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Weekday drinking [23rd -27th September ‘19]


This. Oh my goodness. So mellow, so soft, lots of fruit, balanced. Just divine.


I’ve a couple of bottles of the 2002 in the cabinet, thinking of broaching one this Christmas, particularly after your note on the 1999, sounds gorgeous :heart_eyes:


Thursday evening wine conversation (my wife only drinks white wine):

Me: what are you drinking?
Answer: not sure, opened a bottle, I don’t think it’s chardonnay.
Me: do you like it?
Answer: yes, it is quite nice. By the way, your delivery yesterday from the 8 auction lots you won did not include any white wines…
Me: I’m sorry, there are not that many whites that will keep in the cellar… Let me know which of the EP Dönnhoff rieslings you like.
Answer: I think I will like them all…
Me: going to her wine fridge (yes, we have one each): Oh she is drinking a chardonnay

Me: Let’s go and order the EP offer, while my lovely wife is drinking her burgundy, and watching the recording of the England - USA rugby match…

Me: I really love her!!! She just thinks I am getting obsessed with wine…


Just to be clear, I showed the item to my wife before posting it!


Drinking El Gato Gordo Godello from Bierzo. Great name and nice wine. It was a WIGIG from Majestic a while ago and has been in my fridge long enough to grow quite a few crystals.

Floral, lemon peel, and peach/apricot stone aromas. Stone fruit, slight bitter lemon, mineral, very faint marmalade and a sprinkle of salt. Good with salmon quiche, strangely not so good with baby green peas. Goes down very easily leaving a slightly zingy feeling in my mouth.


I LOVE this ! Thanks for sharing the transcript … reminded me to look at the Donnhoff offer too :rofl::see_no_evil:! Not that I need more wine …


Well I have to laugh 22 years of married life and my wife happily followed my lead. Interest sparked and wine for dummies followed. Blind tasted Barbera nasty moved to case of good stuff drunk over ten years (early 2006/7 Fontodi). Now all of a sudden ultra competitive WSET level 2 and now 3 competition. just did little mid week comparison of Lidl’s Lirac Reserve de Capoulier with M&S Closier Lirac. Great for expanding wine horizon as have been very Gigondas and CNP focused. Both went down well and now curious how my Mont Redon ( very nice Wine Soc) compares.


His n hers wine fridges. Now that is very cool, Jos, in all senses of the word! Out of interest does Mrs Jos like rose at all or is it whites only?


Not much rose for either of us, only on hot Summer days when outside on the terrace… We both like full bodied wines, me all colours, and Mrs Jos white only.


Opened this last night:

It’s my first Brunello and I was a little worried as I figure it’s really still a little on the young side. However I wanted to see what the fuss is about before the Brunello EP offer.

So as I say, I was a little worried that it might be a little young and harsh but was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it is. Cherries and a touch savoury on the nose and whilst there are plenty of tannins present they are surprisingly smooth and well balanced with the acidity. Lovely long finish. Undoubtedly a powerful wine (a characteristic that I love) and though drinking well now would probably be even better in in two or three years.

EP candidate? quite possibly though whether the Brunelli will be in the EP offer remains to be seen. Either way will need to add to the wish list for further purchases (I notice the TWS list has now moved on to the '14 so…).


The highlight of a Portuguese tasting on Wednesday. Full of life. Tertiary flavours and a definite portyness. A sour red fruit note of cranberry too. Amazed to find that this was made entirely without oak. The blend consists of castelão, baga, and the now extinct varietal moreto.


This tonight

It came as part of a mixed case earlier in the year. Not something we would have otherwise tried. We opened it on Wednesday and will finish it off this evening. We enjoyed the glass we had on Wednesday, a smooth wine with blueberry fruit to the fore. Easy, undemanding weekday drinker. Just right for a Friday night. Cheers!


I found myself this evening browsing the wine section of Waitrose while waiting for the rush hour traffic to subside. Rather surprised to see a Rustenberg Malbec, the first South African Malbec I’ve seen I think. Exercising immense mental fortitude I didn’t succumb but I’ve yet to taste a bad Rustenberg wine so it’s only a matter of time!