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Weekday Drinking (25th - 28th Feb 2019)


Ignore what it says on my post above re: availability - Both wines are still In Stock. Enjoy!


Like you, we loved the Viognier! It went own far too easily, and had such a wonderful nose and creamy, peachy palate… Must get a couple more in.
Great tip regarding the Syrah! :+1::blush:


Just some spicy lentil soup and a glass each of this favourite of ours. So glad the W/S stocks Cauhape wines!


This is a delicious wine and EVERYONE should be made to drink it! It really is lovely.


You and me, both! He’s a great producer and makes such enticing wines!


Just tried the Jurançon last week with some friends and we all enjoyed it a lot. Rather surprised by the alcohol level at 14%; it doesn’t seem that strong.


3-days off the wine, looking forward to something nice to open tonight and finish over the next few days… looking at my Cellartracker the contenders are:

Crystallum Cuvée Cinéma Pinot Noir, Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge 2014
Once and Future Oakley Road Mataro 2016
Penfolds Bin 138 Barossa Valley Shiraz Mataro Grenache 2015

Will need to see what’s for dinner… decisions


I have had 2004, 05, 06 & 08 of the Kay Bros. Hillside. 04 came in at 1 4% and for my tastes was the better wine due to its greater balance of fruit, alcohol and oak. The 05 was quite Portish if i recall but a great fire side wine.
Still have 2 bottles of the 2008 Block 6 (116 year old vineyard at time of harvest), the cuttings of which were used to plant the Hillside vineyard.
Great producer! Certainly one of my favourites from the region.


Magnum of Chianti in fiasco from Lidl for the local BYOB pasta lab tonight🤞


Just opened this to go with some duck breasts

It had 30 minutes to breathe but still tastes very closed and tannic, hopefully more air will open it up. Lots of brambly fruit and cassis.


Sadly we have no fireside but it was excellent with shepherds pie. The alcohol though perceptible wasn’t over obtrusive. It does strike as more of a winter tipple.


Lovely and long. I’ll be getting more of this for sipping in the garden.


Going to finish the last glass of this while I wait for Mr. Leah to get back. He’s flying from CDG where apparently in the wine section of Duty free, someone tried to sell him a Bordeaux superieur with the following line " Two for the price of one sir! Its red and goes with meat!":rofl: Give that salesman a P45.

I then have plans for this Torrontes, maybe just a glass or maybe 2, depends how long his flight takes :joy:


How is the Undurraga, @Leah ?.. Viognier/Marsanne/Roussane are my very own holy Trinity . The price is very attractive!


I like that blend too. This is really attractive for the price point, good aromatic nose with lots of stone fruits and floral hints. The palate has plenty of minerality, good acidity, fruit and a strong finish on the palate. Oxidises quite easily I think but excellent value for money and a really nice easy drinking wine. Also, hefty alcohol at 14%.


Very retro! Haven’t seen one of those bottles since the early 80s :man_dancing:


Sounds great as a mid-week white wine! :+1::+1:
Duly added to the wishlist…


Me too - coincidentally I bought a couple of these today as a bit of a punt…

Seems in the intervening couple of hours it’s gone out of stock?! No reviews on the site, but would be interested to know if anyone has tried this one?


Something simple and satisfying to drink tonight. Still not entirely recovered from a cold so nothing too expensive!


Tonight’s bottle was a new one for me…

Full of blueberry fruitiness, toasted coconut and a little pepper from the Syrah. A nice easy drinking red and great VFM at <£7.