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Weekday drinking [6-9 January 2020]



Just back from Hungary and felt like opening some red Burgundy. Jane Eyre has been mentioned recently, so decided to open one of my favourite wines that has never let me down.

Still great, have put half of the bottle aside for later in the week. Will be interesting to taste her 2018s next Tuesday.

What are you drinking this midweek?

January 2020 on The Community

I am unfortunately not drinking this evening but undertaking serious research into whether the TWS Sicilian red or the Brazin Zin is a better match for puttanesca sauce. Whilst this experiment was well set up it has been slightly disturbed by the addition of a generous pour of tabasco into the sauce. Hopefully this does not render the test useless.
I’m using a 2013 Brazin and the first thing that struck me was that it is a much lighter colour. Still quite a deep red but not the near black of the Sicilian red. The taste however seems much darker and considerably dryer which also surprised me. I do like this wine very much. (Both wines in fact).
I think the slightly dryer flavour isn’t quite such a good match for the hotter sauce. So, my conclusion is that both go well, and with a mild sauce there’s nothing in it. As the sauce gets hotter the sweeter Sicilian red begins to edge it.
Try it yourself - it’s true, science is fun!


We opened this uncomplicated mid-week 2018 Gewurz from Wolfberger:

The tell-tale Gewurz notes are there, both of the nose and on the palate; lychee, rose petals, orange blossom, ginger, apricot and a faint musky spice too. Exotic, for sure! The mouthfeel is lovely - quite oily but with enough orange zest-like acidity to keep this from being over the top. Medium + finish, with a tingle of stem ginger, perhaps, and a honey background note.

True pleasure to drink, and should also complement our pork Thai curry nicely. You sure get good value from the Co-ops in Alsace! :ok_hand:


Agree that Alsace’s Co-ops are a great source of value wine. The Cave de Ribeauville Gewurtz I had at the weekend was wonderful.

Spicy vegetable rice with this bin end tonight:


A glass of this with Tandoori chicken and cumin courgette and beans.

Delicious - fruit, acidity and sweetness in harmony.


I have tasted two exceptional wines yesterday at my local:

2018 Mercurey from Ninot - already in bottle (might still be a barrel sample, I don’t know), there is plenty going on… if this is representative of reds of the vintage then good times are coming
2015 Zuccardi Aluvional Altamira Malbec - this wine is stunning, never expected such elegance from a Malbec… hefty price tag to match the quality though


You know that thing where you stare at your wine collection for ages and can’t choose one to open…? This is a different but related problem: I know exactly what I really want right now, which is a joyful, juicy Côtes-du-Rhône, all ripe grenache fruit and sunshine and I don’t have any.

I’ve got a 2010 Châteauneuf but that would be overkill; I’ve got a magnum of Laudun but that would be a different kind of overkill. Stupid wine racks, full to the brim with nothing I want.

But I found this:

I think it was £6, or maybe even £5. I find that negroamaro sometimes strays onto the wrong side of medicinal but this is really nice. It’s more about the palate than the nose, with liquorice and herbs accompanying the blackberry fruit, and just enough structure to give it a grown-up vibe. Fair play.

It’s really good value - I hope this Wine Atlas range is doing well enough to keep going, as it’s way more interesting than the usual own-brand fare.

But I still want to scratch that Côtes-du-Rhône itch.


Do you need the 5 litre CdR box in your basket?


I’ve had the ‘Atlas Wines’ Cigales a few times. Can recommend. Cracking plonk.


Don’t tempt me! It could sit on my lap in the evenings, like an affectionate family pet, and I’d never have to get up again…


I understand that they meow and whimper when left alone (the box that is).
When I was formulating this response, I had my 1970s talking “Action Man” come to mind… weird. A wine box with a selection of in built messages that literally call to you when you pull the cord… oh the possibilities :joy:
What would ASA say to this?


Just call it Alexa and your evening is made…


Two small glasses of this tonight with Coravin

The 2000 not 2001. With paprika pork in mushroom sauce and rice.

Had held on to (well, lost) a couple of bottles and it’s supposedly past the ‘drinking window’ - certainly would be if it was a WS wine! No it’s not…

Deep dark crimson. Raisins, figs and port on the nose. A savoury fleshiness on the palate, maybe a little over the hill, but certainly not dead! Bit like me…

January 2020 on The Community

Used half of this in a slow cooked Brisket Chilli yesterday, so would be rude to just let the rest there. I’m off to pour a small glass. :yum:


This is a real bargain. Red fruited gamay, lots of redcurrants and cranberries, with a balance between appetizing tartness and ripeness.


How is it holding up? I did enjoy my bottles, wondering what an extra few months mean…


Enjoying this with (and without) pan fried sea bass tonight. I like it very much. Definitely getting the Riesling, but also more to it.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Thanks @robertd:slight_smile:


Any time @szaki1974 :slight_smile: Really glad you like it. They are such interesting wines.


Continuing the Alsace theme, I started my French Wine Scholar course this evening, and Alsace was the first area we covered - joy!

These two wines stood out, each stunning in its own way:

Oh, man… I nearly wept! Smoke, sandalwood, musk, apricot honey, rich - and yet taut and precise in a way I rarely encounter in a Gewurz. Seductive stuff!

And this:

Spiced pear, quince and nuts with a gorgeous mineral tingle… Both going in the basket :heart_eyes:

January 2020 on The Community

Really well, I have another glass left for tonight, it has enough structure to on another year at least if not more, it’s definitely mellowed and integrated much better. Such a nice easy drinking PN. I have another 4 bottles of the 2016 left so will probably drink them over the next 12 months or so .