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Weekday drinking 23-26 May 2022

Young Barolo today, very good, but maybe just not good enough. Pretty red fruit, grainy tannins in abundance, but more light than ethereal. Happy I have had it, but one bottle is enough.

What are you drinking this midweek?


On a cool wet and breezy night with pasta and ragu we broke the rules,for this…

The Society’s Sicilian Reserve Red 2017

Warming, delivered in spades and perfect this evening. Last one.


Interesting, I thought the Vajra Albe was really good in 16, and these were similarish price wise from what I recall.

Inspired by @Inbar (and I suspect she doesn’t even know it!), my other half bought me - for Christmas (naturally) - the Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste (at least I hope it was she, all apologies if it was someone else). It was never going to survive first contact with our doormat, and I’ve already read Piedmont and Austria (it irks slightly that the South West is excluded, but it just delays the inevitable gold-rush when America finally discovers it I suppose), last night I opened…

(Photo: 2013 Marcarini Barolo La Serra).

Young but approachable, as-light-as-a-Pelaverga colour in the decanter, highish acidity, a high-toned profile with cherries, roses, and (as one taster on CT described, and trust me, it does, just don’t ask me why) paintbox with some still grippy tannins. Not quite as divine as 2008, or instantly rewarding as the 2011 right now, this has plenty of time to morph into a classic. Perfect accompaniment to some lamb with baked aubergine, tomato and olives.

And tonight, with roast pork, sauerkraut, and apples…

(Photo: Jurtschitsch Grüner Veltliner Stein 2019).

The authors of aforementioned book pretty much slate Austrian Grüner Veltliner, making exception only for -you guessed it - Jurtschitsch (I feel like I shouldn’t be mentioning this, as prices still remain reasonable, but there has to be more than me reading it). Lovely stone fruits on the nose, the acidity of the sauerkraut made it seem quite sweet, rather than the pre meal steely austerity it had. Very reasonable for the £12(?) paid. Looking forward to my EP stash now :yum:


Maybe just closing down a bit. I did enjoy it.

Oh well - Iceland update checking -in. I must say that doing this self-catering motorhome thing, that we’re well-used to, which is affected by what there is to buy to eat and drink, we have been very well-served by the fresh local food - fish “surtout” - and tonight we were able to cook a totally Iceland - sourced meal. soused herring, horseradish cream, crackers… pollock, sautées, salad; the only challenge being the wine. But - Vinbudin to the rescue - …Oh and en-route we paused at Kolufoss waterfall and the weird Hvitsekur rock formation. That Portuguese bottom shelf red really pulled up trees … £12 ? yes that’s a bargain


Oh yes! Really enjoyed it - despite, as you say, some glaring omissions… But at least they acknowledged it in their introduction. Lovely book!

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Waitrose used to seek that years ago

A bibulous Monday evening taking advantage of cheap corkage at Hawksmoor.

All wines excellent.


Mad weather today! :crazy_face: Suits the mood, actually.

Baharat chicken and rice for dinner, and as I’m the only one drinking this evening - decided to open something suitable for the meal, but also suitably not fancy:

Aldi ‘Specially Selected’ Roussanne, Chassaux et Fils, IGP Pays d’Oc 2020

I bought a bottle a few months’ back, after reading a Tim Atkin MW reviewe. Well, I’m with him on the excellent value for money, for sure! This is lovely and very much a recognisable Roussanne.

I think Aldi use the brand name ‘Chassaux et Fils’ for their ‘Specially Selected’ line; the cork on this one says ‘Family Mas’ - so I suspect this is made by Domaine Paul Mas, which would explain the quality/price ratio. I might be wrong of course… but anyway, lovely nose - fresh pears, golden delicious apple and maybe just-ripe peach, but underneath also a nice herbal note of fennel and chamomile.

Rather delicious on the palate - ripe orchard fruit again, perhaps a twist of lemon, that herbal background and a sort of almond bitterness on the finish. Good acidity to balance the fruit, not the longest finish in the world, but can’t fault this for the price!

très bien! :clinking_glasses: :clap:


Vinsobres Référence, Domaine Jaume 2015, 14.5%

Mmm, yum. Weather just allowing a dip back into Southern Rhone territory :wink:
Only 10% Mourvedre but I feel it makes its presence well known. Super dark fruit, quite earthy, cloves, tar, some spice from the oak.
Very good stuff.


Perrin Chateaneuf-du-pape les Sinards 2015.

From Sainsburys during one of their 25% off deals. A very good wine, powerful but not top heavy. Good fruit, a bit of dust, the nose opening out nicely. I have an idea it was about £16. Excellent value at that price.


A definite super bargain.

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Bogle Chardonnay 2018 tonight, and actually last night too. Can’t remember where I got it.


Yes, very toasty, creamy, butterscotch, caramel thing going on, but also freshness and fruit, mainly apple for me. It reminds me most of eating toffee apples at the fairground in my teens. (So the memory may not be that accurate!).


Some 2019 on the site now in case you need a re-up


(Photo: Rhombus Robola of Kefalonia).

One of the last holdouts from the mixed Greek case last year (at least I think it is?!). Seems to be holding up reasonably well, bright acidity yet reasonable density, citrus, with a slight savoury touch on the finish (also I detect a slight spritz or prickliness on the tongue, I wonder whether this is usual?). We had a ham and potato salad with it, seems ideal for lighter less intellectual fayre.


Huet Le Mont Moelleux, 2005

Supper was a beetroot & chickpea dahl / curry. Quite robust and earthy, but a sweetness from roasted beetroot. Unsure what wine would go with it, then remembered a bottle of Huet Moelleux 2005.

Burnished golden colour, delicious immediately. Very fresh and lovely now but gaining maturity but still probably decades to go.

Could be a dessert wine, but I think better as accompaniment to savoury food. Worked very well with the beetroot curry.


Opened this on Sunday, finished on Monday

2016 vintage. First of six.

Really impressive. Balanced, integrated, and not at all heavy despite 14.5%. Although I’m sure it will drink well for quite a few years, it’s really lovely right now. Quite complex on the nose, with red fruits dominating over black, some subtle spicy notes but also scented flowers too. Palate a little simpler maybe, too young for any tertiary notes but it’s good enough now without.
Reminded me more of a Cote Rotie in style than many Gigondas.


Currently being strongly considered.

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Spot on! We have drunk quite a few Bogle Chardonnay (excellent vfm - about £12 from TWS), and Toffee Apple has always been the consistent tasting note! :+1:

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