Weekday Drinking 31st July -4th August 2023

So, it’s bean a while since I started one of these but given I’m an hour ahead I’ve cracked into this lovely Chardonnay from Ritual in the Casablanca Valley. A cool climate benefiting from the winds of the pacific, grapes are hand harvested, farmed sustainably with fermentation and aging in a combination of concrete eggs and oak barrels. It spends around 12 months of lees with adds some texture to the wine . We’re on the apples, lime and citrus end of descriptors here but a nice little hint of vanilla and butterscotch on the finish . Heafty at
14% but perfect for wet French Monday evenings :joy:!

Edit…. I’m trying to add a photo but it’s being difficult ! Will keep trying :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:


Ah yes, French internet is decidely ‘meh’ - but I love that they call it “whiffy”.

Switching browsers might help (seriously) Ryanair for instance, and many travel firms do not work on Firefox. Drinking Casablanca Chardonnay… in France !


We want french supermarche buys not society bottles lol ….



Ooh, hope you’re having a good time in France! Saves me the marginal indignity of being first Monday wine drinker two weeks on the trot. :joy:

Some good news for me today, and that was all the excuse I needed to open my first of the these (did my usual 1 + 6 to reserves).

The first bottle of this I ever had was the 2016, which was a beautiful, more copper coloured wine, as I remember the 2017 being too. I don’t recall having the chance to buy the 2018(?), but perhaps I just missed it. The 2019 and 2020 are much darker in colour, so perhaps either longer on the skins or less Pinot Beurot (no idea which, or if either answer would be vaguely true!). Also slightly more acidic and distinctly Pinot Noir on the nose.

The 2019 was terrific and, well, this is even better. It can age well for sure (acidity and structure), but this is just absolutely wonderful at the moment. Packed full of strawberries (sounds bad, but it’s a little like someone’s fermented the syrup from the best tin of strawberries you’ve ever had), such beautiful fruit (the nose! What a nose), a noticeable texture of skin contact, a sort of wild greenness (all in balance) with a slightly tangy acidity. It’s among the best wines (“rosé” or otherwise) I’ve ever had and I’m very glad I get to buy this once a year. If you have bought some, I’d encourage you to try one now (I’d decant).

A very happy Monday to all!


11year old son’s birthday to celebrate tonight and for the adults around the table a leek and Gruyère pie I made myself, together with Jean-Marc Vincent Santenay 1er Cru Gravières Blanc.

Gorgeous wine, in a great place. Just the right weight and so well judged. Incredibly more-ish. Will definitely look out for more of his whites.

And the pie may not look a thing a beauty, but I’m proud of this. I only cook like this occasionally, but I have to say this tasted great… (and yes it is a whopper, it’ll keep us going all week)


Nice enough (with Boeuf Bourguignon) but nothing amazing. Maybe better tomorrow?


Oh but it does. Leek & Gruyere… seems French (ish) do you have a recipe you can share?


Of course…

(Sorry, photo of a printed off email from 20 odd years ago. That we have kept the printed email though speaks to how highly we rate the pie…)


Ever the curious veggie me! Could I ask a couple of questions:

  1. What have you corrected the leek cooking time to? I’m struggling to read it.
  2. The recipe says cut the leek thinly, yours looks a bit chunkier? (Which I would probably prefer).
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Of course. The original recipe said 30 mins which was then corrected to 20 mins. I went for 25.

And I didn’t cut the leeks too thin, just chopped them up. Worked just fine.

One small thing if cooking again - I ended up with a bit too much liquid in it. I cooked leeks, then had to do something else. When I can back there was liquid which in retrospect I think I should have poured off. Made it slightly soggy, but still very tasty.

And just as good eaten cool on subsequent days. It will be keeping us going all week.


I thought 30min seemed a little long. I’d probably have gone for something like 10-15 if I’d been guessing! And I’d have probably chopped them a little chunky. I do a cheese and leak (Glamorgan) sausage which is great but there they really do need to be quite thinly sliced but still I probably only cook them for 10 minutes or so before adding to the mix.

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I’m going to make this!

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Sounds great, but would be hugely enhanced with the addition of a bulb of garlic


Decided to have a bacon sarnie for lunch and open this 2001 Musar. I don’t remember how much of this I bought from the waitrose offers a few years ago but it is still drinking beautifully.
On opening a slight note of port and Brett but after a while those were gone. Leather, milk chocolate , faint note of smokiness , plums and some spice. Not very long but very tasty and I bet it will pair nicely with herbs and spices.


Of course! What isn’t? :rofl: Though I should ask did you mean a bulb or a clove? A whole bulb might be a little much. Although maybe not - I usually reckon on a clove per serving and since it said 8 servings…

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I have just one bottle of that left. It keeps winking at me.


Loving the suggestion: “prinkle with the remaining cheese”

Shall be in the oven sometime this week. Many thanks !

A blue cheese version with the addition of chestnuts could be interesting & make it red wine friendly … but would overpower the leeks. Maybe nearer Christmas.

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Having had a delivery today of bottles with duty paid we went for this.

Certainly looks like it is on the road to maturity.

A pleasant floral note on the nose. Soft and gentle in the mouth. This is good. It will keep, but is easy to wrestle down now ***1/2.


Meandro Vale Meão 2015 Douro

Dark to the eye, purple rimmed.

On the nose a big dark fruit hit, coffee and spice, some light toast from the oak too.

Glad I’ve put a few years on this. As it’s openend up a bit more relative to some other Portuguese wines I ordered at the same time.

This is showing good balance and finish. The slightly present tannins have been tamed. Good finish with acidity in support.

Interesting blend of Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Alicante Bouschet and Tinta Amarela

Picked up for 11.5 EUR back in 2019.

Cheers all!