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Weekday drinking 24th-27th January 2022

No doubt many of you are abstaining today but as the evening meal here was wine friendly I couldn’t resist ( yeah I know, excuses , excuses ).

So with a loch trout fillet, filled pasta, griddled asparagus and roasted tomatoes…

…a Hochheimer Holle Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2017 from Kunstler.

A lovely greenish gold colour. Fresh and fragrant with citrus, earthy spice, blossom and some petrol on the nose. Tangy, full flavoured, lime, apple and apricot fruit with a distinctive earthy minerality on tasting. Fresh acidity provides excellent balance and there’s a lightly tannic texture to it too that’s making another glass impossible to resist.

A very good start to the week wine-wise but a bad one units-wise !

If you too are indulging midweek, what’s in your glass ?


'Nuff said. But virtuous points in the bag none the less.

Still - looking forward to Martin Freeman in The Responder at 9…


I’ve had this open for 4 nights now, so kind of weekend/weekday drinking - and we’re talking the most sunny-sensational 2016 Etna Rosso N’Anticchia by Pietro Caciorgna.

I don’t really know where to start with this. For starters, very unlike me to be spending so much on a single bottle. I bought this as an Xmas treat for myself, to take me back to my work-trips to Sicilia, but didn’t quite get round to opening it as work just didn’t stop.

Opened it I finally did however, and yee gadz - this is something quite astonishing. On P&P it was really very sweet-tannined, too much so. Not surprisingly really. By tonight, those tannins are drying and quite severe. But lovely with it. In between times, the wine has given me a sensory barrage of aromas & tastes, from raw red fruits to candied red fruits to fruit peel to earth to autumn leaves to tomato leaf to wet rock to ash to flowers to green tree-bark. Quite amazing. And all with a lovely airy firmness and gentle density too. One can but sip this creature - too much and you get the sense she’ll erupt inside you.

The most astonishing thing of all these astonishing things however is the sense of burning sulphur from Etna herself. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it in a wine before - piercing and clean and strong; like an eruption itself.

Liking it or not liking it seems almost irrelevant - it’s up there in my all-time top 3 vinous experiences. And you get the sense that the wine itself doesn’t give a damn if you like it or not anyway.


I miss wine quite a lot right now :laughing:


Been struggling to login in on my mobile so not been posting much. This was from back in December.
ONE MAN BAND Red — Iona Wine Farm
2014 vintage. Was exactly where I like it, integrated but retaining fruit and secondary savouriness coming through. Lovely stuff. If you have a bottle, now’s the time.


Catch up with a friend at Hawksmoor Spitalfields, taking advantage of the £5 per bottle corkage. Based on experience, skipped the starter (more a quantity than a quality issue).

We started with a Meursault Goureau Hospices de Beaune Lucien Le Moine Half 2018 that was bottled for Hedonism and Hide from their barrel bought at the Hospices de Beaune. This reminded me why (also how) I love Meursault. It was creamy and dreamy with satisfying acidity. The price is prohibitive though, now to find a similar taste profile at 25% of the price…

Then with the chateaubriand, we had a bottle of Purple Angel, also 2018. It is a blend of 92% Carmenere and 8% Petit Verdot and it is knock your socks of delicious. Perfect balance of smooth tanning, bright acidity and sweet black fruit.

Finished with the Ambassador and rolos for desert with the remnants of the Purple Angel. A good match.


Sounds like a lovely evening @szaki1974

I picked up a 75cl bottle of this, but 2014 vintage, bottled for M&S when they cleared it from their shelves. Think it was £65 with save a third discount overlaid.
That Hedonism price for a 375ml is crazy!
I’ve not opened my bottle yet. Would you say it could do with more ageing based on your 2018?

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It definitely has the capacity to benefit from aging a fair few additional years.

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Cheers @szaki1974 - was thinking I might open it 10 years from vintage but then my parents are due to come over in the summer so might find a good occasion/excuse

The long working day is finally over, and soon we shall feast on some haggis and tatties (no neeps… I don’t like them unfortunately, so rainbow carrots will take their place :grimacing:).

