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Weekday drinking [23-26 July]



So… what have people been drinking this week so far?
The amazing, not to say envy-inducing, selection the Hawksmoor group had to entertain them is not something I can compete with. But that’s OK! For us, it is Aldi’s Animus Douro Portuguese red. We shall have it with a simple lamb hot-pot. Looking forward to both!
Over to you…:blush:


I’m curious about this wine - I saw Olly Smith on Saturday Kitchen recently saying it was his bargain wine of the year. What do you think of it?


Yes, this was Monday… link to how it all developed here, time to organise the next one…


Last night it was this, with some nibbles

Very pleasant, but I prefer the Anjou Rose Bougrier but good to try new wines.

Followed by this with Moussaka, which I love and am pleased I bought a few bottles of it.

I have a bottle of this chilling in the fridge for later which I haven’t tried before.


I tried this at the recent Loire tasting and I thought it was brilliant for the money.


Great to hear, and high praise indeed! In fact it is very likely I bought on your recommendation, I find the Community recommendations really useful in choosing my wines, and have tried bottles which I’d never have noticed without the insider tip offs!


No pressure then :slight_smile:


The trouble with trying to maintain a 5 + 2 regime is that there is only so long you can put the 2 off! I am wondering if I might have to give myself a special warm weather dispensation though…


So far? It’s only Tuesday…

OK, Monday lunchtime
Cape Heights South African Savvie (bulk shipped and bottled in France by Boutinot. Only other white on list was a Pinot Grigio…)
Monday dinner

Tuesday - dinner at Galvin La Chapelle in Spital Square, London with a 10 year vertical of
very vintage of Le Vin du Francois hosted by owner/winemaker and all-round good egg Francois Naude


You’ve never let me down so far!! I find the wine lists and the various flyers excellent, but the choice is vast, so the heads up on special bottles from Community members on bottles which they particularly enjoy is invaluable to me, so please keep your suggestions coming. That is what I love about the Community, people sharing their knowledge and passion so generously, so many thanks to you.



Last night we had drinks with a lovely Danish couple . Websupplied the Champagne and they provided this fabulous Pinot Gris! It was complex and mouth coating . I loved it . We left Reims today and have just set up camp on a beautiful resevoir in the Côte d’Or .


We are in Keswick this week so a mixture of Cumberland ales and the Box of Cotes du Rhône has made the trip


Yesterday we tried an alcohol free Weissbier I picked up out of curiosity from Lidl. Called Patronus, I was getting positive Harry Potter vibes. Anyway, the taste was a resounding Meh as the yoof of today would say. Just watery but on the plus side none of the unpleasant bitterness I sometimes find with AF beers. Tomorrow we will finish off these two we started on Sunday, both very nice and both recommendations from this community

That will be us until Friday when it will be the weekend of our 35th wedding anniversary :grinning::heart_eyes:


Will let you know, @Bargainbob! :+1:
I’m currently still on the Campari and tonic :wink:


Oh my god, @peterm! Your answer is the proof that my question was valid!! :grin:
Great selection! :+1:


Fantastic! By the way, should you be tempted, it matures wonderfully, gaining a sort of added creaminess as it goes.


Ooh, I think that’s just what I need right now. Plenty of ice going in the glass as I type :grinning:


Well, this wine was a success, especially considering its ridiculous price. Lovely nose of plum, dark red fruit, cigar box and spice (which to me smelled like cinnamon). The palate was fresh, and although it was definitely full bodied there was nothing heavy about it; plum jam, bramble and dark red fruit on the palate, with lovely camphor notes. Very fruity on the finish, and tannins are certainly present - but smooth. It really reminded me of Porta 6, the gorgeous Touriga Nacional blend, which was (is?) a Majestic best seller, and one of our regular reds.
All in all - highly recommended as a mid-week wine, and despite what I felt was a fairly short finish, it’s a real value for money red! :wine_glass::+1:


I had planned not to drink until Thursday when my wife returns from a work trip, but somehow I’ve only managed Monday off before succumbing to the charms of this bottle of rosé in the fridge.

I’m a big fan of Tavel rosé and this hits the spot. Incredibly full bodied and unctuous (love that word) and so, so long!


So… Tuesday at La Chapelle, Spital Square started with a glass of Champagne followed by a glass of Francois Naude’s 2010 Chenin Blanc. Bone dry but with honeyed tones…

Then 10 vintages of Vin de Francois

followed by a glass of Francois’ white ‘port’.

Wednesday - dinner at Oslo Court, St Johns Wood
Flute of Champagne to start, followed by

Trus 2005 Ribero de Duero DO
followed by a complimentary glass of dessert Muscat

Thursday - Probus lunch at Belvedere, St Albans
Couple of flutes of Prosecco to start followed by

Montigoli Valpolicello Ripasso Classico DOC 2016