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Weekday drinking [23rd -27th September ‘19]


This has been staring at me in the garage for ages . It was looking lonely so I chilled it and gave it a try .
I was NOT disappointed, on the first sip could tell it was high alcohol but it is integrated really well in the way that a good Chenin or chardonnay can do with oak . There’s a chalkiness with grapefruit and lime pith and also something very smooth and almost tropical like that lingers around the roof of your mouth after the pith has gone. Quite like a juicy nectarine with a hint of :rose: rose. I always feel torrontes can be underrated mainly because there aren’t a lot of great examples about. This is a good one and one I’ll continue to buy :+1:.


This tonight, the 2016. First sips very promising. The bottle looks so small…


Haven’t had this for a while. More like a chenin or very dry riesling than S/B. Mouthwatering acidity, good honeyed nose, decent length. Really good for £12.


Monthly tasting at The Winery tonight.

The Sekt was absolutely gorgeous. Only ever drunk an NV one before, so was a surprising treat. The two 2018 rieslings fairly similar, my preference was the Kuhn. The 02 Riesling was great. Bone dry, classic aged characteristics, slightly oily (not petrol for me) and rich mouthfeel.

First Pinot noir very pale and incredibly savoury, definitely a food wine. The two Chat Sauvage Pinots were Burgundian in appearance (bottle & label) and style, not to mention price. Beautifully balanced, ripe fruit and fresh acidity, very smooth tannins. The second one a step up, but nowhere near double the price for me.


I was both excited and slightly nervous to try this for the first time. A 2012 Chianti Classico from Fontodi, received through a Vintage Cellar Plan in 2016 and pulled from reserves last week…


…with venison ragu and pasta. A powerful and developing nose of violets, ripe cherries, herbs and new leather gave a sign that this is in good place ( which tasting confirmed ).

Medium to full body, sourly ripe red cherry fruit with excellent depth of flavour, herbal notes add complexity , powdery tannins and fresh acidity provide the structure to balance. That acidity also gave a bit of balsamic lift on its long finish that kept me coming back for another glass.

Needless to say, it didn’t make it to day two as intended.

Mind blowing Condrieu tasted this month

Great match. Bet there were no leftovers of supper either. Looks delicious


Strange weather and a difficult day at work call for a cheerful, easy-to-understand wine. So 2018 Yalumba (Y Series) Viognier it is!

A whiff of struck-match soon dissipates to reveal floral nose – all peaches, white blossom and citrus. On the palate it is surprisingly fresh and minerally (yes, I know, a terrible term). The fruit is ripe and leaning more towards the tropical (pineapple, guava), but there is a zesty, even slightly bitter, undercurrent of citrus peel that keeps it from being too heavy. Finish is medium +. Looking at the bottle I notice it is wild ferment - good stuff!

It’s not a wine which over-exercises the brain cells, but it certainly warms the heart chambers. Just what I need this evening…

Happy Tuesday! :clinking_glasses:


Rather a last minute decision to open a Cazes Hommage 2016 Cotes de Roussillon so it hasn’t had much chance to open up yet. Lovely purplish red colour and very promising so far though, lots of red and black fruit.

Can’t remember where I got it, which is a bit worrying as it’s only 2016, but this French website, which I haven’ t seen before, has lots of information


I’m impressed by the wine and the website!


It’s a Grenache/Syrah night firstly this half with a bowl of pasta arrabiata:

Then a sip of this lovely fortified Aussie, paid a bit less than this as a bin-end:




Thanks ! Two portions did actually make it into the freezer for an easy dinner some time in the future.

Rather predictably, I had less resolve with the wine.


Freezing wine’s probably not a such a good idea, anyway…


Having forgotten about a wine put in the freezer for a quick chill and finding a slush puppy with a pushed cork the next day, I can only agree !


Wine in a hotel room in Vienna. Blaufrankisch “Vitikult” 2017 from J.Heinrich Deutschkreuz.

Nice fruity smell, deep purple colour, good body and long lingering. Very nice. €11.99 in the supermarket next to the hotel.


Until further notice, I’ll be drinking this:

…and/or this:

The Tariquet works well - not much kick, lighter-coloured Opal Fruits juiciness, the sauvignon blanc giving it a bit of twang. Good budget white.

The Jaume is … you know … Côtes-du-Rhôney. Which I like :+1:


Edit required, remove the or :grin:


Another one from the Albariño case (i’d Love to claim credit for the accent but my iPhone did it!) and I particularly like this as it’s almost Chablis like but more 1er cru than villages.


Two Piedmont wines at dinner tonight.

Once you fight your way past the wax seal (a pain to remove) this is a really nice wine. However it was blown away by the Burlotto offering from the same vintage. TWS haven’t (unless I’ve missed it) offered the 2017 Burlotto Langhe Nebbiolo yet, so hold on to some pennies for when it does appear. It is fabulous.


Glass of this tonight, going to try with Chicken Katsu.

Verdict, not a particularly good match. Wine itself is a bit acidic, nose star anise, grapefruit,
overall delicious, will leave the remainder of the case for a few years to see how this develops.

Sure this was a recommendation from @VinoVeritas, thanks.


I really enjoyed that wine too. Somewhat similarly, I’ve just had pork konkatsu with pickled veg and boiled rice ( from a Waitrose recipe card ), as nice as it was, it was one of the least wine friendly meals I’ve ever eaten !

I’ve never had konkatsu sauce before but it was vinegary, fruity and a bit like HP, and with pickled veg on top, a total wine killer. I really should know better by now !


I never learn. Please see the reply above !