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Weekday drinking 20-23 January 2020


In Suffolk, they say “As the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger” (always sounds best when said with a Suffolk drawl).
Thanks to @Herbster, this is my friend for the next 20 days (or so it says on the box).
A friendly companion, full of fruit and warmth, telling tales of warm Provençal nights. An empty Chateau Saint-Eulalie bottle has accepted the need to act as decanter so it’s easier to track consumption volumes.
What’s keeping you warm this week?


Love the product page for the CdR. ‘Members who bought this also bought:

Society’s French Grenache (the old French Full Red - my first TWS wine!)
A modestly priced Madiran
Premier Cru Burgundy
£80 St Emilion’

That’s an interesting ‘what’s in your basket’ post if it’s all the same person!


Tonight the big welcoming warming chocolatey McManis Lodi Petite Sirah 2015 from TWS with Chilli Sans Carne.
Currently TWS list the 2017 vintage


My match was a Côte du Rhone, a Fitou, a £45 Chianti and claret! 2 of them were previous purchases. Intriguing algorithms at work.


Some Assyrtiko tonight. Had to be a rich white.


Yes, weird, I also got two really cheap matches (less than £8) and two £45 matches.

I never knew TWS sold any wine boxes! My search was rudimentary (on the word “box”) and there were just two, this one, and a white. Is this really all, so far?


Tonight, Tuesday Penne Puttanasca with mixed salad and my last ever bottle of 2017 TWS Montepulciano de Abruzzo. I bought 21 of the 2017, but now the 2018 vintage is being sold

(since TWS only started selling the 2018 vintage in December some of the reviews of it dated last year cannot be of this vintage)


A 2018 Chardonnay from Limarí this evening, made by Santa Rita winery:

Reminiscent of the Society’s Exhibition Limarí Chardonnay, and just as pleasurable. Nice nose of citrus, Golden Delicious apples, white flowers and light vanilla. Not overly complex on the palate, but the flavours are well-balanced, with yellow apple moving onto tangerine/orange all wrapped up in toasty notes and a touch of vanilla. Good and fresh acidity keeps the tension, and finish is medium, leaving a nice citrus zest and a tingle of minerality. Very good value mid-week quaffer (£7.99 from Majestic), and should go well with our pork in Calvados and cream.

I’m off to cheer my mum up on the phone whilst dinner is being prepared - apparently it’s been raining in Israel for a whole three days…! I don’t know how they cope with it :roll_eyes:


I have just poured a glass of this lovely wine by one of the Lurtons. It’s. A classic white Bordeaux blend with gorgeous semillon coming through quite strongly. It’s one of my favourite Bordeaux whites to drink . It’s still a little cold so just waiting for it to warm up a bit before I “dive in” :wink:!


Just finishing off the 2003 Winemaker’s Lot Merlot on day three. It’s very good indeed. It has kept the depth and multiplicity of flavours, but has integrated and mellowed beautifully. I’m very impressed, but sadly the bottle is empty nevertheless!


Did anyone go to the Bitesize Curiosity tasting in London yesterday? Currently drinking a bottle of The Soli Pinot Noir which was on show last night. I’ve never tried a Bulgarian wine before and I really like Pinot Noir so this was a brilliant find! Not sure if I would have this with food, might be too light maybe? Unless anyone has any suggestions? But I’m certainly enjoying it by itself!


We really enjoyed the Soli, @Kelly ! We had it with Pumpkin stew on Halloween… Here’s my impression of it :+1:


Oh that’s great news! Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well and pumpkin stew is a great shout - so perhaps goes well with a vegetarian meal/ a dish without meat? Thanks for the suggestion!


Also finishing off wine from the weekend.

Opened this by mistake, assuming and not checking the style.

Not a winter wine at all, but no less delicious for it. Juicy, fresh, light bodied but plenty of fruit intensity and a lovely plum colour. Distinct pear drops on the nose. TWS tasting notes spot on, would be great in summer, slightly chilled with a picnic.

Lovely ripe fruit, lush acidity, lingers long

Also finished this at the weekend, but too lazy to upload at the time (I was too busy getting stuck into the Money Spider)

100% Grenache Gris. Vague memories now I’m afraid, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.


Tonight I am making pizza. I will start on the bread this afternoon in time to let yeast do its job ready for stretching, adding toppings, baking and serving at 7pm.

With the pizza we will be having the first wine this week that’s not from TWS, Kevin Judd’s Marlborough Greywacke Pinot Gris 2015 bought from Flagship Wines, a local independent after owner presented a NZ tasting.



Mainly drunk at the weekend but finished it last night…


It’s M&S Chateauneuf du Pape 2016…a New Year gift. I’ve had earlier vintages which have been good…this one wasn’t. Almost too smooth, overripe fruit. Had wondered if it was a bad bottle (my Rhone curse strikes again!), but I don’t think so.

Made by Ogier, and their Lirac (also in M&S) and Cotes du Rhone (Morrisons) are much better in my view, and a lot cheaper.

Also had the last bottle of this on Sat night

Gentle oak and cream with some fruit. Very drinkable and pleasant, but unremarkable in my view, though it will please many.


What year was the Pouilly Fuisse?


Sorry, 2014…I see it’s not visible on the photo. Last one of a half case. It was perfectly pleasant, but I doubt if I would buy it again.


I was interested because we bought EP a half case of mixed 2014 Pouilly Fuisse from Chateau de Beauregard. So far so good.


It was a good year, and these wines have been fine, I would say probably at peak maturity now. I just felt that there was maybe better value for money elsewhere. I am sure you will enjoy yours though.