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Weekday drinking 13-16 January 2020

So here we are heading rapidly through the new year. How are the resolutions holding up?
This is keeping me entertained and reminding me why I wanted to hold back a little while before jumping into it.

It’s the 2016 vintage, half hour out of the fridge and reminding me of those warm, cicada filled nights.
What’s tickling your fancy this week?


Oooh! Good to know! I’ve got a case of 6 snoozing in reserves from the 2017 EP… I could do with warm, cicada filled nights… :sneezing_face:

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Snap and snap…… Good to hear its drinking well. May be tempted by the summer to pull mine out then :wink:

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Just popped a bottle of Bourgogne Rouge open, half poured into a smaller bottle and set aside for later in the week. Soft cherry fruit, lively acidity. Somewhat muted on the nose, unlike previous bottles… Quick check on Cellartracker reveals this was my last bottle, so it might as well fade as far as I am concerned. May well be it just needs air.


I bought 6 of these 2016 Domaine de l’Oratoire St Martin Cairanne Blanc Réserve des Seigneurs as well @DrEm
I’ve only drunk the 1 but it is a fantastic wine. Looking forward to the other 5.
I also have a case of the 2017 in reserves @Inbar and @Leah - triple snap!

I may be wrong but I think the 2017 could be a different wine?
Potentially this, their Haut Coustias:

I wonder if @laura or @martin_brown could confirm?


Decanted this tonight.

Any guesses for country of origin?


South Africa?

Most importantly, how did it taste?


Got it in 1!

Will report back

This Viognier from Chapoutier tonight. Light as a feather, very easy drinking. Not extremely long, but morish nevertheless. Seriously considering a case for the summer. Loving the label, too… not sure what it signifies (there is more of the symbol to the left…)


Google is my friend, thanks Terlato Wines…

The symbol on La Combe Pilate’s label is the alchemic symbol for spirit and is inked to Chapoutier’s biodynamic philosophy – to respect and transform the raw material into a high quality product while showcasing the spirit of the land.


I’m a big fan of the Serol Collines Rhodaniennes Viognier. The cooler climate makes a nice subtle lower alcohol style of viognier, Condrieu can be special but sometimes something lighter hits the spot.

This tonight. Really good with simple pasta and pesto, great texture from the skin contact element. Quite serious and complex for a central Italian white.


I’ve found this a bit green in previous vintages but the 2017 is fresh, refined and quaffable with a nice pencil shaving end note. Impressed.


Cheeky midweek pinot to celebrate a friends birthday. Most pleasing.


It’s easy enough to make NY resolutions, what’s hard is keeping them. So with great determination and moral fortitude I found myself facing a bottle of

Came from one of the many M&S sales last year and must have cost somewhere around £16-18. At the time I was told they were parting ways with Oudinot but they still seem to sell it so who knows.

Anyway lovely light salmon pink colour, lots of bubbles, and a predominantly slightly tart raspberry flavour. Very easy to drink so didn’t find it all that tough to keep my resolution going. Enjoyable pairing with seared tuna and fried peppers - protein and veg, no carbs!

(P.S. No, I’m not a knackered mother!)


…and to continue with the Champagne theme, these four wines were tasted this evening, on my French wine scholar course:

Delicious! Great nose of wild strawberries, raspberries, white flowers and brioche. Good acidity, but a nice, slightly creamy mouthfeel.

My favourite of the four - baked apple, hazelnuts, lemon biscuit, presicion and length abound… A beautiful wine! :heart_eyes:

Another great nose of white blossom, nuts and brioche - delicate, with layers of flavour… So well-crafted!

Gorgeous Champagne, with a truly lovely full texture, quite rich, with baked apple, pear and lemon biscuit… Great finish! A Champagne to drink with serious food!

Burgundy next week… :+1:


It’s longer than that :rofl:,
Anyway… a small glass of this entry level ruppertsburg tonight …!


I’m in the Knackered Father’s Wine Club.

I’ve just started it right now :sunglasses: :couple: :child::child::child::child: :tired_face: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :sleeping:


I’ll join you Herbster :weary::weary:


Elegant, red fruited (currants, plums), violets, pepper, earthy, complex, young.

Had with Pork chop, Parmentier potatoes, ratatouille, mustards (English and wholegrain)



Delicate sweet nose reminiscent of sherbet enjoyed as a child. On tasting, a creamy feel on the palate with flavours of vanilla. The sweetness dissipates to a dryish finish that lingers a little too long if I’m honest. Calorie free glugger when water just won’t do.