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Weekday drinking [16-20 December 2019]


Really torn by this, just delicious with the salty twang and complexity you get from good terrantez. But very difficult to recommend at this price. Never mind I will have to go back to the 15yo H&H Verdelho at £15/bottle (from 'trose during the bouts of 25% off.


This was lovely and very decent value. Certainly has the “volume” turned up from a standard dry Pfalz Riesling. Riesling “Sur Lie” gets the thumbs up here

Lime, tangerine, wet pebbles and the faintest hint of kerosene.

Shame its out of stock, but I’ll look out for the 2016…


Decided to risk my £5 investment in M&S and opened a Lustau Añada 2002 this evening. Wow! Toffee, caramel, apricot, nougat, nuts, maybe coffee, and I don’t know what else but there’s plenty of it! I’m not feeling much of the acidity or bitterness mentioned on the label. It’s very delicious but definitely for the sweet tooth and not something I could drink in quantity. Trying it with some young reblochon and the cheese is pretty much obliterated. Maybe I’ll try a bit of blue if I can find some.


Not bad with a Goan prawn curry. Thank you Rafi.


Mmm. Better with some oldish blue, Danish I think, which emphasises the sweetness even more.


Opened this at the weekend, but didn’t post in the weekend drinking thread because I never really knew what to make of it.

It is bright and fresh, but I’ve never tried the grape before and didn’t expect such a delicate drop. For me, a smidgeon too much acidity and not enough complexity, but I’d be very interested to know others’ opinions on this wine. I most enjoyed it on day 3, but not sure if this was development or familiarity.

Got this on the go for the Weekday drinking thread:

Really enjoying it. Full-on, distinctive twang from the petit manseng, lovely mouth-watering acidity, balanced by creaminess from the oak. Delicious.


I have a bottle of the Cacik waiting to try sometime so interesting to read this. I’m hoping for something better.


Not your typical St. Laurent. The 11% alcohol shows, doesn’t it. Also with you on the acidity. A bit of a marmite wine… I lean towards the not for me camp.


I thought it was interesting, but seemed to have a bit of VA and was a little sharp. Agree its not a typical St Laurent/ Svatovavřinecké, I guess its the low -intervention style.

A little expensive for what it is perhaps, and a little bit of a surprise on the palate. If it was £12 I might buy it again.

The Tursan was great though!


Had this down as a summer wine - not the sort of thing I’d drink at this cold and depressing time of year!


I’d say you are right. Should have asked before I opened the bottle, i was just curious.


Might have more charm if you “smash” it on one of our few warm summer evenings!


I swear this was way better back in March. It seems a bit nothingy this time round. Or maybe my brain’s in the wrong place.

Maybe it’s a root day :thinking: :yum:


I was supposed to be out tonight at a work do, but in all honestly – I just couldn’t be arsed, so staying in tonight instead. The husband was supposed to have a dry night and drive me there and back, but as he doesn’t need much encouragement we opened the Society’s 2017 Claret to go with leftover pasta in veal ragu:

This is bottle two of three, the previous one we drank about a year ago. The wine seems much more integrated this time round, with a more balanced acidity (it tasted a little sharp last year) and softer tannins; there are fresh plum and blackberry notes on the nose and on the palate, with a delicate cinnamon (or maybe clove?) twist; the fruit is ripe and the tannins leave a nice chalky texture in the mouth. Not a complicated wine by any means, but one that brings simple pleasures – and simple pleasures will do just fine this evening! :wine_glass: :+1:



Waitrose Mencia tonight, its ok but a little over-extracted and boring in comparison with the Luna Beberide from the W/S for the same price.


Glad I read your comment, as I was planning on purchasing a bottle - but I think I’ll pass now!.. Might try their Marselan, though, which I’m rather intrigued by… :thinking:


It’s the holiday! While I’m wrapping a bottle of gin for my 4 year old’s teacher ! She needs it :rofl:. Not a bad PG by any means, dry , slightly aromatic and I’ve got a cold coming on :rofl::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:!


No surprise that Waitrose version is boring and clumsy - most of their wine these days is rubbish. One exception, though, is another Mencía they stock - the Valdesil. This is an interesting wine which doesn’t seem so in the first few hours but is completely transformed bon day 2. Open the night before vabf have a small glass for purely “scientific” reasons - you won’t regret the policy :smiley:

Speaking of boting, mine was too. Domaine des Tourelles Cuvee Pierre de Brun 2016, from Majestic. Had some expectations of this as I’ve enjoyed their Cinsault VV from TWS before, but this is quite simple and dull. Lots of typical Lebanese fruit but quite rustic, like a French country wine. May improve today, but I do wonder if, like many Lebanese wines, if it might be improved by ditching the Cabernet.


Really used this one this week.
Mulled it(!), cooked venison in it and of course drank it. Need more bottles now.


I must say the Mosel Elbling at £6.99 that they did was more impressive as a basic dry slightly spritzy wine for the summer. The Mencia wasn’t terrible, just that I’ve had better ones.