To accompany, a 2018 Arbin Mondeuse from Domaine Jean Vullien - probably not the most obvious wine match, but I have faith:

This is another bottle kindly bought for me in Savoie by @MikeFranklin - thank you, Mike! :grinning: I am always amazed by the way Mondeuse can pack quite a punch at very low ABV (the lowest I’ve had was 11.5%! this one is 12.5%). First glass reveals notes of damsons and sloes, maybe some blackberries too, floral violet notes and spicy pepper. It certainly betrays its Syrah relation.

On the palate - similar notes: blueberries and sloes, dark cherry, perhaps, and spicy pepperiness. It’s earthy and slips down easily, though perhaps not the most complex example of the grape - I think the Château de Mérande wines the Society used to stock were a little firmer in structure and longer in finish. Still, can’t complain! - this is quaffable and very easy to enjoy.

Happy Burns Night! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :tumbler_glass:


I bought this Gevrey Chambertin from this domaine onToby’s recommendation @Toby.Morrhall
Top recommendation
This wine is so typical of GC. I am drinking it quite young but the fruit density is really good. It has a rich darkness and compact spice that has great acidic structure. It really is a great introduction to Gevrey Chambertin
Lovely balance and the tannins are gently ripe.


Posted an hour later

It is a rich silky rasperry gently infused with dark espresso

That’s enough prentious nonsense …ed.


A ‘classic’ Californian Chardonnay with loads of oak and butter, seemingly heavy for a white but perhaps expected. Overall enjoyable but difficult to have more than a couple of glasses.

Not something I had ever tried before, a dessert wine from New Zealand, and while I expected something a bit more subtle this was anything but! The nose was guava and passionfruit (exactly like a guava Rubicon if you’ve ever had one) but I didn’t get any hint of botrytis which surprised me a bit.


Don’t usually drink on a Tuesday but my maternal heritage demands it:

Oh wad some power the giftie gie us,
To see oursel’s as ithers see us!
It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion:
What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
An’ ev’n devotion!


A dram of each tonight :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:


Burns night supper with a bottle of Jean-Marc Burguad’s Beaujolais-Villages. On opening I was quite worried as it was harsher than expected with very little fruit (I’ve drunk a lot of B-V from natural wine producers - the “gang of five” etc. so I was expecting easy drinking fruit juice straight away). However, an hour later it absolutely shining - lovely red fruit: raspberries and cherries, with some real depth of flavour and a lovely silky texture. Not the crunchy red fruit you’d expect from B-V, but altogether richer without losing the ease of drinking you want from a wine like this. This is the second of Burguad’s wines I’ve tried (the first being the Morgon Grand Cras 2018 which I also enjoyed), so it’s made me excited to buy more of his wines in the future. I’ve got a couple of both of his Cote du Py '18 and '19 which I’m going to give a couple more years before broaching too.


Opened this on Monday. It started off quite green, with what I would describe as some herbaceous notes on the palate.

Night 2 improved, the greenness seemed to have blown off and the fruit came to the fore with a pleasing acidity. Freshness I think you might say.

I’m still on my journey into red burgundy, I wouldn’t say I’m totally sold yet, but enjoying the process!

Jerome Galeyrand, Gevrey Chambertin, Billard, 2016



The new range of Bind Spot arrived this morning. I will let the rest a while before trying.


Ah, and one of my favourite drams too! :smiley:

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Not strictly a weekday drinking entry, just a teaser of this weekend. We have a lovely lunch planned for some dear friends who like us last year (we were in April, they were in September) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Covid put a full stop on any celebrations and of course the cost of going somewhere Michelin level these days is insane so we’ve concocted a six course meal at home with wines that we could never afford in a 2/3-star restaurant. My good friend Tim (a fellow TWS member) said he’d do the fizz! Here it is!!

More info after I wake up on Monday.