Weekday Drinking 19th-23rd December 2022

Apologies if a thread already exists. There’s usually one on the go by now!

I’ve seen this mentioned in the threads now and again.

Released by the winery as a museum release

Really quite interesting. Definitely worth a try and could become a regular. Available in some super markets now too.

Tahbilk Marsanne Museum Release 2015

Beguiling nose, some aged Riesling parallels. Marmalade, lime, honeysuckle. Fabulous stuff and still incredibly fresh.

The winery reckons it can age for 20 years too.

Hope you are all having a good week in the run up!


My thanks to the fine Mr. Morgan for starting the thread - its a tricky week with those of us who are working; attempting to clear the decks before shutdown, yet ALSO achieve last minute present buying & Christmas tree related tasks.

So tonight opened a bottle of Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux, Moulis-en-Médoc 2015 £20 (please do not judge me, it will last at least three days). Absolutely ready to drink right now - which is strange because the 14 & 16’s still need a year or so.

For notes, refer to TWS site & press reviews which are spot on. The 5% petit verdot spice s evident, as is the class of the Cab Sauv fruit, front and centre. Tomorrow I will get some more bought.


Agree on the multiple challenges of this week if you’re still working.

It’s also tricky considering what and how much to drink if you’re still in work…should you be sensible and pace yourself for the celebrations proper, or embrace the week and enjoy yourself in the evenings?

I had a brilliant (and fairly boozy) weekend with family and football so am giving my liver a rest day tonight, probably the last one until 2 Jan.

Savouring a Grand Poujeaux over a few days sounds like a tremendous way to start this last pre-Christmas working week, by the way.


The weekend gone and the Christmas period will be low intake for me. Drinks and nights out will be snatched where they can

I’m also doing the annual dry Jan. Joke:

Q: How can you tell if someone is doing dry jan?

A: don’t worry, they’ll tell you


I’ve done dry January once, in 2021. I managed to get through the whole month with my partner completely unaware that I was abstaining. I was almost as proud of my ability to hide my grumpy sobriety from her as I was of resisting the demon drink for what felt like an eternity.


Impressive, I usually live vicariously through these threads. Double down on physical goals and read my way through Jan!

Apologies to those still in festive mode. Perhaps we can revisit coping strategies in 2023 :slight_smile:


Plenty of time for self-imposed misery in Jan. Let’s not even contemplate that until then and enjoy what’s left of 2022😊


Last year I fell off the wagon at least five times during dry January, but that didn’t stop me telling people I was doing it.


Haha. I won’t tell

This is my biggest temptation:

A burgundy tasting mid jan


I chose Burgundy


I had a bottle of the Tahbilk 2017 recently and was very struck by the initial petrolic aroma which seemed very riesling like. Much more marmalade in flavour though and the petrol was much less apparent on day two. Still have quite a few of these to go as I started with a case and I think I’ve had about four so far. Enjoying them very much.

Tonight I’m trying a Lidl Nero d’ Avola which was ridiculously cheap but it’s quite drinkable. Ah no, a different one which is only very cheap, not ridiculously cheap!

Initially came out of a room which is virtually unheated and it seemed quite fresh with a bit of acidity. Now it’s had a couple of hours warming up it’s getting a little syrupy and I’m having a bit of trouble finishing the second glass. Definitely better to keep it a bit cool. But still reasonable for £6.99. Yes, a little like Ribena in the aftertaste.


Well, this is an absolutely delightful way to start the week, JC Lapalu Côte de Brouilly 2016. Faint hint of age in the colour; but a gorgeous nose, rich, almost ethereal, savoury, barnyard, funky, cherry fruit… Wonderful racy acidity, tannin just about noticeable - well integrated. It is savoury, floral, funky … just starting to go tertiary … finish hangs around a little while. Really lovely, lots going on here.


Opened a bottle of https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/chateau-beau-site-saint-estephe-2018 on Monday, but a 2009 from L&W rather than TWS.

Excellent. Fruit and leather on the nose. Integrated tannins, tertiary notes and a touch of acidity keeping it fresh.


And this year it only covers 4 Saturdays. It seemed like 5 last year.

Mostly dry January is boring, which is rather worrying if it takes Wine to make evenings interesting. I’ve vaguely contemplated moving it to a more interesting and brighter month like June.


I never do dry January as I don’t drink excessively during Christmas and I don’t find January a good month to do it. This year I’ve done mid April to mid May.


Tesco Finest Marlborough Pinot Noir. Don’t bother. I bought it to marinate Sauerbraten and that’s a good usage for it. Some acidity, distant memory of pinot noir character. It’s at a crossroads where having anything: structure, aroma, anything, would have helped.


Drinking midweek is unusual here but it is Christmas week after all.

Found this a little one dimensional and a slight disappointment for the price. Violets and blueberry with spice and pepper. Ripe but seems to lack the acidity that would lift it. Not a patch on a similar priced Northern Rhône


There seems to be a lot of idle chatter and not much actual wine drinking for a thread with the word ‘drinking’ in the title, possibly I am a little worried by all this talk of dry January…

Langhe Ochetti, 2020 Renato Ratti. A little paler than the usual pale Nebbiolo with a pleasant nose of fruit and smoke, but a thinness on the palate, a touch of raw meat which makes me think of those over produced burgundies of yesteryear, I wonder if it is the vintage, or maybe me as I am usually very fond of Mr Ratti’s wines.


I do enjoy reading (and writing) a good character assassination of a wine review, so much more fun.


I’m getting flavours of lemon and yuck.

We all seem to have a never ending heavy cold so it’s been a dry house for a while. No need for dry January now…!