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Weekday Drinking (15th - 19th April 2019)


Thanks, @NickP! :grinning:
It’s a start of an exciting week (hopefully!). The nicest thing so far was getting a present from the owner of the winstub, who heard it was my birthday - a lovely looking locally-made honey, which I am definitely going to use for breakfast tomorrow… What a beautiful, welcoming place this is :heart_eyes::+1:


Happy Birthday indeed, and glad your plans weren’t too derailed (sorry for the pun). Good choice of wines. That Barthel pinot noir is indeed lovely.


Happy Birthday @Inbar

Enjoy the festival of Inbar!


Happy Birthday @Inbar. Your birthday trip sounds delightful!

I bought a bunch of Society wines fairly randomly last week to revisit some old flames and shake up my casual midweek glasses a bit.

This week - 2 wines I have avoided in the shape of the Exhibition Shiraz Victoria and the Exhibition Pinotage Stellenbosch. Both bottles exhibited the typicity you’d expect from an Exhibition wine and both were revelatory in different ways.

I guess there was some emotional baggage still attached to Shiraz from youthful drinking when I didn’t know any better - however me and MrsPaul both found the oak and smoke spiciness of this Shiraz extremely easy and fun to enjoy. A bit like listening to an old record you still know all the words to. It served as a great reminder that for friends and BBQ’s this should be a contender. We certainly will revisit it for that this Summer.

The Pinotage was a case of once bitten, twice shy - years ago I made a note to myself to avoid it and unfortunately in this case I could have heeded my earlier advice. It certainly lived up to its reputation as a marmite varietal. I can see there’s some love that’s gone into this but a blue cheese finish is definitely not for me so case closed. MrsP seemed to like it more.

Either way, a good example of Exhibition Wines doing what they’re supposed to do. Great stuff!


Surprised my Mum yesterday for her birthday, the society’s Cava went down really well along with this great Godello


We had this earlier in the week.

Hmmm. Garage cool, it had a playful sweetness to the nose, like pink-flavoured sherbet dib-dabs or something. This switched to cherry cola after a few swirls and a few more degress celsius, but that’s about as fun as it got. The other half wasn’t keen, although she couldn’t put her finger on why. I enjoyed it but no more than, say, the own-brand Chianti Rufina, a good few quid less.

Can’t win 'em all.

Chianti Classico 2015 query
Weekend drinking thread [5 to 7 July 2019]

I think the Society’s Exhibition Chianti can be rather stern when young, which is fine and typical. I wonder how it might age? - not something I’ve ever tried.


a glass or two of this whilst watching the footy. Really very nice at the moment. Its nicely structured for sipping. Glad I have the rest of a half case to get through.


The drinking window on the current vintage (2016) is now to 2025. I wonder if it does it disservice to say ‘now’.


Ah bought some of this in the 2017 EP. Looks like I have. a few years to wait. Hope I make it. :sweat_smile:


Oh I don’t know about the wait, I guess this has been drinking for a while. Of course 2017 isn’t the same as 2009, which I think was more backward and structured.


I’ve got another bottle so I’ll leave it a few years and see what happens. But it seemed less like a wine with good potential that needs time, and more like one that’s just a bit so-so, although I appreciate that sometimes it’s not easy to say for sure which one it is until it’s too late.

One way to find out!


Indeed! I must admit I am commenting on previous years rather than the 2015, so you may well be right on that score.


I opened this on Tuesday and am very much looking forward to a glass or two this evening!

Loads of fruit here - so different to the slightly tough and chewy Madirans I’ve had in the past. I really should have bought more of this before it sold out.


Starting the evening with a delightful Cremant d’Alsace, made from Riesling:

Lovely nose- a touch floral, with a baked apple note, but much more citrussy (grapefruit, lemon) than apple-y on the palate. Lively bubbles, and a mouth-watering acidity. Nice start to a rather balmy April evening :+1::blush:

As this trip is going to be mostly about wine, have agreed to join the other half in a beer-fest this evening, in a local brew-house. Methinks that Amber beer got my name on it (quite literally! :wink:).


Had a couple of glasses of this last night as a celebration on passing my ‘Life in the UK’ exam.

It was actually 2012 with 49 months on lees and zero dosage. Really interesting. Crisp apple and very dry but with lovely texture. Think it will be ok for a glass each tonight as well.
Then this with barbecued thick cut sirloin.

A real WOW wine. $50AUD originally and it delivered all the things I love about (good) Shiraz. Rich, meaty, black fruits a kick of spice and some come hither loveliness which each sip.


Congratulations, Alex! :+1::+1:
My ex-husband’s Spanish partner just had hers - the whole thing sounds bonkers!
Back in 2003, when I was naturalised (what a weird concept!), I just had to pay a fiver to a local solicitor, and swear to serve the queen. Hope she appreciates my service.


Sounds like a fun evening. Ive always enjoyed the german inspired beers, there are so many styles and they display a complexity which is totally absent from the insipid “lagers” available in the UK.

The drinking culture also seems rather more fun, I’ve rarely witnessed the sort of behaviour which is common in our towns & cities every weekend.

Dusseldorf’s _Im Goldenen Kessel _ was a favourite, Alt Bier, and plenty of it. Yum.

Have a Bierre-tastic evening.


Good grief! I’m sorry to hear that.

Anyway. This fine afternoon I’ve opened my first bottle of this:

Holy smoke! Literally.

Not cheap, I know, but wow. Straight from the bottle, a savoury kick in the schnozz. Freshly lit barbecue, occasional meat stock, new car smell and, when the sweetness starts to show on the nose, blackberry jam as you spoon it over the melted butter. Quite unctuous in the mouth, with serious tannic clout and a long, warm, fuzzy finish. The 14.5% alcohol is almost nowhere to be found. And it passes the Nose In Empty Glass Test with flying colours.

And this is only their entry-level Bandol?? But it’s perfect…!


Easy drinker, loads of cherries but lacks any complexity. Not been open long so may become more interesting? If not it’s still a nice red for a warm sunny day’s evening.