Weekday drinking 18 - 21 September 2023

Yes, the La Pasada by Miguel Merino (bottle 559/650) was fun! Really didn’t know what direction it would take when decanting at home. The Calagraño is an old acidic white variety from Rioja that overproduces ans was used for blending. It’s not accepted in the DO but is tolerated in vineyards planted before the 70s (just can’t go on the label). It was definitely a Rioja that led more with fruit and structure and kept the wood pretty hidden. Evolved nicely too.

And the Exhibition was my first taster of Hermitage. It was surprisingly Bordeaux-like, with fairly big hedgerow / plum / blackcurrant in there but also lots of elegance. Felt pretty young. Bizarrely, the only other Syrah that has given me a similar impression was the Boekenhoutskloof Syrah (as in leaning towards Bordeaux). Very interesting varietal as the last Syrah I had had leant towards Burgundy big way (Ogier La Rosine).


620 for today and that’s final unless I wake up sleep press-uping


I didn’t know that Chave made this exhibition wine, does anyone know how many vintages he made? Should imagine it was good value then compared to the current Chave release prices.

Looks like you and @Joni-B73F0 had a good evening.

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The 2012 was on the list 2 years ago @ £33.

There was a 2011 before that too @ £39, I know that much. Before that I don’t know.

There was also a [Chave Exhibition] Hermitage white on the list November 2021 @ £38.


Which (I think) featured at TWS press tasting which I was fortunate to attend. Absolutely outstanding and for me the star of the show: rammed full of gorse, apricots, spring blossom. Was a tad ‘hot’ at 14% so TWS kept it back for several months before release.


I bought the 2010 in March this year and the 2006 around this time in 2020


Both the red and white come from the negociant side of their business ( J-L Chave Selection ).

The Exhibition Red seems to be released when TWS consider it open for drinking ( 2012 being the last vintage offered ? ). As for it’s history, I have little idea beyond 2007 being the first tried here and that the subsequent vintages have also been listed too.


The font of Rhone knowledge that was ToT seemed pretty sure that the Exhibition Hermitage is essentially the same as this:

I had a single bottle of the '06 at Christmas a couple of years ago - it was magnificent.


I think there may be some variation depending on bottle? :man_shrugging:

ToT used to love it. I do seem to have acquired a whole row on the rack of various vintages due to his praise :slight_smile:

@MattH Snap!


Had a satisfactory Georgian Saperavi from the M&S “Found” series, a little reigned in for mass appeal which M&S wines tend to be but it’s a good crowd pleaser to bring to a party that’s fairly priced.

Then my first post lockdown corked wine a 2009 Ch. Peyrabon Haut Medoc which is a shame because other bottles have been great value and delicious…
Just outside Pauillac and in that sort of firm mineral cassis style… not this flat cardboard flavour
Thinking of cracking open another 2009: The Zilliken Rauch Spatlese… I’m optimistic that there’s no wet cardboard flavours here…something to drink slowly over the coming weekend…


Think Marcel confirmed that it’s re-badged Farconnet.


I purchased one last week, on a whim- as was curious about it, so good to read your notes. I can imagine it isn’t the most challenging expression of it, still - nice to see them putting this grape on people’s radar.

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complete. not recommended. took the eye of the tiger to finish the last set. i can barely do a clap now :rofl:


I’ve had the 2009, 2011 and still have 4 2014s. That’s the last vintage offered that I know of at present.

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This was better last night. Still a little ‘hard’ - iron came to mind for some reason - at the outset, but it mellowed a bit. Still needed food, a rib eye steak in this case. Tannin a bit more evident, but some sweet dark fruit too.

I think that another year in bottle might do it no harm. I see that the WS drinking window extends until 2027, and we know it can be conservative too…

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Exploring a bit of Beaujolais: Moulin a Vent, “Les Thorins” 2018. Vibrant in the palate but muted on the nose. Blue / red fruit, touch of licorice, hint of spice. More interesting to drink than sniff - this is no Burgundy. Quite velvety, nice medium acidity, quite a bit of tannin.

To me it feels like the stats I like from young Rioja from small winemakers, but Rioja benefits from Garnacha.

PS: this is actually really good with sirloin steak as the acidity cuts nicely through the fat yet it has enough tannin for the aftermath.


2013s of the Exhibition Hermitage were offered about this time last year. I picked up a 6 pack. Presumably 2014 was offered before 2013 due to the nature of the vintages.

Perhaps that means that the next release will be 2016…


Sadly this tastes slightly oxidised and muted, although it might just be the skin contact on the Chardonnay and Muscat? Will see if it improves.



I wonder if your bottle is slightly oxidised? Your description sounds rather different to my impression of it (albeit I only had a taste of it at the SA growers tasting). It was floral, fresh, minerally and quite complex, with vibrant acidity. Worth invoking the promise, if it doesn’t improve…?


It didn’t, agreed - think I will have to. Thanks for confirming tasting notes.

I also posted it in the wrong thread too.