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Weekday drinking 20 - 23rd August



I will get the ball rolling.

Linear, savoury, serious Syrah. Smoky notes, maybe a little vanilla after time in glass. Still a bit tightly wound, but ready to go. Resealed after one glass to see what tomorrow brings.


Last day in Provence, but ended up drinking two reds from other AOCs…
A simple, but fragrant, delicate and satisfying 2016 Paul Buisse Chinon, and a really smooth, tobacco-scented and brambley 2015 Chateau Carbon d’Artiguese Graves (apparently a fairly recent domain). Both were highly enjoyable!
Au revoir France… :clinking_glasses::sunflower::cricket::sunglasses:


Not sure which appellation you mean is fairly recent?


Apologies! I meant ‘a fairly recent domain/ chateau’… Best not to compose posts late at night! :wink:
Ps- now edited…


@Jcbl. I have 6 bottles of this - so do you think it still needs more time?


The Society’s Full French Red. Had a glass on Sunday and will finish off tomorrow. On Sunday it was a bit ‘meh’ to be honest. I was looking forward to it as we really like the wines of the producers, but it was very ordinary. Will see what tomorrow brings.


My curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t resist any longer so I opened my first bottle of Weinert Tonel 111.

It was soft and smooth, lighter than I expected. Definitely a complex wine with the promised notes of leather and cedar there but there was something else there that I couldn’t work out. The nearest I can get to describing it is almost like a port like tinge running very slightly through the wine. So I was left undecided on this wine at this stage.

Anyway, now that I’ve sated my curiosity the other 5 bottles can sit there for a while yet and I’ll see how it fares in a year or two before I open the next one.


I will give you a fuller view tonight but from the first glass the answer is no. It is tight on first opening but nothing a short decant wouldn’t fix and whilst it’s very pleasant and will keep another couple of years I’m not sure there’s the depth or complexity to think it will get any better.


My mother popped in earlier this afternoon en route to elsewhere, I so invited her to have dinner with us when she was done.

She brought this:

When fridge cold, not a bad nose, as if a lemon, a pineapple and a vanilla pod got thrown into a big blender. Bit flat on the palate, but perfectly drinkable at first. It takes a few sips for the cumulative creep of the residual sugar to make its presence really known, until my mouth takes on the sticky sensation of having had too many jelly beans in one sitting.

The finish is oddly nostalgic, reminding me of the smell of the floor of the Wetherspoon’s on Wind Street in Swansea, when a lot of alcopops have been spilt on it, circa 1999. As it warms up in the glass, the nose loses the fruit and takes on a bilious quality that makes me want to pop the whole thing in the freezer for a while, for everyone’s sake.

I drank this slowly, in a warm room and with much consideration. With hindsight, the best course of action would have been to drink this as quickly as possible, as cold as possible, with as little thought as possible.

Lesson learned.

Happy Tuesday all! :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:

Cherchez la femme

This is terrific, good length and a mineral/citrus explosion! Enjoying the 2015 German Rieslings which tend to have a lot of intensity of flavour. Fair price as well.


Second night. Large bowl glass.

Nose: vanilla, blueberry, ?almond - fresh baked cake smells!
Palate: medium bodied, savoury fruit flavours balanced with oak, vanilla, white pepper.
Finish: Tannins backing off all the time, leaving smoky notes at the back of the mouth.

Drink over the next 12 - 18 months I think and a short decant (needs sediment clearing out) or possibly just served in a large glass via filter. Won’t be disastrous after that but not getting any better.

Very good qpr if bought EP.


Just had this chap: https://www.vivino.com/wineries/nin-ortiz/wines/nin-ortiz-nit-de-nin-mas-d-en-cacador-tinto-uv I was very happy with it. Not sure if we paid a good price though


Had a few (4 + the wife and me) work colleagues over last night and opened these…

The Riesling and Signature were great. The Riesling was super limey with that Margarita zest and the Signature had some nice tertiary notes coming through.
The Grenache Blanc is an orange wine and started with some oxidized sherry notes but then opened up to reveal some nice fruit but the tannins kind of dampened the vibrant fruit. Nice for a crowd of wine nerds but difficult to imagine sharing a bottle between 2. Perhaps need some more robust food than just as an aperitif with nibbles?
The Eileen was a bit of a dud. Perfect cork but had some VA notes and some off-putting (slight) farmyard/animal/brett aromas which I’m not a fan of.
Some quite liked it. No one complained too much (maybe they didn’t want to offend?)
All in all, fairly restrained and civilised for a Tuesday night. Dinner was BBQ chicken and sausages with cous cous, garlic bread and salad.
In bed before 10 so no hangover thank god!


Had a joyful visit to the Planeta winery on the north slope of Mount Etna. The road to it was surrounded by old lava flow.
The vineyard has revitalised an ancient wine cellar for its tasting venue and we enjoyed a tasting of 5 wines from their growing selection of vineyards in Sicily. The Mamertino, a 60% Nero d’Avola 40% Nocera blend was a stand out for me. It comes from their very new Capo Milazzo vineyard near Messina. They are experimenting with the introduction of abandoned native grape varieties there with the local University.
From their Etna stable we tried a Carricante 90% Riesling 10% Eruzione 1614 label that was very fresh. They reckon that the Carricante wines could be quite long lived.
We have a couple of their Methode Champenoise for tonight.



Love the decorations in your study, DrEm.


Nothing like any other Rosé I’ve ever had. 4 yrs in barrels 6 in bottles. Complex long layered and still remarkably fruity.


1993 Riesling GC Eichberg, Kuentz-Bas (Alsace)

Wonky angles are due to unevenness of my garden table. Honest!

This is really the bee’s knees - now fully mature. Fruitiness, in terms of obvious limeyness - has receded somewhat, to be joined by a sort of beeswax, but it still has that formidable spine that dry riesling is noted for. A real mouthful of flavours now. No residual sugar or any fatness, giving a true food wine.


That’s one hell of a wine Wednesday @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis ! :drooling_face:


Drooling over in Brighton too! :drooling_face::drooling_face:


Wine Wednesday update: better. Improved after three days under vacuvin and with cassoulet rather than cheese. Not a complex wine but now acceptable.