitate the cooking of some chicken with mushrooms. Sweet fruited, delicious.


In plain sight in the cellar, but I could have sworn I only had two!