Weekday Drinking (25th - 28th Feb 2019)

I’ve drank lots of this @Alchemist, you will not be disappointed. I tend to drink quite a bit of it in the summer for some reason, its great,

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That explains the stock levels! :rofl: Looking forward to the delivery :+1:

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Decided to let the mataro and the Penfolds slumber longer and cracked open the Crystallum… I guess I am in a Pinot mood. This one (Crystallum Cinema 2014) :for me does the trick nicely. A step up from the Peter Max, Still young, but with some time out of the bottle it is great.


Long day, needed a glass of something red and accessible. Chose this


Went well with pasta and netflix!


Heh yes exactly :smiley: This one was better than the last bottle in a basket I had, which must have been close to 20 years ago. Easy drinking, good with pasta, refreshing and maybe just about identifiable as sangiovese if looking for it. :face_with_monocle: At £10/1.5L you can’t complain. :wine_glass::pound::heavy_check_mark:


Been getting through a few older Coonawarra reds of late.
This was great on Wednesday evening
And then shared a half of this last night. My first purchase of halves and I’m loving the concept. Especially when the liquid inside is this tasty

11 left :grin:


Peter Max rocks, so I must try the magic of Cinema soon…

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