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Weekday drinking 13-16 January 2020


My afternoon has consisted of an earlier than usual school pick-up, running for a train with a five year old needing the toilet, praying the that onboard services are fully operational. A long and challenging homework accompaniment, followed by macaroni cheese making (involving flour everywhere), dress up games involving Captain Hook, Jafar and a mouse called Frank, and finally youngling bedtime! :tired_face:

I think I’ve earned Puglia Negroamaro from the Vallone House, accompanied with homemade bolognese! :yum: Incidentally, this is included in the recently delivered Italian Passion, Bottled pamphlet from the Society.fullsizeoutput_3a6f

Happy Friday Eve, everyone!


Looks like you too are in Herbster’s knackered father’s wine club !!


Opened a bottle of this tonight (my first time trying it) and on first smell I actually got cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg - which I wasn’t expecting, but I quite enjoyed. Then on the second smell, the raspberry, cranberry and red cherry came through! Enjoying a glass now as I type!


Had this one for a while, but it’s singing tonight.


I am seriously PN light at the moment so I’m going to put this in my basket for next delivery and give it a try. Thanks @Kelly
Tonight I’m afraid I’m in @herbster’s and @EdMcK camp! I Infact I googled the full moon cycles to see if this was affecting the little………… Darlings!
Nope, just plain mental for no reason today…:persevere: I have poured a VERY large glass of this lovely white Bordeaux blend from Man ‘O’ War. Its a great well made wine. Bit opulent for midweek but I’m adopting the Friday eve vibe too :sweat_smile:


This evening we attended another lovely evening with the Brighton & Hove tasting group - it was a ‘bring a bottle’ gathering, with no particular theme, to celebrate the new year. I ended up chatting to a woman I thought was Australian (she was Lebanese) who thought I was Turkish (I am Israeli). We ended up berating Middle Eastern politics, and praising Lebanese/Israeli wine. I like how wine brings people together…! :+1:

Anyway, some standout wines were:


A serious wine. Powerful, yet elegant, with ripe fruit and smooth tannins. Needs food, though.

This was a Northern- Rhone Syrah lookalike - a beautiful wine!

An incredibly appealing Riesling, with pure fruit (lime, tangerine, pineapple), racing acidity and a lovely tension to it. Could keep for a few more years, for sure!

A really interesting Nebbiolo blend, with an incredibly long finish

Yummy! Went down too easily…!

The first Pacherenc I actually truely enjoyed

But my absolute favourite wine of the evening (and the OH was in agreement) was this Etna Rosso:

It was simply incredible! Must get my hands on some… :ok_hand: :heart:


This makes me think again about describing wine flavours. The Etna Rosso tasted of grilled plums and rock dust? Ok, grilled plums I can go with but “rock dust” simply doesn’t evoke anything pleasant at all. Maybe a certain sense of grittiness, but nothing I’d want to drink.

On the other hand the comments on the wine are overwhelmingly positive so I guess it’s a failure of imagination on my part that I just can’t find anything appealing in “rock dust”. I’ll have to look out for this one!


Are you going all biodynamic on them?


If only all it took was burying cow horns full of dung by the light of a full moon.


I’m waiting for the wine that tastes like Martian sand.


This is, I agree, a silly descriptor - but I can see what they were trying to get at. Partly to evoke the physical Etna landscape, partly to convey the incredible minerality (another crappy descriptor) of the wine - which, to my palate, was part of its power.

Language just won’t do sometimes.


You lot made me laugh this morning. Vibes to all the parents of young children out there !

A quiet week here but I did enjoy these. First up, late last night with a stir fry, after many motorway miles…

…a reviving glass of Kunstler’s 2017 Hochheimer Holle Riesling Kabinett Trocken. Minerals, earthy spice and citrus on the nose and palate. Racy, refreshing and beautifully balanced presently but with more than sufficient structure for further development. So enjoyable the bottle was drained 90 minutes after opening, oops!

Every bit as good was this beauty enjoyed on Tuesday…

…thanks to the glowing report from @Inbar this made its way off the wish list and into a basket. I can’t really add to her eloquent notes only that it had an elegantly fresh, almost fiery*, mineral intensity that I wasn’t expecting from an Ortswein. It certainly bore comparison with their ‘Feuerberg’ 2015 I’d tried and loved on a previous occasion but this provided even better value. I was going to reorder but unfortunately it’s now OOS.

*maybe I’m projecting from the vineyard name !


Yes, I know. I did wonder whether pumice or lava might have been better. What grabbed me was that the reviews are so positive and yet rock dust really doesn’t sound pleasant at all, or not to me anyway. Still hope to try it sometime!